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7 Tips for Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

We all know that getting an adequate sleep is an essential key to having a healthy lifestyle. As much as we need to exercise to get rid of our extra fats and keep our metabolism on fire, our body also needs sufficient rest through sleeping. Having a good night sleep is the perfect opportunity to repair our overall health.
7 Tips on Getting A Good Night Sleep

However, most of our fast metabolism dieters are taking this rule for granted. With a hectic kind of schedule from attending to appointments, business meetings, tending the family, and other lifestyle affairs, it seems impossible to give room for an adequate sleep. How do we motivate ourselves in committing a good night sleep? Here are the tips you can apply in getting an adequate sleep.

1. Establish a consistent sleeping schedule.

Establishing a consistent sleeping schedule helps in setting your body clock. Your ideal sleeping time naturally starts when your body feel tired and sluggish, so you won’t toss and turn the moment you rest on the bed. When you start feeling like one, record the time and start establishing the routine of sleeping on the same time every night. If you’re getting an adequate sleep, your body will wake up voluntarily, eliminating the need for turning on the annoying alarm clock.


2. Go to Bed at earlier timebenefits of sleep
Once you establish your sleeping schedule, it is important to follow it religiously. One way of following it is to get on the bed earlier. Example, if your sleeping time is at 11 p.m., make it a habit of getting into bed 30 minutes earlier.

3. Control your Nap time

Napping is a great way to recharge your energy and recover from your lost sleep hours. However, napping at a longer period of time will tend to worsen your sleeping routine. You will find it hard to sleep in your bedtime schedule later on. The ideal nap time to take is 15 minutes.

4. Avoid using electronic devices

Use of electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and TV will disrupt your bedtime sleep. The blue light emitted from electronic devices prevents the production of melatonin hormones, the one responsible in making you sleepy. Aside from that, your attention will be diverted as you force your brain to focus on absorbing the information you’re reading or watching.

5. Make sure your room is dark.

dark bedroom

All nighttime lights disrupt you from sleeping, so make sure that by the time you go to your bed, the room is completely dark. The darker your room will be, the better you’ll sleep. Shut your curtains and block the lights emitting from the windows, moving your electronic devices (even the alarm clock) out from your vicinity. If not, you can wear a special mask to cover your eyes.

6. Cut Down Caffeine  Intake

This shouldn’t be too hard for our fast metabolism dieters, granted our program is designed to keep us from drinking this metabolism-killer beverage. As you know, caffeine makes us jittery and alert, resisting our urge to sleep. Instead of drinking caffeine, switch to drinking water or herbal teas.

7. Relax Yourself

Last but definitely not the least, let your mind and body feel relaxed as you snuggle on your bed. It is important to wind down, and calm your mind as you prepare or sleep. Don’t think of anything that might trigger your stress hormones and disrupts your sleep. Instead, close your eyes and take a deep slow breath to relax your body. Imagine a peaceful and calming scenery to calm your raging nerves.

When you sleep better, your body undergoes repair as it optimizes and replenish your energy to become healthier and more productive in life plus it is one proven way to maintain a healthy weight. So get a good sleep! Turn off the computer and let go of your worries for tonight.

FDA Approved the Consumption of GMO Salmon: Is it Really Safe?

Salmon has earned its reputation as one of the healthiest fish in the world because of its amazing health benefits. Salmon is packed with omega-3 that fatty acid that is good for our heart and lowers down our adrenaline and cortisol levels. The DHA fatty acid found in Salmon also helps reduce our risks in ARMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) and improves our eyesight. It also promotes healthy hormone balance in our body, especially in our thyroid and adrenal glands. In the fast metabolism diet, Salmon is strongly advised to be part in the diet especially in Phase 3. It’s because Salmon is a known source of healthy fats.

FDA Approved the Consumption of GMO Salmon

However, the health and environmental advocates are in hype again as the controversy of FDA’s approval on GMO salmon emerged. Let us hear more about the news below:

Last Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration approved the production of fast-growing fish salmon named as AquaAdvantage salmon created by AquaBounty technologies. A new gene was said to be inserted to the fertilized salmon eggs to boost the production of fish growth hormone. Resulting to a fast-growing salmon than its conventional, farm-raised counterpart.

