5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring season is here! That means vegetation starts to become abundantly available! With fresh fruits and vegetables all around, this is the perfect period to refurbish and spring clean your diet to get optimum nutrition and be filled up with vitamins to make you feel invigorated this season.

5 ways to spring clean your diet

It is important to note that upon welcoming spring, a fridge cleanup is a good thing to do as well. It cannot be denied that you’ve accumulated lots of leftovers from Winter Season, now is the perfect time to throw away the unhealthy foods stored in the fridge. You might be thinking they will be useful one day, but the truth is they will only rot and may become harmful to your fast metabolism diet.

Everybody anticipated for this wonderful spring season, it is an exciting period to do remarkable things this year!  One of the things people love to do for their body is to pamper it through spring cleaning diet. It is safe to say that almost everyone has been accustomed to this tradition.

So to have an effective spring diet cleaning, here are the guidelines to follow:

5 ways to spring clean your diet, the fast metabolism diet community, holiday tips

1. Make a Diet Plan

It is essential to prepare a diet plan to keep you on track of the food you need to consume and what amount of nutrients you need. In line with every fast metabolism diet phase you’re following, a diet plan guides you with what to eat and to avoid, your meal map schedule, as well as your exercise schedule. The diet plan you prepare can also help you provide options of making use of your plan B recipes in case you can’t have your plan A.

2. Substitute Unhealthy Foods in your Fridge with Nutritional Powerhouses



Stop keeping foods that can harm your health. We know that you want to save money but in any circumstance, you need to prioritize your diet. You need to store only the allowed fast metabolism foods in your fridge. And if possible, try to choose organic foods. Organic foods are way healthier than the non-organic ones, as these products are non-GMO and don’t contain toxic chemicals that can kill your metabolism and ruin your diet. If ever you can’t really avoid grabbing destructive foods to your diet, you can share them to others who will be happy receiving them and start stocking healthy foods in your fridge.

The recommended fruits and veggies you can keep suited for spring season are:

Fruits Vegetables Diet Phase Number
apricots phase 1
strawberries phase 1
cherries phase 1 and phase 3
peas phase 1 and phase 3 (Not allowed in phase 2)
radishes phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3
fava beans (for vegetable protein) phase 1 and phase 3
artichokes phase 3
rhubarb phase 2 and phase 3
asparagus phase 2 and phase 3
mushrooms (all types) phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3

3. Select the Right Beverages to Keep you Hydrated this Season


In spring cleaning your diet, you also need to consider the drinks you consume. For this area, it is strongly advised to skip sweetened beverages. For water, it is recommended to drink Spring water, as it has the best electrolyte among other types of water. You can also add lemons and limes with your water if you like.

For the non-dairy milk, you can enjoy the following:

Kinds of Non-Dairy Milk Diet Phase Number
Rice milk phase 1
 Almond milk phase 3
Coconut milk phase 3
Hemp milk phase 3
Cashiew milk phase 3

4. Prepare Healthy Snacks

Of course, snack would be favorable any season. So, to assist you on what best snack to prepare, you can have:

Kind of Snacks Diet Phase Number
egg whites Phase 1
hard-boiled eggs Phase 3
raw nuts phase 3
veggies and fruits (organic, fresh, canned or frozen) all phases (For phase 2, lemon and limes are only allowed)

5. Add Variety to your Diet Meal

In fast metabolism dieting, it doesn’t mean that you must stick to the limited ingredients and prepare same meal all over again. Somehow, our body needs variety of foods filled with numerous nutrients that’s why you must learn to go out from your comfort zone and discover healthy meals that you haven’t tried before. Having a variety of meals and snacks for each phase also helps you minimize on having chances of weight plateau. But for this part, you must consider the portion or size of food and ingredients you’ll include to your recipe to keep your diet balance.

Spring cleaning your diet for the season is a best step you can ever do for yourself and might as well, for your loved ones. With the help of the ways listed above, you’re now much ready to welcome spring with health gears you have inside your fridge. Worry-free, healthier you!

