Lose Weight: Another Benefit from Fish Oil

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According to Medical News Today, below are the following benefits of Fish Oil:

    • Reduce the risk of acquiring prostate cancer – with consuming a low fat diet coupled with fish oil can decrease the risk of prostate cancer, but too much consumption of it can also increase the risk of prostate cancer by 71%
    • Protection from vision loss – healthy diet accompanied with fish oil consumption can protect people from vision loss which is related with ageing
    • Mental Health – can improve memory in healthy young adults, protection from postpartum depression among mothers, and young people with behavioral problems like ADHD
    • Reduce the risk of developing psychosis

And to add to the aforementioned benefits above, is the study-based truth that Fish Oils can help lose weight.

Published in Cell Metabolism was a study from Sahlgrenska Academy that reports diets which are rich in fish oil produce very different bacteria in the guts of mice versus diets rich in lard. You heard it right, they made the study basing on the guts of mice. How did they monitor this study?

The Study

Researchers involved in this study was able to gain results suggesting that the gut bacteria is responsible with some of the beneficial effects of fish oil and the harmful effects of lard. By transplanting gut microbes associated with a fish oil diet and a lard diet on different mice, they found out that the former protected the mice from diet-induced weight gain and inflammation compared to the latter.

With the findings, gut microbes considered to be an independent factor that can aggravate inflammation associated with diet-induced obesity, giving hope for a probiotic that might help counteracting a “greasy” diet.

You may wonder then that this study was conducted with mice as subjects but according to Robert Caesar of the University of Gothenburg who was the first author of the study, “our goal is to identify interventions for optimizing metabolic health in humans”.

For 11 weeks of feeding and monitoring signs of metabolic health among mice done by Caesar who was working in senior study author Fredrik Bäckhed’s lab, growth of bacteria called Bilophila (bacteria linked to gut inflammation) was observed on the mice given with lard consumption while on the other hand, was the bacteria called Akkermansia muciniphila (known to reduce weight gain and improve glucose metabolism) being observed on the mice given with the fish oil consumption.

Bäckhed quoted: “We were surprised that the lard and the fish oil diet, despite having the same energy content and the same amount of dietary fiber–which is the primary energy source for the gut bacteria–resulted in fundamentally different gut microbiota communities and that the microbiota per se had such large effects on health.”

Supporting Evidence

To be able to lend a hand on the previous study, a next set of experiment was conducted, dealing with “fecal transplants”. This is to test whether fish oil diet microbes could possibly improve the health of mice fed with only lard and then, vice versa. It resulted that gut microbe communities can really determine and as well recover health problems that are caused by poor diet.

Bäckhed quoted: “Our paper supports previous reports indicating the bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila is a promoter of a healthy phenotype. However, further investigations will be needed to determine if this bacteria can be used as probiotic strain and, in that case, how it should be combined with diet to optimize health outcomes.”

Therefore, this study hints that fish oils can also be an aid in losing weight. But know that imbalanced consumption of fish oils can cause negative effects. Still, nothing beats a balanced and healthy diet.

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