The FDA’s scientific advisers concluded that the genetic engineering being done on the salmon is safe to eat and won’t contribute any harm to the environment.

“Basically, nothing in the data suggested that these fish were in any way unsafe or different to the farm-raised salmon,” – Alison Van Eenennaam, biotechnology specialist at the University of California said.

Throughout the history, the AquaAdvantage salmon is the first genetically modified animal that was approved by FDA for human consumption. The Food and Drug agency also said that there’s no reason to label it as different from the other salmons out in the market.

The FDA is requiring the AquaBounty to take precautionary measures to ensure the fish won’t get into the ocean and compete with wild salmons. They are only allowed to raise the fish on two sites– Canada and Panama. The company also ensures that the fish will be sterile. So that if the fish will escape into the ocean, they will fail to reproduce.

Credits: Image source from

Credits: Image source from

This move from FDA, however, had raised negative reactions from health advocates.

“This frankenfish, this GMO salmon, should not be approved, and shouldn’t have been approved,” says Dana Perls, a campaigner with the environmental group Friends of the Earth.

“We are deeply disappointed with the FDA’s decision to approve the AquaAdvantage salmon,” Michael Hansen, senior scientist with Consumers Union, said in a statement. “And it’s even more concerning that the FDA chose not to require any form of labeling, making it extremely difficult for consumers to know if the salmon is GE or not.”

Several big grocery stores have also promised not to sell this GMO salmon– including Safeway, Kroger, Target, Trader’s Joe’s, Whole Foods, Aldi, and others.


The Fast Metabolism Diet Community ‘s Stand:

Like all the other health advocates, we also firmly believe that the production of GMO salmon should be stopped and have never been approved in the first place. GMO foods that contain pesticides and hormones that alter the biological process of animals will be nothing but unhealthy. Healthy fish such as salmon should be treated with utmost care. GMO foods also contaminate our body and ruins our health. So in this community, we still opt for the naturally produced one. If it is not safe for the ocean, how come it can be safe to our body? We urged the producers to label them for the sake of the consumers. How about you? Where do you stand in this issue?

Top 5 Dieting Mistakes You Commit in Losing Weight

Top 5 Dieting Mistakes You Commit in Weight Loss

Whether you’re taking the Fast Metabolism Diet or The Burn program, you have come to realize that losing weight is never an easy task. In order to succeed in the diet, first we need to explore and understand our body’s need for it to heal. We are required to abandon our old unhealthy lifestyle, sugar and caffeine indulgence and instead, focus on consuming more real foods such as fruits, proteins and veggies to give our body the optimum nutrition it needs.

Top 5 Dieting Mistakes You Commit in Weight Loss

During the first few days of the program, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the changes we noticed in our body. Then after some time, a wave of realization hit us, we woke up to the fact  that we committed diet mistakes along the process. Why does it happen? Do we neglect other areas of the diet? Such mistake can reap negative effects in our self such as being demotivated to continue the diet, much worse if this particular mistake is committed repeatedly. We lose interest or won’t move on to the next phase. But fret not, we have the solution!

The community is here to address the top dieting mistakes you commit in weight loss and we will provide some tips on how to correct these to help you get back on track in your weight loss plan.


1. Thinking that Losing Weight Can Be Done in Just a Snap!

When we are trying to lose weight, we treat it like it’s our fairy Godmother. We’re expecting that in just a few days of tweaking our diet, we will shed a lot of pounds. While this is true for some cases, for most of us, it doesn’t work that way. When we couldn’t get the substantial results we desire, we’re starting to stress ourselves and feel depressed.

Instead of stressing yourself and worsening your condition, let’s try these solutions. Remember that our weight gain resulted from years of practicing an unhealthy lifestyle. The Fast Metabolism Diet and The Burn are strategically designed to correct your lifestyle and this would usually take effect for few weeks for your metabolism to heal. (Here are some tips on how to break your weight plateau.)