Spring cleaning is an errand you shouldn’t miss, some goes all the way to do kitchen Spring cleaning. Here are some of the kitchen tools you can use to spring clean your kitchen. If you declutter your area, some things could emerge majestically.

Enjoy the Spring Season!

Food Substitutions in The Fast Metabolism Diet

One of the best options when you found a recipe online that has a ‘bad’ ingredient in it is to look for a food substitutions, especially when there’s only one ingredient that is not allowed in the whole recipe.

food substitution in the fast metabolism dietAs a conscious Fast Metabolism dieter who is committed to staying clean in his/her food intake, it is just correct to thoroughly check all the ingredients in a recipe to achieve great results from the diet. And when you find a forbidden ingredient in a recipe, your best response is to look for a way to replace it with an acceptable one.

To help you deal with this trouble, we’ve come up with this list of food substitutions/replacements. By following the formula here, you’ll be able to successfully create the recipes you’ve been eying to do all these years but just cannot because of the said forbidden ingredients. Now you can try replacing them with healthier ones, specially the sweetener and flavorings.

It is important that you are aware that, “not all substitutions are created equal”. You might thought that every food alternatives are good but in reality, there are some alternatives that are just disguising as healthy one without knowing that it may actually increase sodium ansugar deposits in other areas of your body. To avoid this, you need to be extra careful in improvising your recipe and in every ingredient you include to your meal plan.

food substitution in the fast metabolism diet

To completely help you fill your grocery list with healthy ingredients right for your recipe and budget at the same time, below is the table of food substitutions we prepared for you.

Foods that are not allowed in FMD Substitutions Phases Allowed
honey -stevia + water (1/32 of a tsp of stevia is the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of sugar) All Phases
wheat(e.g. bread, crackers, rolls, cereals, cakes, cookies, etc.)
wheat flour
-wheat in a sprouted form-quinoa flour, almond flour, buckwheat Phase 1 and 3
dairy products(e.g. milk, cheese, cottage cheese, butter, yogurt, Greek yogurt, whey, etc.)
-avocado, Phase 3
dried fruit or fruit juices actual fruits, water, coconut water, homemade brew Phase 1 and 3
corn / corn stuff(e.g. corn tortillas, corn chips, corn cereals, corn starch, grits, hominy, polenta, sweet corn, popcorn, processed foods containing corn, etc.)
corn chipspopcorn
-tortillas (made from brown rice or sprouted grains)-Raw nuts, hummus, and gluten-free pretzels Phase 1/3Phase 3Pretzels – Phase 1/3
soy(e.g. tofu, miso, tempeh, meat substitutes, processed foods containing soy, etc.) -tamari, Bragg Liquid Aminos All Phases
refined sugar -stevia, xylitol All Phases
caffeine(e.g. decaffeinated coffee) -smoothie with cinnamon, Gingko biloba, -feverfew (herb that helps withdraw headache) Cinnamon – Phase 1 and 3
alcohol (white wine) -lemon juice, water, balsamic vinegar All Phases
vinegar -balsamic vinegar All Phases
rice -wild rice Phase 1 and 3
potato -turnip Phase 1 and 3
mayonnaise -safflower mayonnaise Phase 3
allspices -cinnamon Phase 1 and 3
oil -olive oil, grapeseed, toasted sesame and coconut oils Phase 3
salt -sea salt, onion salt All Phases
yogurt -coconut sour cream (made of coconut milk, lemon juice and sea salt) Phase 3
cornstarch -arrowroot powder All Phases
polenta -sprouted grains (like teff, quinoa, or amaranth) Phase 1 and 3
herbal teas -Non caffeinated herbal teas or Pero Phase 1
nut butter -tahini Phase 3

Be extra cautious as well that these ingredients are fit to the phase you are in. Good luck and don’t give up on that weight loss goal!

