Food Personality: How Does It Affect Your Weight Loss Goals?


Have you ever wondered why your weight wouldn’t budge no matter how you religiously follow the rules of the diet? Your food personality might be the culprit behind your weight plateau. So let’s examine how food personality affects your weight-loss goals.

What is Food personality? It is your intrinsic trait that defines how you act and response towards food. Most often you are not aware how it can do damage to your body. How? Let’s try to find out.

food personality

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In this blog post, we will help you identify what food personality you possess and what we can do about it so it won’t hinder to achieve the ideal weight. Here are recommended solutions in dealing properly your food personality.

1. The Emotional Eater.

These are the people who solely depend on foods when they are triggered by emotional distress. If they are stressed at work, they eat. If they are depressed from not achieving a certain goal, they eat. If they are happy, they eat.


Identify what triggers you into giving in emotional eating. When do you feel like you’re eating the most? After you arrived from work? Is it during midnight? After a tough exercise? List down these circumstances in your food journal.

The next step is to list down all the activities that you love aside from eating. This will help you develop some strategies in diverting your attention when you’re emotional eating is being triggered. Instead of resorting to eating when stressed out, do other sort of activities to calm your nerves like reading a book or drawing. Read more about emotional eating here.

2. The Easy Goer Eater

This food personality pertains to people who workout like crazy and eat healthy foods religiously during weekdays or also known as “fitness days”, but binge and cheat like there’s no tomorrow when it’s their day off. They fear to be left out from their social circle when they said “no”.


Moderation is the key for Easy Goer eaters. When attending social events and gatherings, try to ask yourself “Do you need to indulge yourself in unhealthy foods because of peer pressure?” “Do you really want your hard work for the past days go in vain because of your social peers?”

Remember that it’s alright to indulge yourself in these type of foods on some occasions, but you need to control yourself and practice moderation. Try to limit your consumption on party snacks and drinks.

3. Insatiable Eater

These are the people who never stops eating whenever they see foods, even if they’re not hungry. They certainly lack the self-discipline when it comes to eating.


Keep a journal with you and log in all the foods you ate for the day. This will help you analyze how much food you’re eating and choose between what foods you need to prioritize on eating to achieve optimum health and what foods to drop.

Aside from that, it is recommended to eat slowly and savor the taste of your food. Chew your foods properly and you’ll be amazed how you can get full with only eating the proper amount of food your body needs. Don’t overeat, in short.

4. The Nibble Eaters

This food personality pertains to people who eat small portions of food, but eat all day long! They most likely eat every now and them out of boredom. curiosity, or nervousness. Oftentimes they didn’t realize why they are not losing weight (after all, their portions are too small!) yet they fail to notice that they’re eating all day long!


Just like the insatiable eater, you need to keep a journal with you but this time, pay special attention to how many times you eat, as well as when do you feel like eating. Are you having a frequent nibble and bites in the afternoon? or at midnight? Record these events and strategize your meal map to control yourself from eating all day long.

Another tip is to take bigger meals during your breakfast, lunch. and dinner. In this way, you will feel fuller and reduce the times of frequent eating.

5. The Fast Food Eater
The people who have a fast food personality are those who simply don’t have time to cook their foods because their schedule is usually packed 24/7. They are prone to eating at fast food chains all the time because they find it more convenient to order in just seconds away rather than cooking foods for themselves.


Take a planner with you and list down all the activities you need to attend throughout the day. Find some “vacant time” in your schedule and insert preparing for foods or packing for it. You can also cook your meals in advance so that you’ll just have to reheat them first thing in the morning. In that way, you will keep track on staying healthy without ruining your hectic schedule. You can read more tips on how to lose weight despite your hectic schedule here.

6. Multi-tasker

Last but definitely not the least in our food personality list are the multi-taskers. They are who claimed they can do one or more things at the same pace. These people tend not to mind how much they’re eating because their attention is being drawn elsewhere. They didn’t realize how much damage they’re actually doing to their body.


Drop everything else you’re doing when you’re eating. Try to concentrate on eating food and savor its taste. You’ll be amazed how much you’re actually overeating when you focus on listening to your body while eating.

Let us all be conscious about our eating habits and try to fix them to achieve optimum health and well-being. How about you? Did you identify your food personality yet? If not, take the food personality quiz right now!

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