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6 Ways to Get your Kids to Eat Veggies

As we personally witness the miracles the fast metabolism diet has brought to our body and health, we couldn’t help but share this program to our loved ones. We wanted to influence others to switch to healthy lifestyle just like us, especially our little angels. As parents, it is our mission to nurture and teach our kids about healthy eating.

6 Ways to Get your Kids Eat Healthy VeggiesWhile it looks easier to convince our kids to eat fruits, protein-packed meals and healthy snacks, it is true to most of the parents to find it challenging to encourage the kids to love veggies. Veggies play an important role in our nourishment, weight loss and our overall health. Our kids would normally favor sweets, chocolates, meats and junk foods over the healthy ones.

How do we inspire them to eat veggies? Here are the tips you can apply:


Blend Veggies into Smoothies.

The best way to get your kids eat healthy veggies is through smoothie. No one could resist drinking a healthy drink such as smoothie! Mix these veggies up with delicious fruits and healthy fats to give a nourishing and healthy breakfast or snack for your kids. Not only your kids are able to eat veggies, smoothies can also make them full and satisfied.

salad soup pasta

Include them in Salads, Soups and Pasta

If your kids are a fan of soups, salads or pasta, this will definitely do the trick! You can chop the veggies into chunks and pieces and include them in your fast metabolism diet recipes.

cutting veggies

Cut them Into Funny Shapes

Another way is to chop the veggies in shapes and assemble them based on their favorite  character from movies or cartoons. Example for this is you can make shapes out of zucchini and cucumber. Your kids are most likely to eat it since the shapes attract them.


Let them Pick their Favorite Food

When you are in a grocery store, give your kids the freedom to pick up the foods they want to eat, rather than forcing them to eat all of the foods you picked. This will make them feel special and feel like they have a say in what they eat. They are less likely to indulge themselves into unhealthy foods


Make Pizza or Chips

Do your kids love to eat pizza? Instead of having take outs, why not make a homemade delicious and healthy pizza yourself? You can have kale, zucchini or other veggies topped into your pizza! This will be a perfect opportunity for you and your kids to bond in the kitchen and make delicious foods!

Don’t Trick Them

Last and definitely not the least, don’t try to trick your kids. Instead, try to have a heart to heart talk with your kids and tell them why you’re adding veggies into their meals or snacks. Let them understand the importance of eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle. Your kids are most likely to support and follow you if you try to consider their feelings. And most importantly, be a good role model for them.