Did You Know that Good Fats are Metabolism Booster?

thefastmetabolismdietcommunity.comIt is commonly accepted to some that when we say fats, it immediately connotes to ‘bad food’. One should change the mindset to better understand fats’ role in the body. Not all fats are bad for your body. There are good fats that can be heart-friendly and will help boost your metabolism. In real sense, fats play an important role in weight loss.

If you pick the right kind of fatty foods, which contains healthy fats, you’ll gain numerous benefits from them. Don’t close your doors to fats! But remember to minimize it if it’s already too much or your food choices only contain bad fats. Consider this – You have to “eat fat to lose fat”. Consume good fat in minimal portion. According to 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, “adults should get 20% to 35% of their calories from fat”.

D7930592-D9AA-42CD-A9F5-F6278D5D53BDIf you’re wondering how good fats boost metabolism, here’s a fast fact about them – they actually prompts the release of fat-melting enzymes, signaling your body to burn fat that’s been stuck on your belly, hips and thighs. So by that, you need to be careful and meticulous in selecting foods wherein it must contain easy-to-metabolize dietary fat.

Since we’re talking about healthy fats which is ideally covered on Phase 3 in Fast Metabolism Diet, let me share some fatty foods that contain ideal healthy fats. To name few of them, those are:

  • cold-water fish (salmon, tuna)
  • olives
  • almond milk
  • raw cashew butter
  • avocados
  • hummus

There are actually more foods to include in the list aside from mentioned above which belongs to the fifth day on Phase 3.


When it’s about eating healthy dietary fats intended for meals, you don’t need to eat fats alone, you also need to balance it with protein and vegetables. So in every meal you prepare, make sure that you include both, “a protein and a healthy fats” considering the total portion. You can mix them if you wanted but be reminded of the food portion you only need for your meal. While for snack, you eat vegetables with healthy fat.

So for a sample meal plan in Phase 3 with specific foods to eat, here’s how it may appear:

Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
One poached egg with½ avocado and wilted spinach;1 slice sprouted-grain toast;½ grapefruit 1/3 cup hummus; cucumber and zucchini slices Tuna salad with 5 oz. tuna;2 Tbls. safflower mayo;2 Tbls. chopped olives; shredded carrot and cabbage;1 cup blueberries ¼ cup raw almonds; tomato slices Coconut curry chicken (recipe from book);½ cup quinoa (optional)


Start unleashing the bad fats your body have and begin with eating good fats!

For more sample copy of meal plan and healthy recipes in fast metabolism diet, just feel free to browse the website and our other social media platforms.



How Healthy Hormones Promote Ideal Weight

How Healthy Hormones Promote Ideal

Did you know that excess weight around your waist is one of the signs that you’re undergoing a hormonal imbalance?

In addition to that, an extra belly fat in your abdomen may also indicate that you have high estrogen, low testosterone, low DHEA (a hormone of the adrenal glands), high insulin and high cortisol that sets a risky stage for aging, increasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

With numerous alarming health issues indicated above, the stubborn fat that sticks in the tummy must be rid off right away! To successfully do this, one should switch to living a healthy lifestyle by starting the day with a proper diet, exercise, sleep and of course, motivation.

But before anything else, you have to understand that one of the most important factors in order to obtain the ideal weight you’ve ever dreamed of is by to boosting your hormones and ensure that your hormones are in balance. Hormonal balance improves every aspect of your life. According to James Leigh Hunt:

“The groundwork of all happiness is health.”

Have you ever wondered how healthy hormones promote ideal weight? Here’s how:

Healthy Balance Hormones promote ideal weight by:

  1.   Strengthening your balance appetite so you won’t be very thin.
  2.   Helping you resist your cravings.
  3.   Helping your metabolism work to keep your body at a healthy weight.
  4.   Helping you feel more energetic without stress or anxiety.
  5.   Helping your mood to be elevated.
  6.   Helping you have a deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep every night.
  7.   Helping you have a sharp mind.

