Why Exercise is not the Answer to Weight Loss

Exercise to be healthy, not to lose weight

Just like the term DIET, we also have another definition for the term EXERCISE. In the fast metabolism diet, we define exercise = healthy, not the way to lose weight. Doing an exercise just to lose weight is not the answer, just temporary, nor not a permanent solution if you wanted to maintain a healthy body.

It is widely expressed by dieticians that you can’t out-exercise bad diet. No matter how much time you spend doing exercise but still eat a lot of junkfoods, then your efforts will be pointless and has no positive outcome.



Why am I saying this? Take this scenario for instance. After reading the fast metabolism diet book,  you are determined to do the diet. You started on eating real foods and avoid the fake ones. And even though it’s hard,  you start waking up early to do the phase-specific fast metabolism diet exercises.  In the first few days of exercising, you might feel it is a very exhausting and tiring task to do. You’re sweating profusely, your breathing became ragged, your muscles are sore. But you’re making sure you don’t miss a day in exercising.

After a week, you’re starting to see the effects of exercising in your body. You’re starting to feel better, feel lighter. You feel accomplished, fulfilled and energetic. And after few weeks of doing the diet and exercising, you are now ready to face your greatest fear. Weighing in. You’re definitely most excited yet anxious to see the results of your hard work. But when you weigh in, you found out that you only lose  a very few pounds of weight. Worse is if your weight got stuck!

Then you start stressing yourself, wondering where did you go wrong?  What rules in the fast metabolism diet, you missed? Are your attempts and efforts not enough? Then you start to feel frustrated and depressed. What was the point of wasting your time in gym, doing an exhausting work if your weight won’t budge?

You see what I mean? You’re already losing your will to exercise because you’re too focused on losing weight, not on living a healthy lifestyle. Let’s be reminded that we’re not dealing with numbers in this diet. There are other healthy benefits exercise can do to your body and you’re missing it out. Is it really that frustrating not to lose that last 3 pounds when you’re sleeping better? Your mood is improving and your being optimistic? When you’re more productive at work and daily activities?

Here is the lesson we want to impose and for the fast metabolism dieters to remember. As you can see, exercise is not discouraged here. We are emphasizing to instill in the mindset that one should not focus nor rely on the exercise as the way to lose weight. The diet is still be main answer to maintaining a healthy weight. “Don’t Exercise to lose weight.”


Instead, do exercise to improve your body and life. Do it for your well being. Do it to be healthy.

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