Tips on How to Handle your Hunger Management

One of the most important issues we’re dealing while we’re in the fast metabolism diet, or any other diet programs, is hunger management. Even though we’re eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, there are some who find themselves still getting hungry easily. The tendency is whenever we’re hungry, we are tempted to just grab the foods next to us which could be unhealthy. Situations like this can surely impede our weight loss journey.

Tips on How to Handle your Hunger Management

What could be the reason behind this? Why do we find ourselves getting hungry easily and craving for something else when we’re already feeding our body with the healthy foods it needs?

In this section, we will address the factors behind this underlying issue and provide tips for a proper hunger management.


  1. It’s All In Your Head

Do you have that one moment where you are watching a TV show with actors and actresses enjoying that delectable, mouthwatering burgers and fries and suddenly you found yourself salivating and want to indulge to these foods? In moments like this, you are not really experiencing some physical hunger. It’s just your mind playing tricks on you and triggering your cravings. In this situation, it is very helpful to know the difference between your actual, physical needs vs. psychological needs.

Tip: The great way to deal with this is to divert your attention away from food. We encourage engaging with physical, productive activities like jogging, walking, outdoor activities, or even reading a book. Instead of watching TV where the craving temptation on unhealthy foods is at its peak, practice doing the other activities and hobbies you love that doesn’t involve foods.

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  1. Filling Up

Before you give in to binge eating in order to physically sate your hunger, try to have a glass of water first, it will make you feel fuller. Often times we confused physical hunger with thirst. Staying hydrated is important so that our brain and body can function properly. Drink water before your meal, or if you’re feeling hungry and wait for another 10 minutes to see if you’re still feeling hungry or not.


  1. Eat More Veggies

If you are still feeling hungry after doing the first two tips above, then it’s time for you to fill up real food in your body. Eat phase-specific veggies. You can make a salad or dressing out of it. And remember, it is completely fine to eat lots of veggies! There’s no limit to it, and you can eat it anytime you want! So go ahead and fill that tummy with the yummy goodness of your veggies.


  1. Go with Nuts and Seeds

Hungry on phase 3? Well you have a good option, you can go with nuts and seeds as they are healthy fats. They contain special nutrients that signals your tummy that you are already full. It gives you a nice, relaxing and satisfied feeling after your meal.

Before you give in to binge eating and unhealthy cravings, it is important to identify the reason behind your hunger. We hope these tips we shared will help you handle your hunger management and stay on track on the fast metabolism diet program.

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