Tips to Alleviate Your Headache from Caffeine Withdrawal

At the beginning of the diet, we’ve been warned not to consume coffee. Aside from the fact that coffee is one of the great metabolism killer, it increases our stress levels that contributes to weight gain. That’s why it is a big violation when you try to sip one while trying to lose weight.

Tips to Alleviate Your Headache from Caffeine Withdrawal But to most people who treated coffee as part of their everyday lives, it is easier said than done. Giving up caffeine is absolutely tough! We often experience severe headaches during the caffeine withdrawal phase. But with sheer determination and persistence, we can definitely overcome the horrible symptoms of caffeine withdrawal and be energized throughout the day with the help of these tips that will remedy or alleviate your headache from caffeine withdrawal.

  1. Make use of Herbs and Spices

During the first few days of your caffeine withdrawal, you can indulge yourself with spices and herbs that will help you alleviate the severe headache you’re experiencing. You can add cinnamon, feverfew or Gingko Biloba on your morning smoothie.

  1. Divert your Attention

Instead of drinking coffee, you can divert your attention into doing a healthier activity. An example for this is to drink plenty of water, instead of drinking coffee. The FMD Book recommends you to drink water half of your weight in ounce. Another thing is to eat good carbohydrates, such as brown rice, quinoa, and oatmeal. These are healthier options than drinking coffee, and it also helps relieve the stress level in your body.

  1. Get plenty of sleep

The lack of sleep causes your stress level to rise. Due to that, you will crave for coffee to help you sustain all night. Getting plenty of sleep will help you keep away from drinking coffee. You’re also giving your body a chance to properly nourish itself when you’re sleeping!

  1. Replace the Ritual

For those who couldn’t help themselves and crave for something to drink in the morning, here are healthier alternatives you can drink:

  • Pero — a mix of malted barley, chicory and rye — is one of the best. It comes as a powder; you simply add hot water (along with almond milk and/or stevia if you like).
  • Cafix (made of barley and chicory) is also popular. It also comes as an instant powder.
  • Celestial seasonings produces a coffee substitute called Roastaroma that comes as a tea bag
  • Some people swear by roasted dandelion root as a coffee replacement. Traditional medicinals makes one that comes as a tea bag
  • Herbal teas

Note: If you can’t really help yourself and intensely crave for coffee, your best option would be “organic decaffeinated coffee”. However, keep in mind that there is still caffeine in this one.

  1. Stop Drinking Coffee for Good

The best tip we could give you is to stop drinking coffee for good. When you’re already in the fast metabolism diet maintenance, do you really want your metabolism and body to get ruined by drinking coffee again? Certainly not, right? And you’ll realize that life is getting better than when you’re drinking coffee. It will keep you energize and free from stress.

Breaking the habit of coffee drinking is hard but with conscious effort that we practice daily, little by little, we will eventually get rid of it. It will take time to gradually see results upon disciplining ourselves but we will get there! We will heal our metabolism and lose weight.

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