Fast Metabolism Diet RX is Coming Your Way!

Following the major success of one of the most popular diet programs, The Fast Metabolism Diet and The Burn, number 1 celebrity nutritionist Haylie Pomroy is set to introduce another breakthrough in the fitness industry, her latest health book: The Fast Metabolism Diet RX which was launched just recently but is making a buzz already in the market.

fast metabolism diet rxWhy does The Fast Metabolism Diet RX making the rounds in the FMD community? What is the content of this book that makes it unique from Pomroy’s prior programs? Read on to get a grasp of what’s to expect from the book.

If you are feeling tired, sluggish, exhausted, or if you simply feel like your body’s energy is fluctuating, it’s time to listen what your body is whispering and nurse it back to health.

The Fast Metabolism Diet RX will help you understand the real reason behind your energy level fluctuations. In this book, you will be given 7 powerful food prescriptions to repair four specific metabolic pathways and help you stabilize your energy to restore your body back to tip-top shape.

There are three R’s in Fast Metabolism Diet RX that one should remember:

1. Remove – This focuses in removing the blockages in your body that are preventing you from getting an adequate sugar (that is needed for energy creation) and enhancing your fat metabolism.

2. Repair – it focuses in repairing your mitochondrion (which was known as the powerhouse cell) that has been damaged by stress, fatigue, or incidents caused by physical, injury or environmental trauma.

3. Restore – it focuses in the restoration to help you burn more sugar and fats to convert it into fuel energy. It will give you an abundance of energy while getting rid of those fats away!

And for the first time ever, through this book we can finally take a glimpse of Haylie’s journey in a more personal level! We will be introduced to Haylie’s health journey as she created food prescriptions based on her methods and philosophies which are both potent in the programs she developed.

fast metabolism diet rx

I guess you better get a copy of the Fast Metabolism Diet RX book so you can better understand all of these things we’re saying. Most of us here in the community are really excited for the new book! Let’s join Haylie as she launched her latest book!

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