Top 5 FMD Foods You Can Eat While On Period

One of the biggest hurdles women often encounter is our monthly period. Due to unstable hormones, we become irritable and impatient for some unknown reason rendering us emotional wrecks. It is also during this period that we find it difficult to stick to a diet plan due to cramps, fatigue, bloating, and cravings.


How do we alleviate the symptoms we’re experiencing? Here are the top 5 fast metabolism diet food you need to eat to maintain a healthy diet while you’re on period.

leafy veggies1. Leafy Green Veggies (All Phases)

You can never go wrong with green, leafy vegetables (such as kale, swiss chard, spinach, etc). Vegetables contain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that can aid your menstruation, green veggies specifically, are rich in iron and B vitamins and they also have high fiber content that can help with the digestive issues you’re experiencing.

Bear in mind that in the fast metabolism diet, vegetable intakes are absolutely limitless! You can eat it as much as you want at any time of the day! Just make sure that they are allowed in your current phase.

2. Nuts (Phase 3)

Instead of giving in to your cravings and munching on unhealthy snacks, grab those delicious nuts. Healthy fats such as nuts are rich in omega-3s and fiber that can help sate your cravings.

almond butter

3. Almond Butter (Phase 3)

You can also pair your nuts with almond butter for a more delicious and healthier snack. The lean protein, fiber, and healthy fat you get from the almond butter will help stabilize your blood sugar and reduce your cravings. Or you can pair it with sprouted wheat bread and make a healthy sandwich for your morning or afternoon snack.

4. High-Glycemic Fruits (Phase 1)

If you’re on your period but couldn’t eat healthy fats because you’re on Phase 1, opt to eat fresh fruits instead. Apples, pears, berries, and watermelon are rich in natural sugar and have adrenaline-calming properties that help ease your digestion.

5. Red Meat

Iron is one of the most important nutrients that gets lost during periods so it’s important that we supply our body with food rich in iron to make up for what was lost. Red meat is a great source to up your iron intake thereby minimizing the chances of being anemic.

However, we do recommend that you opt for organic, sulfite-free meat as much as possible. This is to minimize the impact of ruining your diet. If you’re not a meat-lover, oysters and eggs are healthy alternatives.

With healthy food and regular exercise, we can make the hurdle of monthly periods more bearable.

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