To maintain a balance hormone and to gain an ideal weight, it is recommended that you do the following:

  1. Avoid vitamins and supplements. It will affect your hormonal balance.
  2. Eat miracle foods. (Those are vegetables and fruits).
  3. Don’t take antidepressants. It may affect your weight.
  4. Avoid uncooked vegetables from the Brassica family, known as goitrogens can     cause hypothyroidism or an underproduction of the thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism can result in a number of symptoms including weight gain, loss of appetite, fatigue, premature, loss of memory, and depression.
  5. Consider good fats. There are also good fats that play an important role in the Hormonal Health Diet. These fats are unsaturated fats, and they help the body produce hormones such as cholecystokinin, leptin, and glucagon-like peptide-1.

images (2)

As defined by many, “hormones are chemical messengers that regulate processes in our body. They are one factor in causing obesity. The hormones leptin and insulin, sex hormones and growth hormone influence our appetite, metabolism (the rate at which our body burns kilojoules for energy), and body fat distribution.”

That is how important maintaining healthy hormones is in overall wellness. With its several roles in your body, you need to keep it healthy so your body won’t develop serious illnesses.

Indeed, hormones play a key role in weight loss management.  If you just take care of your body and make your hormones balance, you’ll become a healthy individual not worrying about belly fats. If you want to stay healthy, be mindful of your diet by eating nutritious and healthy foods suited to your metabolism, take proper exercise, have enough sleep, and acquire positive mindset.

Don’t wait that one of your hormones will be at risk due to your unhealthy lifestyle. Because once one of your hormones will be out of balance, it will affect all the others. As what Dr. Isaacs reminds us:

“All your hormones affect one another.”

Lent Carrot Smoothie Recipe – Phase 1

This Lent Carrot smoothie will be a perfect recipe to calm your adrenals and help lower the stress hormones in your body this Lenten season.

lenten carrot smoothie

Minimizing the effects of ruining your metabolism, phase 1 foods also help ease your sensitive stomach after how many hours of food deprivation. Follow the steps below to prepare the Lent Carrot Smoothie:


  • 3 carrots
  • 1 mango (with peel)
  • 1 lime (without rind-cut it off)
  • 1 15 oz can lite Peaches
  • 3 cups of water


  • Put carrots, mango, lime, full can peaches/with juice and three cups of water in blender and blend. Chill and serve. Serving size is 1 2/3 cup.
  • Serve and enjoy!

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lent carrot smoothie

Catholic Lenten Fasting in Fast Metabolism Diet

Now that the Lenten season has unfolded, a no.of questions from dieters has also been raised with regards to what options they have, to make the fast metabolism diet a continuous course.

catholic lenten

We are aware that fasting is harsh in our metabolism. Be reminded that when our body is switched into starvation or survival mode, it starts depositing fats, for our body to survive. Which in turn defeats the whole purpose of doing the fast metabolism diet. How do we meet and follow our religious fasting obligation but not ruining your fast metabolism diet? Here are the tips you can apply this Lenten season:

  1. Eat a Phase 3 dinner meal the night before you fast

The night before you start fasting, let’s say on Tuesday night, go for a full Phase 3 dinner meal (Lean Protein, healthy fat, fruits, vegetables). No matter what phase you’re in right now, you can disregard your phase-specific meal for the night and go for Phase 3 meal. But instead of eating a grain, try to eat sweet potato or legumes, also try to eat  phase 1 fruits.These foods will help stabilize your blood sugar and calm the adrenaline in your body.

  1. Drink lots of water during your fasting

Continue drinking the usual amount of water during the fasting days. As much as possible, stick to the plain string water as it has the best electrolytes among other types of water.  Drinking water can keep you hydrated and let your liver run smoothly.

  1. Have a protein-based snack in the morning during fasting

The Christian fasting may allow us to have one full meal and two snacks throughout the day for Holy Wednesday and Good Friday. In these days, eat a protein-based snack in the morning (e.g. hard-boiled eggs, smoked salmon) and don’t forget to include vegetables in it. After your morning snack, you can have a your main meal on the afternoon (protein, vegetables, grain and healthy fat). For the late afternoon/early night snack you can eat raw nuts with veggies.

