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    Hi everyone! What are your best tips for coping with traveling and special occasions?

    After spending the week-end celebrating 2 birthdays and not sure I did so well (I had ice cream but no cake) I am wondering how other people deal with these things.  We have family vacation coming up, as I ‘m sure a lot of people have. What do you do to plan ahead for success?

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    My biggest problem is dealing with other people’s expectations of me on special occasions. For example: on my husband’s birthday, he wanted a beer, but only if I was going to have a drink as well. I finally opted for a frozen lime margarita instead of wine. My husband gets upset if I am following yet another restrictive diet, so I haven’t told him all the rules of the FMD. I’ve just been focusing on all the healthy food I have been cooking and preparing, and have always been able to find something acceptable when we go out to eat, so it hasn’t been an issue.  We have a family vacation coming up with our adult children and each couple is supposed to cook/plan for one night dinner. It’s not fair of me to impose my FMD “rules” on the other 9 people in the group, but I don’t want to completely give up or make people upset. I can use some suggestions on how to deal with these pitfalls! Thanks!

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      Hi Deborah!

      The other fast metabolism co-dieters are also experiencing the situation you’re in. Mostly they felt so pressured by the people around them. How can you deal with these vacation trips, family gathering, while sticking to your diet? Often times, the dieters felt pressured and stress on attending these events when in fact it should be embraced and enjoyed to the fullest!


      Please take a deep breath and calm yourself, there’s no reason to feel so stress, it will just ruin your metabolism. To answer your question, if your husband wanted you to drink, your best option in drinking would be an organic, sulfire-free wine as it have the least effect on your liver function.If you want to have a cocktail, go for the top shelf liquors.

      with regards to your cook/plan for one night dinner. You can cook your phase-specific meal and share it to your family. That way you can share a healthy meal for your family. Especially in Phase 3 since it is full of protein, grains and some healthy fats.

      To help you deal with these family vacation, holiday, attending restaurants and events, you can read these articles:

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      Hope this helps!

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    Thanks! The articles really help; I printed them to remind me when I  am planning for events.

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