2. After Doing The Diet, You’re Back to Unhealthy Lifestyle
Congratulations! You’ve completed the fast metabolism diet and the burn program successfully! You’ve managed to shed those pounds. You’re finally at your best! But after the diet, we found ourselves going back to our unhealthy habits. We’re indulging ourselves with artificial sweeteners, fake foods, caffeine, alcohol, etc.

Remember that FMD and The Burn are not just temporary, it is a permanent lifestyle. Our main goal is not to lose weight but to live a healthier lifestyle. Your journey in healing your metabolism doesn’t end there. If possible, avoid artificial sweeteners, fake foods and caffeine for good. The best option is to undergo the fast metabolism diet maintenance. Focus more on eating healthy foods to nourish your body.

3. You’re Pushing Yourself Too Hard

“I am so angry with myself for messing up and skipping my meal!”
“Oh no! I ate the wrong food in my current phase! What should I do?”
“Can I still hope to lose weight even if I ate the foods served on the birthday party last night?”
“I should skip eating today because I ate too much from the last meal.”

Did you ever find yourself in these situations? While it is recommended to follow all the guidelines in the book, it is important not to get too hard on yourself. You’re still a human being, you’re not perfect and is bound to make some mistake. If ever you found yourself slipping, lift your head with grace and confidence and MOVE ON. Keep moving forward and follow your next meal/snack.

4. You’re Focusing on Eating More Fruits

Even though we’re following on eating phase-specific veggies, a lot of us tend to indulge ourselves with more fruits than the recommended quantity. There is no doubt that fruits are closer to our hearts because of its sweetness, But keep in mind that veggies contain nutrients, minerals and vitamins that heal our metabolism. We recommend eating more veggies than fruits. In fact, you can eat veggies as much as you want, at any time of the day!

5. Underestimating The Time You Have

“I really want to do the diet, but I don’t have time for it.”
“Can I still do the diet when my schedule if fully packed? I have a very hectic schedule, I practically don’t have time for myself.”

Most of our dieters experienced this dilemma while undergoing the fast metabolism diet program. But we believe that if there’s a will, there’s always a way. Read these tips to learn how to do the fast metabolism despite of your hectic schedule.

As you can see, most of the mistakes we’ve committed is all in the mind. We have misconceptions on the diet, or we easily give up. I think one of the factors why you fail in achieving your healthy lifestyle goals is what you’ve planted on your mind. Ignorance can beat you, so seek advice from experts, change the perception and make up your mind.

5 Stunning Health Benefits of Drinking Water

5 Stunning Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Did you know that drinking lots of water actually helps you overcome the weight plateau you’re experiencing? Yes, you read it right! There’s a reason why drinking lots of water is highly recommended in the fast metabolism diet. Oftentimes, we neglect this rule in the diet but you have to realize that one of the reasons you got stuck is because you’re not properly hydrating yourself. Drinking water don’t just keep your body hydrated, it also improves our overall health and well-being.

5 Stunning Health Benefits of Drinking Water

In this post, you will be reminded to have enough water intake due to the benefits you will get from it, so read on.

  1. It Flushes the Toxins in Your Body.

Your kidney is going to thank you by drinking more water. Our kidney is known to cleanse and get rid of these toxins out of our body. When you’re getting enough fluids, your kidney won’t spend an extra time cleansing your body, this in turn decreases the toxins in your urine concentration and improves its color and odor. Drinking more water also eliminates the risks of having a water weight and kidney stones.

  1. It Transport Nutrients in Your Body

Of course, once the toxins are out of your system,  water can now freely transport the nutrients in your body. Since your body is composed of 60% water, it can help regulate the transportation of nutrients, improve digestion, circulation of blood and regulates body temperature.

  1. Makes you Feel Fuller

We sometimes confused physical hunger with thirst. That’s why it is recommended that before you take your meal/snack, you should drink a glass of water first. Drinking water can help you feel fuller and satisfied. If you feel full, it will help you eliminate your overeating and craving habits.

When you’re feeling hungry, drink a glass of water first and wait 10 minutes to see if you’re still hungry or not. It is important to drink water and be hydrated so that our body won’t send signals to our brain and trigger the thirst mechanism.

