Did You Know that Eating Spicy Foods can Actually Help you Lose Weight? Here’s Why!

Do you find yourself often sprinkling your meal with chili pepper? Awesome-sauce news to all dieters who are spicy lovers! Researchers from Wyoming unlocked a beneficial ingredient from chili peppers that aids you in losing more weight (you can found the news here)

Spice up and Lose Weight With Chili Peppers and RecipesCapsaicin, which is the main ingredient found in chili peppers, creates a burning sensation in the inner walls of our body and it helps the adrenaline released into our blood stream, which triggers our body to turn on the thermogenesis process inside our body. Thermogenesis is the process of turning the bad, unhealthy white fat into a fat burning brown fat and breaking them down, and when you exercise, your body will be burning off the bad white fats in your body and increasing your energy expenditure (with the help of the brown fat) in the process.

Aside from that, the capsaicin regulates our energy, body temperature and appetite. Capsaicin helps decreased our sweet and salty cravings because it stimulates the protein pathway called transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) in our stomach. This receptor is known to activate the nerves in our stomach to tell that our body is now full or have had enough food intake. Here is a statement from Amanda Page, a professor from University of Adelaide’s School of Medicine:

“We discovered that deletion of TRPV1 receptors dampens the response of gastric nerves to stretch – resulting in a delayed feeling of fullness and the consumption of more food,” Page explained.

It’s definitely thrilling to know that we can lose weight while enjoying our favorite spicy recipes with chili peppers . There’s more reason to love your spicy foods, and not feeling guilty at all! Check out our fast metabolism diet spicy recipes here.

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