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10 Healthy Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

A lot of health problems cannot be easily seen physically, but obesity is not one of them; it cannot be concealed. And it doesn’t just happen overnight.

While weight gain can be a good thing, like any other stuff in the world, too much of something always bring bad results.

Too much weight means more body fat and it can cause various health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

To help with this, below is a list of healthy foods that can help anyone maintain or lose some weight:

1. Green Tea– this gives the body a steady supply of energy and antioxidants that help the body shed weight and prevent them from coming back.

2. Yogurt– abundant of proteins, calcium, and probiotics. Researchers conclude that when probiotic yogurt is added to a low-calorie diet, it can help improve weight reduction in obese individuals.

3. Oatmeal– favorite breakfast food, rich in fiber which can accelerate weight loss and help improve liver function.

4. Avocado– a flavorful superfood that stores monounsaturated fiber that improves metabolism and helps you lose weight.

5. Barley– like oats, barley contains fibers that absorb water to create a thick gel which slows down digestion. According to studies, adding 14 grams of fiber per day can decrease calorie intake by 10%.

6. Almonds– belly fat is no match for almonds. These delicious protein-rich nuts can eat away at fat, especially in women.

7. Blueberries– low-fat blueberries are belly-busting fruits which can also satisfy a sweet tooth. Their phytonutrients target the genes that regulate fat and glucose metabolism.

8. Miso– a soup base derived from fermented soy, and is a depository of probiotics.

9. Beans– a wide assortment of beans can have a big impact in helping weight loss and blood sugar levels. Beans also help dissolve stubborn belly fat. Chickpeas, red beans, and whole peas can also cleanse the colon and slow down digestion.

10. Sauerkraut– contains a wealth of healthy gut bacteria and enzymes to improve digestion and nutrient absorption. It can also reduce inflammation, improve cravings and balance stomach acids.


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8 Ways to Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise

8 Ways to Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise - fmdc

Shedding weight is a lot harder than simply gaining a number to your scale. But who among you here find the process an easy peasy one? If you do so, well you must be very determined.

Most of the people I’ve known are struggling of following their diet plans and workout procedures due to their kind of lifestyle and failure to discipline oneself. Since this typical problem is always arising during the first phase of dieting, here are other ways to make your weight loss mission more effective and will surely last long.

But take note! The tips we are sharing this time has nothing to do with trimming your daily meals and spending much for your gym sessions. Exciting, isn’t it? To start with, the things you must do are the following:


I know you’re very familiar with this method since you’re a kid, but we just want to remind you that drinking lots of water every day is always the number one way of losing weight and good for your overall health.

In order to make your weight loss mission successful, you need to drink atleat 2 to 3 litres a day depending on your daily activities. If you’re not fond of drinking water and still in the adjustment period, you can put something or a flavor to your water so it will taste good like adding fresh lemon or lime, fresh mint leaves or even cucumber slices.

If you want a body system cleanser and fire up your metabolism, then you must try drinking a warm water, ginger or lemon. If you’re into herbal teas, you can try “white tea (from the plant of green tea), green tea, rooibos tea, oolong tea, mate tea and ginger tea”.


If you think your exercise régime for how many months or years didn’t work, I suggest you need to modify it with the alternatives. By following the activities in your daily routine such as walking when you’re heading to your work or school, cycling, playing outdoor games or sports with kids, walking the dog, cleaning the house or loan, gardening, and taking the stairs instead of elevators and escalators, your body fat will be naturally reduced and you will leave a healthier life.

If you change your lifestyle by spicing it with those activities, then you’re hitting two birds with one stone. You’re losing weight, at the same time, having fun!


In order to lose weight, you must also practice a perfect sleeping pattern wherein you need to sleep 7 to 8 hours per night. You should not sleep too much because it can lead to increasing of weight.

According to Vanessa Bartlett, a Sydney-based fitness guru and pilates professional, “sleeping enough is important because it reduces the production of cortisol hormone which inhibits fat loss.


Stress can contribute in gaining weight such as stress eating. Aside from that, it will also affect your hormones, metabolism, brain function, deplete immune system and hinder body fat reduction.

When you feel so stressed, you must try meditating for 10 minutes, yoga, and other relaxing activities that may help to make you feel relieved and happy.


According to a survey, eating while scrolling your social media accounts or even eating while watching TV can lead to over-eating.

Wondering why? Because using your phone or other electronic devices while meal time can divert your attention of enjoying what you’re doing or viewing not knowing that you’ve already eaten too much and just got carried away.

