What Does Salt Cravings Mean in Our Diet?

Why do we have salt cravings? How does salt cravings affects our fast metabolism diet?

Are you having an unusual salt cravings? Do you find yourself searching for salty foods like potato chips, pretzels? What does salt cravings in the fast metabolism diet mean? Unusual cravings for salt signals your body that you’re not getting enough nutrients in the body that you need. Here are the main reasons why your body is dealing with salt cravings:

salt cravings in fast metabolism diet

A. You don’t have enough fluids in your body

Salt helps stabilizes the electrolytes in our body. Electrolytes help our body lowers our stress level and improve our brain function. If you are having a salt craving, your body is not receiving the exact amount of electrolytes your body needs to survive. Be sure to drink half of your body weight (in ounces) to keep you dehydrated. If possible, drink spring water since it has the best electrolyte value and is full of minerals.

B. Your body is stressed

One alarming message your body is sending to you with your unusual salt craving is that, your body is going through stress. Normally, with a right amount of salt intake it helps soothe your adrenal glands and lowers your stress hormones. But with less salt intake your body is increasing your stress hormonal level. And being in a stressful state is a big No-No in the fast metabolism diet. Stress screw up your metabolism greatly.

How to deal with salt cravings?

  • If you are having these unusual salt cravings, it means that your sodium/potassium balance is off. You need to add more salt in your diet. You can eat potassium rich foods to your meals and snacks like white beans, spinach, acorn squash, artichokes, mushrooms, parsley and cilantro. It will help you get back the electrolytes your body lacks.
  • If you are in Phase 1, you can also eat higher glycemic fruits like pineapple and mango to offer more adrenal support and helps lower your stress level.
  • When you’re cooking your fast metabolism diet meals, you can add a bit more salt to your diet. Try using Celtic salt or Himalayan salt. It has the best electrolyte value and is full of 84 essential minerals. It will keep your hydration and electrolyte balance.
  • If you’re still having a salt craving, try whipping a batch of kale chips. Kale chips are safe to eat at all phases.

With proper amount of salt, it soothes our adrenal glands, lowers our stress and increases our metabolism rate. Our body is more likely to burn fat and transform them into fuel than storing them for emergency purposes. Make sure to settle your salt cravings and don’t let it prevent you from healing your metabolism and in losing weight.



The Fast Metabolism Diet Tips on Attending Restaurants

“How can I resist the temptation of foods being served in the restaurants?” Have you asked this question to yourself a lot of times already? Planning on trips? You can’t bring your kitchen with you, so how do you deal with eating out and clueless what’s on the food served? How do you stay on the diet’s phase knowing that you don’t have total control with the foods served? Tough questions, right?

Attending weddings, birthdays, business conference and the likes is an enjoyable experience, the challenging part is stopping yourself to take a bite of foods that are not allowed on the diet. This feeling causes our stress hormones and anxiety to increase.

fast metabollism diet tips on attending restaurants

Refraining from attending these events while on the fast metabolism diet may seem to be the most appropriate solution, it might not always be the case. We need to come up with a strategic plan to enjoy these restaurant night out evening meals while keeping on track on the fast metabolism diet. Here are the fast metabolism diet tips you can use while eating out on a restaurant:

Before going to the restaurant:

  • It is important to know what restaurant you will attend and their menu first. By doing this you can have the upfront knowledge what are the menus they served from then on you can choose the best meal or snacks that conforms with the diet. Make use of your internet connection and search the restaurant you’re attending.
  • If you are done searching for the restaurant’s information, you can make a call to the restaurant ahead of time (it applies with caterers too). Call them several days before you’ll go into the restaurant, or upon making a reservation you can inquire about the menu. Explain to them that you have some dietary restrictions. If they could, ask for their help if they can make you a special meal. Also make sure to state and explain your reason clearly so that they will be committed in helping you.
  • If you feel fully restricted with the restaurant’s options for you, feel free to canvass other restaurants near your location that could give you more options and can accommodate your dietary restrictions.
  • If you are checking in a hotel, you can check the restaurants near your hotel. Have your mini-bar in your hotel room be cleaned up or you can ask for a small fridge to be brought in. From then you can stock up your fast metabolism diet foods and snacks.
  • If you’re attending in buffets, check out the whole buffet meals first and decide what meal you should eat before making your way through the line.

