Saint Patrick’s Day Healthy Tips: Let’s Go Green


Ring in your Saint Patrick’s Day with healthy meals to prepare and fun-filled activities to enjoy!

Every year, precisely during the month of March, there is this enormous special national holiday being celebrated by everyone and to some parts of the world, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere with more than 80,000 Irish and Australian attending the parade. For the others who are not yet familiar with the said merriment, its’ commonly known as “Saint Patrick’s Festival.”

For this year 2016, the event will happen tomorrow, Thursday, March 17th and will last until Sunday, March 2016t.

Many says, “St. Patrick’s Day is the day when everyone wants to be Irish.” This is because lots of tourist from different nations gather around to witness how Saint Patrick’s Day will be magnificently celebrated filled with fabulous events and colorful parades. What makes the holiday more interesting is how people engage on the said event wearing something with a shade of green.

As the festivity is fast approaching, people and lots of families will surely get very busy looking for something to eat and consume during the festival.

So if you’re one of those who’s currently looking for something to prepare or you need tips that’s healthy for you and your family, you can ring in Saint Patrick’s Day by the following healthy stuff to do:

  1. Drink Green Healthy Smoothies

For the healthy smoothies that are allowed on the fast metabolism diet, you may prepare the following:


  1. Load Your Saucers with Green Dishes

For the nutritious, diet-friendly green dishes, you may consume the following:

  1. Get Involved to Saint Patrick’s Day’s Activities

Accompany your kids or bring your whole family during the Saint Patrick’s Day parade and flaunt your green good looking outfits. While you’re watching the parade, don’t settle by simply standing in one corner. Move your body and look for better spot to witness the whole parade with ease and filled with fun.

If you involve to some outdoor activities like simply watching the parade, you able to walk, hike, stretch your legs and arms, point your foot and all just because of  the eagerness to witness the huge stunning floats parade, pet parades, live bands, dancing competitions, and more.

  1. Must Learn to Dance Some Irish Moves

Since you’re already wearing your green costume decorated with shamrocks, make use of it through jiving in an Irish dance. As Irish are known for step dancing, you may just simply prepare a jukebox at home, load it with a list of Irish music then you’re on it! You can freely jive to the beat of the lively sounds with your one big family. Dancing just don’t make you enjoy the celebration but of course, you’re also having an enjoyable exercise through shaking and moving your body around.

  1. Create Green Crafts with Your Kids

One of the best things you can ever do to make your holiday more enlivening is to create some artistic crafts with your kids like recycling your used materials at home and repaint it with green so you can decorate it around the corner of your garden or even inside your home sweet home. While doing and guiding your children on doing the art session you have during the day, you’re also creating a strong bond with them at the same time, you’re moving your whole body from head to toe which is better rather than staying at home and just simply facing television or gadgets.

I hope you get something from these tips and that you have so much fun on St. Patrick’s Day!

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