Top 5 Dieting Mistakes You Commit in Losing Weight

Whether you’re taking the Fast Metabolism Diet or The Burn program, you have come to realize that losing weight is never an easy task. In order to succeed in the diet, first we need to explore and understand our body’s need for it to heal. We are required to abandon our old unhealthy lifestyle, sugar and caffeine indulgence and instead, focus on consuming more real foods such as fruits, proteins and veggies to give our body the optimum nutrition it needs.

Top 5 Dieting Mistakes You Commit in Weight Loss

During the first few days of the program, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the changes we noticed in our body. Then after some time, a wave of realization hit us, we woke up to the fact  that we committed diet mistakes along the process. Why does it happen? Do we neglect other areas of the diet? Such mistake can reap negative effects in our self such as being demotivated to continue the diet, much worse if this particular mistake is committed repeatedly. We lose interest or won’t move on to the next phase. But fret not, we have the solution!

The community is here to address the top dieting mistakes you commit in weight loss and we will provide some tips on how to correct these to help you get back on track in your weight loss plan.


1. Thinking that Losing Weight Can Be Done in Just a Snap!

When we are trying to lose weight, we treat it like it’s our fairy Godmother. We’re expecting that in just a few days of tweaking our diet, we will shed a lot of pounds. While this is true for some cases, for most of us, it doesn’t work that way. When we couldn’t get the substantial results we desire, we’re starting to stress ourselves and feel depressed.

Instead of stressing yourself and worsening your condition, let’s try these solutions. Remember that our weight gain resulted from years of practicing an unhealthy lifestyle. The Fast Metabolism Diet and The Burn are strategically designed to correct your lifestyle and this would usually take effect for few weeks for your metabolism to heal. (Here are some tips on how to break your weight plateau.)

2. After Doing The Diet, You’re Back to Unhealthy Lifestyle
Congratulations! You’ve completed the fast metabolism diet and the burn program successfully! You’ve managed to shed those pounds. You’re finally at your best! But after the diet, we found ourselves going back to our unhealthy habits. We’re indulging ourselves with artificial sweeteners, fake foods, caffeine, alcohol, etc.

Remember that FMD and The Burn are not just temporary, it is a permanent lifestyle. Our main goal is not to lose weight but to live a healthier lifestyle. Your journey in healing your metabolism doesn’t end there. If possible, avoid artificial sweeteners, fake foods and caffeine for good. The best option is to undergo the fast metabolism diet maintenance. Focus more on eating healthy foods to nourish your body.

3. You’re Pushing Yourself Too Hard

“I am so angry with myself for messing up and skipping my meal!”
“Oh no! I ate the wrong food in my current phase! What should I do?”
“Can I still hope to lose weight even if I ate the foods served on the birthday party last night?”
“I should skip eating today because I ate too much from the last meal.”

Did you ever find yourself in these situations? While it is recommended to follow all the guidelines in the book, it is important not to get too hard on yourself. You’re still a human being, you’re not perfect and is bound to make some mistake. If ever you found yourself slipping, lift your head with grace and confidence and MOVE ON. Keep moving forward and follow your next meal/snack.

4. You’re Focusing on Eating More Fruits

Even though we’re following on eating phase-specific veggies, a lot of us tend to indulge ourselves with more fruits than the recommended quantity. There is no doubt that fruits are closer to our hearts because of its sweetness, But keep in mind that veggies contain nutrients, minerals and vitamins that heal our metabolism. We recommend eating more veggies than fruits. In fact, you can eat veggies as much as you want, at any time of the day!

5. Underestimating The Time You Have

“I really want to do the diet, but I don’t have time for it.”
“Can I still do the diet when my schedule if fully packed? I have a very hectic schedule, I practically don’t have time for myself.”

Most of our dieters experienced this dilemma while undergoing the fast metabolism diet program. But we believe that if there’s a will, there’s always a way. Read these tips to learn how to do the fast metabolism despite of your hectic schedule.

As you can see, most of the mistakes we’ve committed is all in the mind. We have misconceptions on the diet, or we easily give up. I think one of the factors why you fail in achieving your healthy lifestyle goals is what you’ve planted on your mind. Ignorance can beat you, so seek advice from experts, change the perception and make up your mind.

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