While in the restaurant

  • Ask the waiter to remove the bread basket on the table to avoid temptation.
  • Bring your own salad dressing with you.
  • You can ask the waiter how their meal was processed and checked the ingredients in their menu. This is to ensure that you’re eating the right foods allowed in fast metabolism diet according to your phase. Was it made without sauces/butter/oil? Or is there any soy, wheat, corn in this meal? If they were serving potatoes, ask for veggies instead. State your reason or that you have a dietary restriction so that the waiters, caterers will answer your question willingly.
  • Bring phase-specific snacks with you. Events typically lasts for a long time, and you will get hungry in an hour or two. In this way you can still be on your phase and avoid eating those crappy snacks displayed on the buffet.
  • You can also bring extras with you like stevita, tamari packets, hot herbal tea, stevita cinnamon gum.

If you follow these tips, you can surely enjoy eating a meal in the restaurant without jeopardizing your fast metabolism diet. You’re not only enjoying a meal outside but you also get to socialize with your friends, family or business colleagues.

Tropical Green Fruit Smoothie – All Phase

Getting bored with the recipe you prepare repeatedly? Why not try a different recipe to add some thrill to your taste buds! This tropical green fruit smoothie is the bomb and is worth a try! More than that, this is safe for all phase! How’s that?

Tropical green fruit smoothie’s main ingredients include the tropical fruits like mango, pineapple that is rich in antioxidants and also help reduce inflammation. It can also boost our immune system and most of all, it improves our digestion and metabolism!

This recipe yields 2 serves.

Tropical Green Fruit Smoothie


1/2 Avocado, ripe
2 cups Baby spinach, packed
1 1/2 cups Mango, fresh or frozen
1 1/2 cups Pineapple, fresh or frozen


2 cups Coconut or almond milk, unsweetened

Nuts & Seeds

2 tbsp Chia seeds


  1. Place the spinach, avocado, chia seeds and coconut/almond milk in a blender or food processor and puree until smooth.
  2. Add the diced mango and pineapple and puree until smooth.
  3. Pour your smoothie into glasses/mason jars.
  4. Drink up to a happy metabolism!

Notes: You can also refrigerate this tropical green fruit smoothie. This smoothie lasts for three days.

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Fast Metabolism Diet Stress Handling Tips

Don’t let stress bring your fast metabolism diet journey down! Know the fast metabolism diet stress handling tips to overcome your stress!

Fast Metabolism Diet Stress Handling Tips

We all know that being stressed while we’re on a fast metabolism diet journey is a big NO-NO. This is because if we stress ourselves up our body gave emergency signals that causes to store fat instead of losing them. But with our hectic schedule, family and social problems, work-related stuff and other things we couldn’t help but feel stressed with all the pressure surrounding on us. How do we handle them? How do we keep ourselves off from the metabolism-killer stress? Here are the fast metabolism diet stress handling tips you can apply.

Extend Phase 1

Whole grains and fruits in phase 1 have adrenal-calming effects and these foods are very easy to digest in our body. If we are stressed we usually have an abnormal sleeping pattern that slowed up our metabolism. Eating Phase 1 whole grains and fruits will help your metabolism absorb the necessary nutrients your body needs despite of the stressful situation you’re in. You can extend Phase 1 by a day. Your phase rotation for the week will then be 3 days of Phase 1, two days of Phase 2, and two days of phase 3. You can have quinoa, brown and wild rice as a whole grain to soothe the stress in your body without overtaxing your digestive system.

Eat high-glycemic fruits

Eat adrenal-calming fruits that help regulate your stress hormones like mango, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe and kiwi.

Be sure to drink water half of your body weight, in ounces every day

When you’re dealing with a stressful situation, you tend to breathe more heavily, thus increasing your water needs. Make sure to drink water every day to keep your body hydrated and functioning well, especially if you are dealing with a stressful situation.

Drink Herbal Tea

Herbs will help you calm further and alleviate your stress. Try drinking passionflower, ashwanganda, lemon balm and Siberian tea.

Extend your Cardio-exercise

When we are stressed our mind is not functioning well and was often preoccupied with disturbing thoughts. This results into sabotaging our food and our exercise. While it is recommended to extend Phase 1 when you’re in a stressful situation, it is also recommended to extend your cardio exercise. It’s because our fight or flight instincts kick in and our body wanted to run. Give in to the desire of your body, go for a run. brisk walk, etc. Make yourself sweat and you’ll be rewarded with a clearer and lighter mind when you’re stress was being lifted up.

