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10 Ways to Stay Fit This Chinese New Year

10 Ways to Stay Fit This Chinese New Year2016 is the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, a lot of people has adapted the tradition and joins the celebration of Chinese New Year. It has been the tradition of the Chinese to observe the happy event – Lunar New Year. They gather as family and enjoy their sumptuous dinner. Plus they also practice hundreds of customs to bring good luck for the coming year. Everyone can enjoy the Chinese New Year, and, of course, expect lots of food and drinks. So how do you stay fit and healthy with all the chow you’ll encounter?

Here the easy tips to stay fit in celebrating the Year of the Red Fire Monkey

  1. Don’t Skip Your Breakfast – Planning to work-out your appetite for dinner? Then you should avoid skipping your breakfast. Not having your meals in the morning can get you to binge on more food later in the day, which means more unwanted calories. So eat a reasonably sized breakfast with lots of proteins and healthy fats. It will make you feel fuller and stop your urge from eating lots of food.
  2. Remember To Hydrate – Some Chinese dishes you’ll be eating may have lots of salt and MSG, its best to keep yourself well hydrated. Avoid sodas and sugary drinks and, of course, drinks lots of water. Having water also keeps you body temperature moderate. Also, if you’re having mandarin oranges, keep it in moderation, having too much citrus juice can cause heartburns.
  3. Control Your SnacksBa Kwa (a Chinese version of a jerky) or pineapple tarts may be flowing and of course, nobody can resist these delicious goodies. Don’t deprive yourself; rather take only one or two pieces per snack. The trick is taking them in smaller bites to make them last longer. Try to talk with others during your celebration of Chinese New Year, it’s also a good way to converse, and help you stop from munching plenty of snacks.
  4. Choose Dishes With Lots of Protein – Dishes with high protein content helps manages your hunger and, of course, controls your appetite. A meal with loads of protein helps keep you satisfied better. This only means you won’t consume more unwanted calories. Much on steamed chicken, lean pork, beef, eggs or seafood. These dishes are packed with protein for your healthy celebration.
  5. Drink Alcohol Moderately – Beer and liquor are part of the Chinese New Year celebration and of course, they have lots of calories. Abstain from drinking too much. You can politely decline drinks being served to you. Choose healthier alternatives and drink moderately. Also, remember to avoid sodas and sugar-filled drinks.
  6. Chew Your Food Slowly – You can consume fewer calories if you’re eating your food slowly. Chewing and swallowing your meals too fast doesn’t give you brain much time on processing how much you’ve consumed. Chewing your food slower allows you to properly digest it.
  7. Eat Lots of Fiber – We may seem to ignore fiber in our diet. If you want to manage your weight this Chinese New Year, then have more fiber-rich food. It keeps you feeling full, so you’re less likely to binge. Fill your plates with long beans, carrots, kai lan (Chinese broccoli) and other fiber-rich vegetables.
  8. Exercise Often – It’s the Chinese New Year, it’s a time for you to get active and keep fit. You don’t need lots of time to exercise. You can just do a 10-minute circuit. It includes 10 repetitions of star jumps, push-ups, squats, burpees and 20 repetitions of lunges.
  9. Use Smaller Plates – Researches have found having smaller plates for your meals helps in reducing your consumption. People tend to grab less food if they have small plates; therefore, you’re most likely to eat less.
  10. Read Food Labels – This way you will know what the ingredients are. Choose food with more fiber, protein, and calcium. Avoid the one’s with lots of salt, sugar and fat.

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5 Tips on How To Resist Unhealthy Indulgence

It is no doubt that your number 1 enemy while going through the fast metabolism diet, is the temptation! Food temptations can strike anywhere. As soon as you see some delicious cheese, sodas, pizzas, fruit juices, fake sweeteners stocked in your fridge or mouthwatering foods and alcohol served at parties and events, it is really a challenging undertaking to keep off your hands from picking the served foods. This is because of the habit we’re used to from our previous lifestyle. As they say, habits are hard to break because of the strong cravings occurring in our head as soon as we see the ‘object’.

resist unhealthy temptations in fast metabolism diet

There are only two things you can do with cravings, either overcome them or cheat on your diet and indulge to unhealthy foods. Now we certainly can’t have you chose the latter option! As a fast metabolism dieter, we will not allow temptations to win and ruin our metabolism. The community gave some tips for you to handle parties, events and holidays,  as well as keeping you motivated to continue the program.

But how do we avoid even the simplest temptation while we’re on  the diet? How do we get focused and avoid getting distracted? How do we prevent cheating from the diet? Here are the tips to resist unhealthy temptations and help you stick into the fast metabolism diet program.

1. Surround yourself with the fast metabolism diet community – your co-fast metabolism dieters are the ones who understand you well. They know and understand what you are going through, what you’re feeling. Staying, mingling and conversing with them will help you remind of the goals you’re trying to accomplish. They can also help in reminding you to keep from cheating. It will also give you some inspiration as you see the success the fast metabolism diet brought to you and your co-dieters.

grocery list

2. Have a Grocery List – What are the allowed foods you love to eat in every phase? What are the foods of your least preference? You can have your grocery list to plan your meal map in advance. Having a grocery list will help you to keep on track on the foods you’re buying and eliminate on buying the unnecessary and unhealthy ones. You’ll be assured you’re only eating the right and real foods as you go on every phase.

3. Identify Food substitutions to replace the foods you eliminate – Do you love eating breads, grains and pasta? Craving for some sugar and sweetness to your smoothies? Fret not! The Fast Metabolism Diet has the complete list of the foods you’re allowed to eat. You can substitute those foods with a healthier food on the list! Example for this is, if you love to eat bread, you can have the sprouted wheat bread, or you can substitute stevia or xylitol for honey and sugar. You can view the complete food substitution list here.

healthy sleep

4. Get 8 hours of sleep every night –  As what they’ve said, sleeping early brings many miracles to your body. It improves your health, decreases your risks of chronic diseases, having a positive mood to face the day,  and contributes in your weight control. Having enough sleep will help you in staying away from caffeine and sugar cravings.

5. Just enjoy and love what you’re doing – Last but not the least, you need to stay positive, enjoy and love what you’re doing. Remember that you’re doing this diet because you love your body. You want to give what’s the best for your body.