The Fast Metabolism Diet Holiday Tips

Fast Metabolism Diet Holiday Tips


Hooray! We are finally on this season of the year! First off, let me greet you a Happy Halloween! During these seasons we are often ecstatic because it is the time to be with our dear ones! I’m pretty sure you are now preparing your Halloween party, aren’t you? But with this ecstatic feeling comes our anxiety. The anxiety of screwing up our fast metabolism diet because we will be tempted with these mouthwatering foods.

To help you deal with these holiday festivities and not screw up your diet, we provide these holiday tips to help you keep on track.

1. Don’t stress yourself up! Embrace the holiday season!

Do yourself a favor by not stressing up yourself! Don’t let your body go into emergency mode. Be calm and smile. Anticipate the season and embrace it with excitement! If you induced your body with a happy, pleasurable mode, it will increase your endorphin hormones, ignite and keep your metabolism on fire!

2. Keep Eating your Phase specific meal map.

Before the big event, eat your regular meals, snacks, fruits, lean protein and especially eat a lot of fresh veggies according to your Phase. It will keep your metabolism stable as you get ready for the holiday festive!

3. Drink 8 ounces of water or more

Drinking 8 ounces or more ounces of water throughout the day, depending on your body weight will help your body process the extra food you consume on holidays.

4. Go for Organic, Sulfire-free wine

If drinking alcoholic beverage are inevitable during holidays, choose an organic, Sulfire-free wine instead of the usual alcoholic drinks. It will be easier for your body to process the wine than the conventional ones. Also, drink an additional 8 ounces of water per alcoholic drink. It will help compensate your body. Don’t drink alcohol alone, balance it with eating heavy animal protein like chicken, turkey, beef and fish.

5. Do not drink alcohol in the morning.

If you plan to have a night out celebration until up in the morning, be sure not to drink alcohol in the morning. Your body was worn out during last night’s festivity and it is supposed to be revitalized in the morning to survive for another day. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and taking up alcohol will definitely screw up your metabolism! Alcohol really murders your metabolism, it acts like coffee. Instead, eat a delicious breakfast according to your phase.

Apply these tips and allow yourself to enjoy the holiday season! This is a perfect time to have fun with family and friends! Another option for you to celebrate holiday seasons without jeopardizing your diet is to prepare the diet holiday recipes! Why not check these fast metabolism diet Halloween recipes out.






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