Sniff a lavender oil

Lavender helps your mind decide which thoughts you should hold and which one to release. Thus, making your mind be focused on one thing instead of overloading it with disturbing and stressful information. Rub a drop or two inside your nostrils.

We shouldn’t let stress get on to us and hindered our fast metabolism diet journey. Let us handle and overcome our stress, and be on track with healing our metabolism, losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.


Pumpkin-Apple Smoothie – Phase 1

Are you a pumpkin fan? The Halloween would not be complete without Pumpkins! We see them everywhere so why not make some fun with this fruit and incorporate it to our diet? I thought of making this recipe to share with readers who want to taste a new smoothie on Phase 1. Trick or treat! Here’s the peculiar Pumpkin-Apple Smoothie! Perfect for this fall season and Halloween.

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This smoothie. It is good. It tastes like dessert, even though it’s full of healthy ingredients. It will keep you full for hours, making it the perfect breakfast for you and your kids as well. Kids will absolutely love this Pumpkin-Apple Smoothie, and you can blend it up in less than 5 minutes.

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Pumpkin-Apple Smoothie

Recipe type: Breakfast, Snack

Serves: 2


  • ¼ cup plus 2 tbsp. old-fashioned oats
  • ¼ cup canned pumpkin
  • 1 medium apple, cut into pieces
  • 1/4 Tsp Organic Cinnamon
  • 1/4 Tsp Vanilla
  • 6 ice cubes


  1. Place oats in blender and blend for about 30 seconds until finely chopped. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.

The Fast Metabolism Diet Holiday Tips

Fast Metabolism Diet Holiday Tips


Hooray! We are finally on this season of the year! First off, let me greet you a Happy Halloween! During these seasons we are often ecstatic because it is the time to be with our dear ones! I’m pretty sure you are now preparing your Halloween party, aren’t you? But with this ecstatic feeling comes our anxiety. The anxiety of screwing up our fast metabolism diet because we will be tempted with these mouthwatering foods.

To help you deal with these holiday festivities and not screw up your diet, we provide these holiday tips to help you keep on track.

1. Don’t stress yourself up! Embrace the holiday season!

Do yourself a favor by not stressing up yourself! Don’t let your body go into emergency mode. Be calm and smile. Anticipate the season and embrace it with excitement! If you induced your body with a happy, pleasurable mode, it will increase your endorphin hormones, ignite and keep your metabolism on fire!

2. Keep Eating your Phase specific meal map.

Before the big event, eat your regular meals, snacks, fruits, lean protein and especially eat a lot of fresh veggies according to your Phase. It will keep your metabolism stable as you get ready for the holiday festive!

3. Drink 8 ounces of water or more

Drinking 8 ounces or more ounces of water throughout the day, depending on your body weight will help your body process the extra food you consume on holidays.

4. Go for Organic, Sulfire-free wine

If drinking alcoholic beverage are inevitable during holidays, choose an organic, Sulfire-free wine instead of the usual alcoholic drinks. It will be easier for your body to process the wine than the conventional ones. Also, drink an additional 8 ounces of water per alcoholic drink. It will help compensate your body. Don’t drink alcohol alone, balance it with eating heavy animal protein like chicken, turkey, beef and fish.

5. Do not drink alcohol in the morning.

If you plan to have a night out celebration until up in the morning, be sure not to drink alcohol in the morning. Your body was worn out during last night’s festivity and it is supposed to be revitalized in the morning to survive for another day. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and taking up alcohol will definitely screw up your metabolism! Alcohol really murders your metabolism, it acts like coffee. Instead, eat a delicious breakfast according to your phase.

Apply these tips and allow yourself to enjoy the holiday season! This is a perfect time to have fun with family and friends! Another option for you to celebrate holiday seasons without jeopardizing your diet is to prepare the diet holiday recipes! Why not check these fast metabolism diet Halloween recipes out.






Veggie Jack O’ Lantern – Phase 3

Veggie Jack O lantern

This Veggie Jack O’Lantern is easy to prepare! A good choice of fruit snack this Halloween, it can be designed in fruit trays. Most importantly, it’s perfect for phase 3 of the fast metabolism diet!