  1. Water Helps Energize Your Muscles

The electrolytes and minerals found in water (especially spring water) helps energize your muscle, especially when engaging in exercises. It can give you the energy you need to put up with your exercise, fed up your metabolism and burn those baby fats!

  1. Water Maintains Your Skin Glow

Our skin serves as the front line and protective barrier against germs and bacteria, so it holds a vast amount of water to protect our body from foreign organisms. When you are properly hydrated, your skin will sustain its natural glow and appearance. Water can restore your once wrinkled and dry skin.

These are just some of the amazing reasons why you should not take drinking water for granted. Drinking water is a very thing to do– and it could save your health! Don’t think twice! Fill up your glass, drink more water and make it your habit!

IARC’s Study Shows Health Risks on Red Meat Consumption

Recently, the Health Organizations and fitness enthusiasts are in hype about this important health news. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has officially released the result of their epidemiological study on Red and Processed meats. After conducting a series of experiments and thorough research about this subject, the World Health Organization categorized the risks of consuming red meats and processed meats to be the same with the risks of smoking and asbestos.

IARCs Study Shows Health Risks on Red Meat ConsumptionThe red meat was categorized into Group 2a  which means that red meat are “probably carcinogenic to humans”. There is a limited evidence that its consumption contributes to colorectal, pancreatic and prostate cancer. While the processed meats was categorized into Group 1, which means “carcinogenic to humans”. Processed meats contributes to colorectal cancer. Experts concluded that an average of 50 gram daily consumption of processed meats increases our risk in colorectal cancer up to 18%. Aside from this, processed meats contains nitrites and nitrates. These chemicals are toxic as our body converts these chemicals into carcinogens, which increases our risks on acquiring cancer diseases.

processed foodsAfter this study was made public, the Whole Foods Market started to recall their bacon, hotdogs and among red meat products in response to this pressing issue. The U.S. Residents, however, are not surprised with this study. United States is long known for our campaign against the use of chemicals, pesticides and GMO foods, and the promotion for organic farming.


The Community’s Stand:

As a community that is known for living a healthy, conscious life, this news doesn’t really surprised us at all. As dieters, we’ve learned how to be picky with our foods and double check the ingredients of the items we’re buying. We choose to consume the cleanest food options as much as possible. This study only gives us more reason to quit GMOproducts and instead promote organic living. How about you? What is your opinion upon hearing the news? Share your thoughts with us through the comment section.

Weight Stall? Your Water Weight Might be The One Causing It

One of the most common issues we encounter in the fast metabolism diet is weight plateau. Although, we have valuable tips on how to beat weight plateau, there are still some of our challenged dieters whose weight wouldn’t budge even though they’ve tried almost everything. No matter how many times they try to mix up their diet and exercise, it’s not working anymore. What could be the reason behind it? Let’s find it out here:

Hitting Weight Plateau Your Water Weight Might be The One Causing ItThere are many factors as to why we’re hitting a weight plateau. Years of chronic dieting and unhealthy lifestyle is the top reason behind it. Aside from that, our body is highly adaptable to the changes so after a few weeks of doing our routine, our body get used to it. That’s why mixing up our routine was recommended to confuse our metabolism. Specific conditions like Inflammation, Digestive Issues, and Hormonal imbalance was addressed in The Burn. In this blog post, we will tackle another factor that contributes to weight plateau, your water weight.

The weight gain you see on the scale doesn’t necessarily mean you gained fats, but it has something to do with water retention. Water retention is a condition where your body holds those extra fluids in your cells. This in turn causes your weight to increase on the scale. Here are the following factors that causes your water weight:


Excess sodium content in your body is the main culprit of water weight. If you have too much salt in your body, the kidney will be forced to hold the water in order to dilute the salty imbalance ratio in your body. The moment your salt/water ratio is already balance, only then the kidney will release the water in your cells and flush off the toxins in your body.

Recommendation: If you suspect that salt is the culprit in your weight stall, try to minimize cooking and flavoring your foods with salt. Use herbs and healthy spices instead!

processProcessed Foods

Processed foods are not only composed of chemicals, pesticides and GMO ingredients, but it is found that they have high sodium content (this includes canned and frozen foods). It is recommended not to consume these type of foods.

