Fast Metabolism Diet Products

Since a lot of fast metabolism dieters are asking what kitchen tools they could use in making fast metabolism diet recipes, tools that could help them, the fast metabolism diet community prepared this section to guide and help you in choosing your Fast Metabolism Diet Products as you engage in the fast metabolism diet program.

fast metabolism diet products

Note: This page will be updated from time to time to give you the latest products you could use, so be sure to check this!


fast metabolism diet products, Crock-Pot SCCPVL605.

Crock-Pot SCCPVL605. 

This slow cooking crock pot has easy to use programmable controls to pre-set cook times and settings. This slow cooking crock pot gives convenience in making easy-homed meals when you don’t have enough time in preparing meals. It also allows you to cook without adding fat. It also warms automatically once the cook time is complete. 

fast metabolism diet products, Immersion blender: Cuisinart CSB-79

 If you are a soup fan, then this blender is the right one for you! This blender will let you puree soups right on the spot. You don’t have to transfer it to a blender. 

fast metabolism diet products, RSVP Authetic Mexican Molcajete

RSVP Authetic Mexican Molcajete

This traditional Mexican version of mortar and pestle is perfect for authentic moles, salsas, and fresh guacamole. Most people would love to own this item, Buy or give this along with a couple of avocados, limes and garlic and you’ll have your own guacamole kit. 

fast metabolism diet products, GFC-200 Herb and Veggie Chopper

 GFC-200 Herb and Veggie Chopper

This veggie chopper is great in making soups and salads. And it did the work of art into chopping the fresh herbs we loved while making nutritious recipes. 

fast metabolism diet products, Nemco - 56500-5 - Easy Chopper

Nemco – 56500-5 – Easy Chopper II™ 1/4 in Slice Vegetable Slicer

  • Easy Chopper II™
  • Slices many of the larger vegetables
  • Weighted handle cuts cleanly in one stroke
  • 1/4 in thick slice with 4 1/4 in cutting area
  • Stainless steel, interchangeable cutting grids
  • Tough, lightweight aluminum construction
  • 2 year warranty
  • NSF certified

fast metabolism diet products, organic spice kit

Organic Spice Kit

We loved organics and throughout the fast metabolism diet program eating organic foods is highly recommended. This is the perfect set you needed while you make nutritious and delicious organic recipes in the fast metabolism diet. 

fast metabolism diet products, Rocky Mountain Cookware

Rocky Mountain Cookware 

  • Fits in 12 in x 27 in frame
  • Includes grate and flare pan
  • Unique design will not drip grease into the burners
  • Most juices burn off in the flare pan resulting in a smoky broiled flavor
  • Lifetime warranty

fast metabolism diet products, Imperial - ICB-4836 - 48 in Chicken Broiler

Imperial – ICB-4836 – 48 in Chicken Broiler 

  • 48” Chicken Broiler
  • Large broiling surface will hold (15) 3lb chickens
  • Non-stick cooking top grate made of round rod is specifically designed for chicken
  • Removable top grate is easy to clean
  • Chassis is fully insulated to conserve energy

fast metabolism diet products, Imperial - IABR-48 - 48 in Radiant Countertop Steakhouse Broiler

Imperial – IABR-48 – 48 in Radiant Countertop Steakhouse Broiler

  • Stainless steel front and sides
  • Easily removed cast iron top grates provide attractive broiling markings
  • Creates 3 heat zones providing a wide range of cooking temperatures for different thicknesses of product
  • Allows excess grease to flow to the front grease gutter minimizing flare-ups
  • Insulated throughout to conserve energy

fast metabolism diet products, Winco - RSK-10 - 10 in Cast Iron Skillet

  • Black enamel
  • Pouring lips on each side
  • Will not rust

fast metabolism diet products, Lodge - LOS3 - 10 in x 7.5 in Cast Iron Griddle with Handle

Lodge  LOS3  10 in x 7.5 in Cast Iron Griddle with Handle

  • Foundry seasoned with Kosher certified soy-based vegetable oil
  • Consistently made product ensures even heating and superior cooking performance
  • May be used on the stove top – compatible with ceramic, electric, gas and induction
  • Use in the oven, on the grill or in the campfire – NOT for use in the microwave
  • Hand wash and dry immediately – rub with a light coat of vegetable oil after every use

fast metabolism diet products, MagiKitch'n  Magicater Stainless Steel Charbroiler

