The Fast Metabolism Diet Tips on Attending Restaurants

“How can I resist the temptation of foods being served in the restaurants?” Have you asked this question to yourself a lot of times already? Planning on trips? You can’t bring your kitchen with you, so how do you deal with eating out and clueless what’s on the food served? How do you stay on the diet’s phase knowing that you don’t have total control with the foods served? Tough questions, right?

Attending weddings, birthdays, business conference and the likes is an enjoyable experience, the challenging part is stopping yourself to take a bite of foods that are not allowed on the diet. This feeling causes our stress hormones and anxiety to increase.

fast metabollism diet tips on attending restaurants

Refraining from attending these events while on the fast metabolism diet may seem to be the most appropriate solution, it might not always be the case. We need to come up with a strategic plan to enjoy these restaurant night out evening meals while keeping on track on the fast metabolism diet. Here are the fast metabolism diet tips you can use while eating out on a restaurant:

Before going to the restaurant:

  • It is important to know what restaurant you will attend and their menu first. By doing this you can have the upfront knowledge what are the menus they served from then on you can choose the best meal or snacks that conforms with the diet. Make use of your internet connection and search the restaurant you’re attending.
  • If you are done searching for the restaurant’s information, you can make a call to the restaurant ahead of time (it applies with caterers too). Call them several days before you’ll go into the restaurant, or upon making a reservation you can inquire about the menu. Explain to them that you have some dietary restrictions. If they could, ask for their help if they can make you a special meal. Also make sure to state and explain your reason clearly so that they will be committed in helping you.
  • If you feel fully restricted with the restaurant’s options for you, feel free to canvass other restaurants near your location that could give you more options and can accommodate your dietary restrictions.
  • If you are checking in a hotel, you can check the restaurants near your hotel. Have your mini-bar in your hotel room be cleaned up or you can ask for a small fridge to be brought in. From then you can stock up your fast metabolism diet foods and snacks.
  • If you’re attending in buffets, check out the whole buffet meals first and decide what meal you should eat before making your way through the line.

While in the restaurant

  • Ask the waiter to remove the bread basket on the table to avoid temptation.
  • Bring your own salad dressing with you.
  • You can ask the waiter how their meal was processed and checked the ingredients in their menu. This is to ensure that you’re eating the right foods allowed in fast metabolism diet according to your phase. Was it made without sauces/butter/oil? Or is there any soy, wheat, corn in this meal? If they were serving potatoes, ask for veggies instead. State your reason or that you have a dietary restriction so that the waiters, caterers will answer your question willingly.
  • Bring phase-specific snacks with you. Events typically lasts for a long time, and you will get hungry in an hour or two. In this way you can still be on your phase and avoid eating those crappy snacks displayed on the buffet.
  • You can also bring extras with you likeĀ stevita, tamari packets, hot herbal tea, stevita cinnamon gum.

If you follow these tips, you can surely enjoy eating a meal in the restaurant without jeopardizing your fast metabolism diet. You’re not only enjoying a meal outside but you also get to socialize with your friends, family or business colleagues.

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