  1. Eat Phase 1 breakfast meal after fasting

After how many hours of food deprivation and fasting, it is no doubt that your stomach will be sensitive. We need to treat it gently and not overdo your first meal. Eat Phase 1 breakfast meal like oatmeal, quinoa porridge or even soft brown rice. You can add cinnamon or nutmeg and stevia for flavors. You can eat strawberries or blackberries for fruits. These phase 1 foods will help calm your adrenalines and your sensitive stomach. Afterwards you can resume on eating your phased-specific meals in the afternoon and go back to your normal track once again.

Hope this helps everyone who would choose to go fasting this Holy Week. May we have a meaningful one.

The Fast Metabolism Diet Community

Lemon Herb Baked Salmon – Phase 3

Now that the Lenten season is being observed by many Christians, the anxiety of our fast metabolism dieters could escalate because this season reminds us also to go fasting. It’s the time when we are called upon to give up some vices and live a simple life so we can share to the needy. Oftentimes, Turkey, Chicken, Pork and meat recipes are commonly the ones to give up on Holy Week. As an effect, we might end up worrying of the outcome the fasting practice brings to us. Fasting could somehow disrupt the diet flow but let us realize that it could also be the best time to lose weight and give up some of our favorite foods.

Lemon Herb Baked Salmon - Phase 3

To anticipate for the Holy Week, The Fast Metabolism Diet Community will be posting tips, recipes and other related topics to deal the significant week properly. To start off our fast metabolism diet lenten series, here’s a healthy Fish recipe for Phase 3, you can try – Lemon Herb Baked Salmon.

This recipe is quick and easy to make, and you can also serve it with a fresh, green salad or baked potato for a satiating and delicious meal.


  • 1/2 cup extra olive oil
  • 2 tsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 tsp. dried oregano
  • 2 tsp. dried basil
  • 1/2 tsp. sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp. freshly ground pepper
  • 6 garlic cloves, minced
  • 4 salmon fillets (skinless) – approximately 6 ounces (180 grams) each


  1. Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C). Spray a broiler pan with non-stick spray.
  2. In a small bowl, mix together all ingredients except salmon.
  3. Place salmon in a pan. Pour marinade over salmon. Marinate for 1/2 hour.
  4. Discard marinade. Place salmon on the broiler pan. Bake in the oven for 5-6 minutes on each side, or until fish flakes easily.
  5. Serve. Enjoy eating!

Yields: 4 servings.

The Metabolic Truth About the Fast Metabolism Diet

If you are new in the fast metabolism diet, you might be surprised and feel awkward with how the fast metabolism diet works. Contrary to the traditional diet we’re familiar with, you find yourself confused about the opposing ideas and principles from traditional diet and FMD. One thing is for sure, the community doesn’t want  to create confusion to its followers while undertaking the diet’s journey. So let’s refocus on healing your metabolism and in losing weight. Here is the metabolic truth you need to know to clear some speculations:

the metabolic truth of the fast metabolism diet, eat food, lose weight, drink water

You must EAT food to lose Weight

In the traditional diet we’ve learned that if you wanted to lose weight, you should eat less food. That is NOT true. Why? If you eat less food, your body will send signals to your body to store fat since your body didn’t know when it could receive food again. Withholding yourself from eating will totally ruin your dieting. And we don’t want that! We wanted to eliminate those fats in your body. We are required to eat and eat only the allowed food list. Eating the right food strategically will enhance your metabolism. The moment your metabolism starts kicking, will burn the fats and food you eat and convert it into fuel.

Another thought to ponder on is that, you need to eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In the fast metabolism diet, it is strongly advised not skip it. Be sure to eat breakfast within 30 minutes after waking up. And remember, don’t engage to workouts or exercise without having breakfast yet.