  1. BE EXPOSED to the SUN

If you want to boost your weight loss mission, you must not be afraid of being exposed to the sun.

Did you know that humans need a minimum of 20 minutes sun exposure early in the morning as well as during late afternoon and at least five days per week in order to gain enough vitamin D? If you just discover that today, then start exposing yourself and greet Mr. Sun with your brightest smile every day before going to work.


Appetite problems can also be due to the things that surrounds you. If you realize that your house or dining area’s atmosphere and color can make you consume more food or makes you lazy, then you need start redecorating and repainting.

As suggested by the interior designer, Palinski Wade, you must start “removing all red and yellow tones from the dining room because it can reduce your appetite.” Now you know why some fast food chains around us have a touch of red and yellow colors in their logos and interior designs because as what psychology experts have explained, red, yellow and orange are attractive and can subconsciously trigger hunger or excitement.


By simply sitting properly or straightening up your body figure can help toning your stomach muscles. Aside from that, maintaining a good posture will lead to a healthier life.

If you will practice these 8 simple methods for your daily routine, you can expect for a better transformation of yourself and achieve your weight loss goal easily!

3 Things to Remove from Your Pantry to Lose Weight

3 Things to Remove from Your Pantry to Lose WeightAre you aware that there are 3 things you possibly have in your pantry that can make you fat? What are they? Check and get rid of them immediately to lose weight!

People nowadays are engaging themselves to fitness and diet programs in order to lose weight. Yes, they can be helpful in making you fit and healthy. But, no matter how loyal you are in applying them in your daily life, they won’t develop great results if you have choices of food that violates and does not correlate with the programs you are into. What I’m talking about is that there are existing products in your pantry that does not assist you to have that fit and healthy body, instead they tend to inhibit you from losing weight. These 3 things you must remove from your pantry in order for you to lose weight are sugar, gluten and dairy.

Jelly Candies - 3 Things to Remove from Your Pantry to Lose Weight Bright lollipop candy on white background Mini Cake - 3 Things to Remove from Your Pantry to Lose Weight

1. Sugar

Who doesn’t love sugar, like, at all? There are only few people who doesn’t like sugar, of which, are those that fear sugar. But why do people can’t say no with sugar? Scientifically, whenever we intake sugar, a certain amount of dopamine (a chemical) is being sent to our brain, that sends a rush of sensation of either the feeling of satisfaction, happiness, calmness or collectedness. And over the time, we become dopamine-dependent and turn into craving. Yet, sugar has always been linked to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other more, enough for us to wake up and start eliminating sugar from our lives. In order to do this, replacing our sugar cravings with fruits, lots of water, fiber, leafy greens and hot tea sure are great ways for a good start. Beat sugar cravings with these tips!

Gluten Products - 3 Things to Remove from Your Pantry to Lose Weight2. Gluten

If you are not sure what gluten is, well, they are the major proteins found in some grains in all forms of wheat, as well as barley, triticale, rye and also in many food additives. And yes, basically, gluten can make you fat. This is due to the process called leptin resistance created by gluten. This process happens when the body is getting unaffected by the amount of leptin (a hormone that regulates brain cells commanding us how much to eat), circulating in the blood. There was a research saying that even gluten can impact a person’s brain causing symptoms of Schizophrenia. But this does not mean that it’s better to refer gluten-free products. Fruits, vegetables and other whole food choices (excluding processed alternatives) are still the best options.

Dairy Products - 3 Things to Remove from Your Pantry to Lose Weight3. Dairy

Your existing dairy products from your pantry are essentially been produced from milk (can be from cows, goats or sheeps). They may be in the form of cheese, cream, ice cream, gelato, buttermilk, milk or yogurt, containing carbohydrates, saturated fat, vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron. But what’s making dairy a product you must remove from your pantry is that it is high in fat with lots of saturated fat. With saturated fats being regarded to cause health problems such as obesity, diabetes and some types of cancer, will you still keep these dairy products with you? Living with a dairy-free life not only helps you with weight loss, but also with healthy digestion. Sounds great, right?

Sometimes, we just have to let go of the things in order to make things right. The sooner, the better. And removing those sugar, gluten and dairy products from your pantry is a great start for losing weight. Until then you will realize that the healthy choices you’ve made are worthy. And that you are worthy of living a fit and healthy life.