MagiKitch’n – NPG-30-SS – 30 in Magicater Stainless Steel Portable Outdoor Gas Charbroiler 

  • Magicater Portable Outdoor Nat Gas Charbroiler
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel front, sides, back & service shelf
  • Modular design for easy transport
  • Chrome top cooking grid

fast metabolism diet products, Nordic Ware - 10931B - 3qt Aluminized Steel Dutch

  • Heavyweight aluminized steel
  • Porcelain enamel exterior, nonstick coated interior
  • 3QT capacity
  • 10.5”L x 8.25”W x 4.25”H
  • Contact manufacturer for warranty information at 1-877-466-


fast metabolism diet products, Tone Fitness Hourglass Shaped Dumbbells

Tone Fitness Hourglass Shaped Dumbbells

  • Dumbbells are an essential addition to any strength training routine.
  • The durable, neoprene material is great for indoor and outdoor workouts.
  • The set is compact and perfect for travel. Don’t let your workouts stop at home!
  • Includes a convenient rack plus 3 pairs of dumbbells; 2lb, 3lb and 5lb.
  • The hourglass shape is stylish and more comfortable than a traditional dumbbell.

fast metabolism diet products, CAP Barbell 40-pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set with Case

 CAP Barbell 40-pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set with Case

  • 40 pound set includes two handles, four 2.5-pound plates, four 5-pound plates, 4 collars, and a plastic storage case
  • Set features ergonomic grips, comfort handles, and rubber trim collars
  • Durable cast iron plates have a semi-gloss finish
  • Collars are threaded for a secure fit to handles
  • Rust and maintenance-free

fast metabolism diet products, j/fit Vinyl Kettlebells

j/fit Vinyl Kettlebells

  • Includes a single kettlebell
  • 1-inch handle diameter
  • Encased in vinyl to help reduce noise and prevent damage to floors
  • For indoor use only
  • Choose from a variation of weights

fast metabolism diet products, Rocketlok 14-20 Adjustable Kettlebell

Rocketlok 14-20 Adjustable Kettlebell

  • Solid cast steel body and handle with weighted interior cylinders milled from sold steel. Molded polyurethane cap with easy slide locking mechanism keeps weights safely secured.
  • Adjust weights from 14, 17, 20 pounds
  • Adjustable kettlebell that retains the traditional shape
  • No tools required to add or remove weight
  • The balance stays consistent at all weight levels which is highly important

fast metabolism diet products, Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

  • Bands Included: Yellow: 2-4 lbs., Blue: 4-6 lbs., Green: 10-12 lbs., Black: 15-20 lbs., Red: 25-30 lbs
  • 1. Any band can be used together at one-time to create multiple levels of resistance. (4lbs-75lbs)
  • Features metal clipping system on bands for attaching to soft-grip handles or ankle straps
  • Includes a door anchor, carrying bag, ankle strap and starter guide
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • All Black Mountain Products resistance bands come with a manufacturer’s warranty

fast metabolism diet products, Youphoria Yoga Mat - 1/4

Youphoria Yoga Mat – 1/4

  • TOP RATED MATERIAL – This yoga mat relieves pressure points in various yoga poses and offers much needed joint relief during impact workouts. This material does not wear like ordinary mats. Great for the long haul!
  • ULTIMATE GRIP – The top-side is built with a unique blend of grip, stability, and comfort, so your hands and feet won’t slide. You can maintain balance, and the hard surface below you doesn’t wear on your joints!
  • ODOR FREE – Do you hate the smell of new yoga mats?! Our Youphoria Yoga Mat is not manufactured with any harsh chemicals meaning it shows up odor free and ready to use. You should be concentrating on your yoga practice, not the smell of your new mat!
  • ECO FRIENDLY – Youphoria Yoga’s high density memory foam material is SGS Approved and free from Phthalates. Meaning it is free of harmful chemicals and toxins making it safe for the environment and most importantly, YOU!

fast metabolism diet products, Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block

Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block

  • Cork yoga block designed for supported backbends and select standing/sitting poses
  • Fast-growing, renewable cork construction is stable, long lasting, and comfortable
  • Natural texture provides traction; rounded edges create comfortable surface
  • Natural fiber provides no off-gassing; fully sustainable harvesting process
  • Heavy weight for added stability; measures 9 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches (W x H x D)

We hope the products we featured will help you as you go on the fast metabolism diet program. Happy cooking and happy exercising!