Losing Weight is Not About Calories

Are you familiar with the term “calories in, calories out”? Do you experience frequent headache computing how much food you should eat to follow the right calorie intake? Well, to tell you, you’re not studying Math here! Don’t bother yourself with those calories, instead focus yourself on eating the right and allowed foods on your phase. Dieting is about eating the right and nutritious food to lose weight not calculating calories. Save yourself from that mindset!

Drinking Water is important in Losing Weight

Drinking water is important if you wanted to lose weight quickly. Almost 70% of your body is composed of water. Without water, your body couldn’t function very well. That also means if you’re not drinking enough water, your metabolism won’t be able to function well and burn the fats in your body. Water is very helpful in cleansing your body as it secretes toxins out of your body.

In fast metabolism diet, it is recommended for you to drink half of your body weight in ounces.

With these metabolic truths, it’s time for you to adjust your mindset and be friends with food again. I wish you a happy and healthy journey as you go on the fast metabolism diet.

Tips on How to beat the Never Ending Weight Plateau!

You are strictly following the diet rules, controlling yourself from sugar and caffeine cravings, been exercising to get rid of fats in your body. On the first week of the diet, you’ve  noticed how your body reacted well in the diet program. You’ve lost some pounds, you’re sleeping better, the horrible symptoms of caffeine withdrawal was gone and now you’re feeling at your best! But somewhere in the 2nd week or later part of the 28 day cycle program, you noticed that your weight suddenly got STUCK! Whatever you do, it’s not working anymore. Are you one of these challenged dieters?

weight plateau

If you answered yes, then there’s one thing we need to do first. Take a deep breath and keep calm! We don’t want your stress hormones to increase and worsen your weight plateau problem! Let me explain to you why this is happening. After you indulge yourself into years of chronic dieting, eating unhealthy junk foods, your body not getting any exercise and poor lifestyle, there’s no doubt that your body could become a log jam.

The fast metabolism diet is designed to confuse your metabolism and get rid of your unnecessary weight.  But what happens a couple of days after you eat the same thing is that your metabolism tend to stuck up as it quickly adapts and follows the same routine. What we need is an innovation. Let’s try some variations to spice up and lose your metabolism once again to get rid of your weight plateau!

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables – Have you been eating the same set of fruits and vegetables per phase? Well it’s time for a makeshift! There are many fruits and veggies allowed per phase (See Approved fruit list in Phase 1, approved fruit list in Phase 2 and approved fruit list in Phase 3.) Try to experiment with the mixed ups. If you’re in phase 1, you can have a fruit cocktail with a mixture of different fruits like apple, melon, berries, etc. Or if you’re into veggies, you can try something new by eating kohlrabi, fennel, jicam, seaweed, cucumbers. Each fruits and vegetables on the list contains different nutrients that is good to your body.

Tip: You can add lime juice whenever you eat your fruit. It lowers the inflammation in your body. You can also concentrate on high sugar fruits like pineapple and mango.  In Phase 3, eat a lot of veggies instead of indulging yourself into eating lots of healthy fats. You can skip the optional starch for dinner.

Try out Fast Metabolism Fish Recipes – Tired of eating the same recipes of chicken for dinner? The fish recipes for your dinner or snacks will be a good choice. Cod, flounder and halibut are easy to cook. They are delicious and full of nutrients too!

Tip: You can have heavy spices and herbs together with your fish recipes in Phase 2.

Switch your workouts – Try to switch the schedules of your workouts. Example is that you can perform your cardio in the afternoon instead of morning, or you can try other phase specific workout. Instead of running, you can do walking or swimming. Be creative.

For more tips and information on how to beat weight plateau, you may read these related articles: breaking weight plateaus, slow weight problems and how to beat it, finding your right weight loss goal.

Instead of sulking in the corner and wallowing yourself in self pity, gather up the courage to stand up and beat your weight plateau! There is always a way to get rid of them! Healthy lifestyle is the key. If the above steps still won’t work, you may want to start using The Burn that targets health issues that made your metabolism and weight stuck up.

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