Recommendation: Purchase fresh foods (stay organic as possible) and vegetables. You can also make your own homemade foods like chips, crackers and pretzels rather than buying them in the supermarket. In this way you are assured that the ingredients you put in your food are clean and healthy.



These drinking beverages are dehydrating drinks that makes your body retain more water. When you are dehydrated, the salt/water ratio in your body  will become unbalanced, causing your kidney to hold on your bodily fluids until the balance is restored.

Recommendation: Never drink these beverages in an attempt to rehydrate yourself. Instead, drink more water or herbal teas that don’t have caffeine content in it. If you can’t really give up drinking these beverages, balance them out by drinking more water as you take every sip.


Women’s Monthly Period

Women’s monthly cycle can also contribute to water weight. The progesterone levels in our body will fall once we have a period, since there’s no fertilization that occurs. The side effect of this phenomenon causes every cell in your body to retain the water.

Recommendation: Do your best to do your phase-specific exercises and eat a lot of fruits and veggies to even out your salt/ratio imbalance.

Please keep in mind that increase in weight scale doesn’t mean you’ve gained fat. Don’t aggravate the anxiety with what the scale is telling you. Learn how to identify the cause of your weight gain and apply the right tips to lose those extra pounds and get back on your fast metabolism diet track again!

Healthy Fruits and Veggies to Indulge this Fall Season

Now that the summer season is over, most of us are thrilled to welcome another season that signals a bounty of fresh fruits and veggies.

Healthy Fruits and Veggies to Indulge this Fall SeasonA variety of squash, sweet potatoes, apples, and pears are especially abundant that offers essential vitamins and antioxidants that help fight against premature aging and cancer. The fall season has yet many things to offer, so let’s make use of the time while it’s here. Let’s check out what healthy fruits and veggies we get to enjoy this fall season!


  1. Apples (Fruit – Phase 1)

Apples are packed with antioxidants that help prevent chronic illness and promotes the slow aging process. Apples have a naturally sweet, tender crunchy properties and it is a perfect delicacy that can be added to jams, jellies, and desserts.


  1. Beets (Veggie – Phase 1 and 3)

Green root beets are best to toss in salads and roast because of betaine – a substance  that help prevents chronic illness like heart and liver diseases. It also reduces the risk of dementia as it promotes blood flow to your brain.


  1. Cranberries (Fruit – Phase 3)

Cranberries taste best from October to November, this fruit is perfect for indulging and enjoying the fall season. Cranberry help prevents UTI, oral diseases and slows the growth of cancer cells.


  1. Pumpkin (Veggie – Phase 1 and 3)

Pumpkin is the best source of alpha and beta- carotene to promote healthy vision and cell growth. Its seed is also packed with omega-3 fatty acids that serve as your healthy fats in phase 3. It prevents heart diseases, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Aside from being a delicious treat, pumpkins also play an essential role in our Halloween festivities!


  1. Brussels Sprouts (Veggie – Phase 3) and Cabbage (All Phases)

These veggies are packed with vitamins A and C, which possessed high concentrations of cancer-fighting glucosinolates. These cruciferous veggies also possessed high alkaline content that is needed for your body to burn those fats and enhance your metabolism.


  1. Sweet Potatoes (Veggie – Phase 1 and 3)

The fall season is considered the peak season for Sweet potatoes. Just like squash, they are also rich in beta-carotene and promotes healthy eyesight. It is also a great source of vitamin C and their skin contains nearly four grams of fiber, which helps you to feel fuller and satisfied after your meal.

There! I just mentioned some of the best produce to enjoy this season. We hope you get the best out of this fall season 🙂

Learning the Truth Behind Food Expiration Dates

It can be true to most of the dieters that the fast metabolism diet program teaches us to be picky with foods as a result, we can now easily identify which food is good and bad for our body. We’ve discovered how healthy and energetic we can be by just eating the right foods. Because of this knowledge, we become wary in choosing the foods to consume.

