How Apple Cider Vinegar Contributes in Losing Weight

Vinegar has proven to be incredibly useful in our daily lives. Aside from the fact that it is popularly used for medicinal purposes because of its exceptional healing properties, it also becomes our great “green” household cleaner. But if you are trying to lose weight, you need to be careful with your selections before incorporating vinegar in your diet because most of the vinegar in the market are made from GMO corn, which is not advisable in FMD.

HEALTHY BENEFITS OF APPLE CIDER VINEGARHowever, you don’t need to fret over this. Good thing there is Apple Cider Vinegar, a powerful vinegar that is incredibly popular in the natural health community. This vinegar will add a tangy zing to pickles, salsa, salad dressing and other fast metabolism diet recipes. Here are some of the formidable benefits apple cider vinegar contributes to weight loss.

1. A Powerful Detoxifying and Purifying Agent

Apple cider vinegar breaks down the mucous in our body  and improves the health functions of our vital organs such as kidney, bladder and liver. It also oxidizes our blood, which is important in preventing chronic disease like blood pressure. It also promotes good digestion, while neutralizing any toxic substances that enters our body. If you suffer from digestive upset, you can have a mixture of cider vinegar and a water taken before you eat your meal to prevent it.

2. Vinegar as a Cleanser

The vinegar’s acetic content can also cleanse the bacteria found in foods. In fact,  35% of white vinegar that contains 1.9% acetic acid has been found to kill E.coli bacteria better than other food cleaners out in the market.

3. It Metabolizes on Burning Fats

The apple cider vinegar improves your metabolism as it burns fat faster than it would do normally. It is also said to increase the absorption of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, Vitamins B and C. It also helps reducing hunger and cravings, making you feel fuller and satisfied.

You can use apple cider vinegar in all phases, although you need to be picky in choosing one. Don’t buy the crystal-clear apple cider vinegar. All the good benefits in this vinegar has been filtered out and processed. Instead, look for an organic “unfiltered or unprocessed” apple cider vinegar.

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