Veggie Jack O Lantern


  • 2 to 4 1 lb. bags of baby carrots (depending on the size of your platter)
  • 2 cans of black olives
  • cucum­ber, or cel­ery for the stem


  1. Fill a large plate/platter with baby car­rots and use black olives to make the face of the jack o’ lantern.Start by out­lining the spaces for the olives with car­rots.
  2. Once they are some­what in place, put one layer of olives down (most of them cut in half).
  3. Then to make the plat­ter look fuller & more 3D, add more car­rots and a sec­ond layer of olives. It made a big dif­fer­ence in it looking more like a pumpkin!
  4. The stem is a just a cut cucumber chunk. Super easy & a perfect, healthy option for a Halloween party!


Healthy Fruity Halloween Treats – Phase 1

the fast metabolism diet, the fast metabolism diet recipe, the fast metabolism diet phase 1, healthy halloween treats, halloween recipe, halloween in the fast metabolism diet, apple mummies, orange pumpkin, fruit skewers, fruit blech, the fast metabolism diet communityThese freakish Halloween Recipes are easy, healthy Halloween treats! Your little kids will gobble them up too! A perfect fruit snack for Halloween parties, spook-tacular fruit trays, or a fun October after-school nibble! Take note, these are all allowed on Phase 1 too!

Apple Mummies – Phase 1
Peel apples, but leave on some of the peeling. Use peppercorn for eyes.

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Orange Pumpkins – Phase 1
Peel an orange and stick in a piece of celery

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Fruit Skewers – Phase 1
Just alternate orange cantaloupe and black berries.


Fruit Blech – Phase 1
Carve a watermelon with a funny face and add chopping phase 1 fruits like strawberry, apple, pineapple.

the fast metabolism diet, the fast metabolism diet recipe, the fast metabolism diet phase 1, healthy halloween treats, halloween recipe, halloween in the fast metabolism diet, apple mummies, orange pumpkin, fruit skewers, fruit blechWhat’s your favorite? Comment up!


Creepy Spider Deviled Eggs – Phase 3

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Halloween is approaching!!! If you are on Phase 3 of the Fast Metabolism Diet and is looking for some adventure in the kitchen, well here’s the most fitting recipe that you could try! – Creepy Spider Deviled Eggs! This recipe is sure to get some attention from your guests, and at the same time, will not compromise you diet. Enjoy!

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Creepy Spider Deviled Eggs for Phase 3


6 hard-boiled eggs, halved
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 teaspoon mustard
1 teaspoon vinegar
1/8 teaspoon sea salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
whole black olives


  1. Cut eggs in half lengthwise. Slip out yolks and mash.
  2. Stir in mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, salt, and pepper.
  3. Cut whole olive in half lengthwise.
  4. Put one half on mashed yolk for the spider’s body.
  5. Thinly slice the other half of the olive for the spider’s legs.
  6. Put four legs on each side.

Dairy-Free Raspberry Mango Mint Smoothie

The Fast Metabolism Diet Community is loving this Dairy-Free Raspberry Mango Mint Smoothie, an instant heat-wave revival. Serves 4, for Phase 1.

A not too sweet, not too complicated, and topped with a dash of salt and lime, a phase 1 smoothie you would surely love. This smoothie is best when made with a fresh raspberries, mango, and mint, but it’s also great with frozen raspberries, frozen mangos, and mint simple syrup blended with water and ice. Remember, choose organic produce whenever you can.


Dairy-Free Raspberry Mango Mint Smoothie


1 Lime
1 1/2 Mangos, large
2 cups Raspberries, fresh
14 Spearmint, leaves

Baking & Spices

1 pinch Sea salt
1 Sweetener, natural


2 cups Ice cubes


2 cups Water


Combine raspberries and water and purée until smooth. Pour through a mesh steel strainer and discard the seeds.

Return the raspberry purée to the blender and add the mango, a little over half of the mint leaves, lime juice, sea salt, and ice cubes. Blend until smooth. If desired, add optional sweetener and remaining mint leaves to taste, blending after each addition. Best enjoyed immediately!


Craving for a refreshing juice allowed for phase 1 of the fast metabolism diet? Why not have it in the easiest way? Order online and wait til it’s delivered through your doorstep. This will definitely saves time and effort. Read more info below.

Sweeter than departing from a do not exit door, this blend of strawberries and mango will turn your metabolism into a triathlon competitor. The sweet mango in this drink will unclog pores leaving you with refreshed, beautiful skin. Mixed with the delicious taste of vitamin C packed strawberries your stress levels are guaranteed to go down leaving you with a sweet ending. Escape from ordinary through the Sweet Escape.

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Try this Juice now!

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