Learning The Truth Behind Food Expiration DatesIf possible, we stick with organic foods and avoid the genetically modified organism produce. We started checking the ingredients on the foods we’re purchasing to make sure it’s not filled with artificial sweeteners and colorants. However, most of us find the expiration dates on the food labels confusing. What do these expiration dates exactly mean? Is it highly discourage to consume these foods beyond its expiration dates? Does expiration dates affect our food and health safety? In this blog post, we will address this important issue and help you ease your confusion and anxiety. Let’s discuss the truth behind these expiration dates.

  best if use    best before

  1. Use-By, Best if Used by, Best By, Best Before

These terms are generally found in shelf stable products such as mustard, mayonnaise and peanut butter. These terms generally tells you how long the product will be at its best quality when unopened. After the “expiration date” has passed, you will start to notice some gradual changes on the unopened product, such as its texture, color, appearance or flavor.

But it doesn’t mean that this product is now dangerous for consumption. As long as you’re following the standard and optimal food storage guidelines, you can generally consume these foods beyond its given date.

Tip: Remember to always discard the foods with foul odor, flavor or appearance.


  1. Sell By

This term is generally found on perishable products like meat, seafood, poultry and milk. The date displayed on these foods served as a guide for the store owners to know how long they can display a particular product.

Tip: It is important that you buy these products before the sell-by date expires. Keep in mind that you can still store and consume these products as long as you follow safety storage guidelines.

For example, you can generally consume a milk for about a week after the Sell By date had passed, given that it has been refrigerated well.

expiration date

  1. Expires On

You will likely encounter this term on infant formulas and baby foods. In this case, it is important to always use the product before its expiration date passed.

package codes

  1. Packing Codes

The packing codes are a series of letters and numbers on foods. These generally help the manufacturers and local stores rotate, monitor and locate their products in event of product recall. Also, these package codes are sometimes use as an indicator if the product is GMO or organic.

We hope this information has shed some light about the roles of expiration dates in our food and safety.  Before you decide to discard that food, think first carefully. This will help you maximize the foods you have and save more money.

PS: Take note that the terms used in this article is based in United States Food and Safety Inspection Services. Food terminologies and practices may differ in other countries.

How Your Mindset can Affect your “Fat Gene” and Weight Loss Goals

There is nothing more disappointing than to hear that most of us have inherited the undesired genes that is the reason/culprit to unhealthy body that we have. Most of us would blame it to the genes we got from our ancestors/family. If your family have a history of Diabetes, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure and among other mortal diseases, then you too are most likely to inherit this “gene”.  You are lead to believe that like your ancestors, you will inherit the fat gene, you are likely to be overweight and inherit these chronic diseases. A depressing thought, isn’t it?

But this new study shows that inheriting a “fat gene” may not be as bad as you think.

How Your Mindset can Affect your  Fat Gene and Weight Loss Goal

Scientist discovered that there are over 30 potential genes on 12 chromosomes that affects our genetic composition that results into having an expanding waistline, or having a fat gene. The study was conducted on nearly 10,000 people. The study shows that the people who think they have inherited this fat gene turns out to be obese, even with those people who didn’t actually inherit this obesity gene in their DNA.

In another study conducted by the Researchers from Texas tech, they found out that the people who believed they had an obesogenic genes gain more weight than those who didn’t. This is because it was already planted in their mind that it is useless to make efforts in losing weight if they are already destined to be obese because of the inherited genes . From this mindset alone, they are more inclined into unhealthy habits– eat fewer fruits and vegetables, eat more processed and dine out foods, skip exercises and workouts. Making their own self belief into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If we try to comprehend both study, they are concluding the same thing. Obesity epidemic is not entirely triggered by your fat genes, rather, it is solely triggered with your mindset. This conclusion is supported by a past Danish study that showed we can “turn off” this fat gene and falsify the statement “genes are our destiny“. They found that once exercise was added into the routine of inactive people who carried “fat genes” have their BMI and weight lowered than those active people who didn’t inherit it. The more you work out, the more you can change your destiny.

So instead of dwelling in these negative thoughts and making excuses, start fighting this epidemic. Change your mindset and start living a healthier lifestyle.

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