Year-End Highlights: 7 Outstanding Medical Developments this 2015

2015 has been one breathtaking roller-coaster journey to all of us. While we put attention to losing weight and live a healthy lifestyle, we’ve also encountered controversial issues along the way that become in hype in the medical industry. Among them is the study results of WHO’s IARC on Red and Processed Meat and the recent controversy on the approval of GMO Salmon Consumption. These stories were indeed appalling as it directly affects our food consumption, safety, and lifestyle in general.

YEAR-END HIGHLIGHTS: 7 OUTSTANDING  MEDICAL DEVELOPMENTS THIS 2015The good thing, though, is that the news and medical developments we’ve heard on the internet are not all negative. There are some remarkable scientific inventions and discoveries that solve our current medical condition and improves the state of Science which we are enjoying now.

Before we officially close this year and welcome the New Year 2016, let us look back on these 7 Outstanding Medical Developments that shaped the future of our medical industry.

1. Re-engineered Polio Virus Treats Cancer

reengineered_polio_virusPolio virus has been a dangerous viral illness in humanity. This disease can cause paralysis, difficulty in breathing, and even death. We all once feared to get infected by this deadly disease.

But Dr. Matthias Gromeier of Duke University, along with his colleagues, have successfully re-engineered the polio virus and turns out into our health advantage. This engineered polio virus called PVS-RIPO was used to treat brain tumors or any other tumors. This re-engineered virus attach to any solid tumors and attack cancerous cells.

2. Leukemia Treatment Breakthroughlayla_richardsWe are all aware that the most common solution for treating leukemia is by bone marrow operation. But Professor Waseem Qasim of Cell and Gene Therapy at UCL Institute of Child’s Health had reinvented the leukemia treatment by reprogramming the T cells.

With this reprogrammed T-cells, they are now able to identify the cancerous cells and kill them. This innovative treatment gave a sliver of hope to the Richards family to save their 14-week old daughter Layla.

3. Brain to Brain Communication

brain to brain communication
For those who are X-Men or telepathy enthusiast, you’ll surely be going to love this medical development! Professor Andrea Stocco conducted an experiment that used direct brain-to-brain interfacing (BBI) to allow the communication of brains. This concept combines the technology of neuroimaging, neurostimulation, and neuro-coding. The content or message from the “sender” brain was being extracted into neural signal and digitize before it is being re-coded in the “receivers” brain.

The result of the experiment showed that a different pair of participants was able to play Q and A games via brain to brain communication.

4. Medical 3d Printing

3d printingSeveral medical developments and advancement have been achieved because of 3d printing. 3d Printing basically lets you print anything, even the 3d printed human heart, and organs. This development in 3d Printing saved thousands of patient’s lives.

5. Melt Away Cataracts

melt cataract

Cataract is one of the leading diseases that cause blindness or loss of vision. The only solution available of removing a cataract is by undergoing a painful operation of removing our clouded lens and replacing it with artificial ones.

But scientists in California have discovered a naturally occurring steroid named lanosterol. It is capable of melting the cataract and preventing it from returning once again.

6. Stem Cell Two-Dad Babies


A worldwide team of researchers have reworked on the production of stem cells to develop both human sperm and egg cells, regardless of the donor’s gender. although the research is still on its development phase, Dr. Jacob Hanna and his team believe that this will be the key in solving problems of infertility and reproduction in same-sex couples.

7.¬†World’s First Penis Transplant

7Early in 2015, Dr. Andr√© van der Merwe and his colleague from Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, conducted a critical nine-hour operation of a 21-year-old man who lost his penis due to a botched circumcision. This was the very first patient who’d undergone the surgery and has a full recovery and lasting function.

With these innovative technological and medical advancements, there is no doubt that our quality of life and wellbeing are improving. Isn’t it interesting that as we move forward, our surrounding also advances to the next level? There are still limitation to these studies, but we hope that whatever happens in technology, we still preserve humanity.

Do you have a medical breakthrough that you wanted to share? Share them in the comment section below.

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