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5 Tips On How To Lose Weight Despite of a Busy Schedule

Being healthy is mostly the main priority of everybody nowadays. Being healthy means you can do a lot of things, by having a healthy mind and body you can avoid certain illnesses or diseases.

The question is how can we attain a healthy life when we are loaded with a lot of responsibilities both at home and workplace? How can we better take care of ourselves when we’re stuck with a hefty load of work schedules, appointments, business meetings and gigs throughout the days and nights? Our schedule is very hectic to the point where we can’t take a rest at all.

5 TIPS ON LOSING WEIGHT DESPITE OF BUSY SCHEDULETruth be told, a lot of fast metabolism dieters are hesitant to start the diet because they feel like they’re going through the same routine again. Stick with the diet for the first few days, then go totally off track later on, until such time that they will discontinue, because no. 1 reason – hectic schedules are eating their time up in dieting.

How do we overcome this challenge in losing weight?

oneAlmost all of us are undergoing that same situation you’re in. It’s not healthy for us to feel stressed out all the time. We need to get rid of stress and instead, enjoy every moment we make as we go on the fast metabolism diet journey. For our challenged dieters who have a very tough schedule, you can apply these tips on how to stay on track on the fast metabolism diet.

1. Have a schedule planner with you

Like our office or business appointments, we need to treat our diet like one too. Before you start your day, enlist everything you’re bound to accomplish for the entire day. From the moment you wake up until you sleep, list every appointments you have. Office tasks, business meetings, appointments, projects, deadlines, night-out gigs, everything.

After you list them all, take extra special note of the “vacant time” you had in your schedule. And before you argue, no. It’s not excusable to say “But I don’t have vacant time at all!” Truth is, you  always have a vacant time, you just refused to acknowledge it. Why do I say so? What about your early morning schedule? Shall we say from 5am to 7am? Or your 30-1 hour office breaks in between? Or maybe from 5pm onwards you’re already vacant, or the late 10pm onwards time? We all have a vacant time, after all, we all need to take a break.

So, going back to the tip, fill in your “fast metabolism diet appointments” with your vacant time. And like we said, you need to attend to them diligently, like how diligent you are in attending your business appointments. You can do grocery shopping, monitor weight or plan your next meal in these vacant times. Always keep in mind that if you intentionally missed your fast metabolism diet appointments, you would lose its opportunity. The opportunity to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

2. Organize your exercise schedule.

In relation to the first tip, let’s take a closer look at your schedule. If you are loaded from 8am to 10pm, you can have your exercise time earlier. If you’re an early riser, you can have your exercise earlier than 8am, maybe on 5 or 6am, then have a breakfast within 30 minutes of waking, and lastly, have at least 30-45 minutes of phase-specific exercise. In the remaining time before you go to office, you can do your morning ritual and prepare yourself in going to office.

If you have a vacant time after working hours, you have the option to do your exercise afterwards right after you go home. If you are busy from the crack of dawn until very late at night, you can divide your exercise in your 30 minute break interval. Example you can have a brisk walk exercise for 15 minutes while going to your office, have a brisk walk on stairs for another 15 minutes while you hop into different floors in your office, and finally, have another round of brisk walk when you get home.

3. Plan and Pack your Foods

One of the most challenging task for our dieters with very hectic schedules is preparing foods. They simply don’t have time to prepare some foods in the morning, hence, they are more prone into binge eating. It is advisable to prepare and cook your food at night, put it over the freezer, then you’ll just reheat your foods the next morning. If possible, make sure that you prepare foods enough for you  to sustain for the day. It will be better if you can also have your lunch and snacks prepared, not just your breakfast. In this way, you are ensured that you are eating healthy and phase-specific foods in the diet, and reduces the temptation of binge-eating.

4. Eat healthy foods at work

Are you exhausted in working for few hours? Tempted to go with your colleagues and order some mouthwatering burger, spaghetti, sandwich and soda? Before you do it, think about the previous tip once again! Right! You packed that healthy snack with you! So grab it and eat it during your break, or when you’re feeling hungry! You can pack some oatmeal and other phase-specific fruits in Phase 1, fill them with hot water to make an instant oatmeal! Or you can have your vegetable salad in phase 2, or some healthy and yummy fats in Phase 3! What matters most is that you stick to your diet and only eat the healthy foods while you’re in the office.

6. Enjoy your office events and night outs.

Are you having a part event in the office? Or some night-out party drinking after work? Fret not! Enjoy these events and don’t stress yourself up! You can apply these various tips to get you prepared and for you to enjoy these events:

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