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The Fast Metabolism Diet Holiday Tips

Fast Metabolism Diet Holiday Tips


Hooray! We are finally on this season of the year! First off, let me greet you a Happy Halloween! During these seasons we are often ecstatic because it is the time to be with our dear ones! I’m pretty sure you are now preparing your Halloween party, aren’t you? But with this ecstatic feeling comes our anxiety. The anxiety of screwing up our fast metabolism diet because we will be tempted with these mouthwatering foods.

To help you deal with these holiday festivities and not screw up your diet, we provide these holiday tips to help you keep on track.

1. Don’t stress yourself up! Embrace the holiday season!

Do yourself a favor by not stressing up yourself! Don’t let your body go into emergency mode. Be calm and smile. Anticipate the season and embrace it with excitement! If you induced your body with a happy, pleasurable mode, it will increase your endorphin hormones, ignite and keep your metabolism on fire!

2. Keep Eating your Phase specific meal map.

Before the big event, eat your regular meals, snacks, fruits, lean protein and especially eat a lot of fresh veggies according to your Phase. It will keep your metabolism stable as you get ready for the holiday festive!

3. Drink 8 ounces of water or more

Drinking 8 ounces or more ounces of water throughout the day, depending on your body weight will help your body process the extra food you consume on holidays.

4. Go for Organic, Sulfire-free wine

If drinking alcoholic beverage are inevitable during holidays, choose an organic, Sulfire-free wine instead of the usual alcoholic drinks. It will be easier for your body to process the wine than the conventional ones. Also, drink an additional 8 ounces of water per alcoholic drink. It will help compensate your body. Don’t drink alcohol alone, balance it with eating heavy animal protein like chicken, turkey, beef and fish.

5. Do not drink alcohol in the morning.

If you plan to have a night out celebration until up in the morning, be sure not to drink alcohol in the morning. Your body was worn out during last night’s festivity and it is supposed to be revitalized in the morning to survive for another day. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and taking up alcohol will definitely screw up your metabolism! Alcohol really murders your metabolism, it acts like coffee. Instead, eat a delicious breakfast according to your phase.

Apply these tips and allow yourself to enjoy the holiday season! This is a perfect time to have fun with family and friends! Another option for you to celebrate holiday seasons without jeopardizing your diet is to prepare the diet holiday recipes! Why not check these fast metabolism diet Halloween recipes out.






The Fast Metabolism Diet Life Changing Series Part 1

fast metabolism diet life changing series

It’s time to give credits to our community and be inspired from their experience. Let’s hear their stories out and how their life has changed because of the results The Fast Metabolism Diet program brought to us by Dr. Haylie Pomroy. Are you ready to be inspired? Read along:

Note: We didn’t altered/edited the following statements. What you’ll read here is the exact statements our fast metabolism dieters submitted to us.

“Hi. I am very pleased with the results of the diet. I have been on it now for two months. I am a senior woman with a bad knee so I cannot exercise as much as I would like but even so, I have lost over 15 lbs. This is the first success in dieting for me so needless to say I am very happy. Being unable to walk long distances or do much in the way of physical exercise limits my ability to use up a lot of energy but the Fast Metabolism Diet has allowed me to wear my clothes with more comfort and to lose the excess weight that had accumulated over the past two years.
Thank you so much.
A happy dieter.” –
Frieda H. Byrd

“Last spring I was at a baby shower and a relative told me about the FMD. Even though she was at a party she was eating a wonderful variety of foods from the luncheon buffet. I went home that night night ordered the book and spent the next week digesting everything I read. It all made sense. My 60th birthday was two months away and I was determined to loose some weight as I didn’t want to be an over weight grandma who couldn’t keep up with the grandkids. I had tried many diets and nothing seemed to make a difference. Both my husband and I love to cook and cook healthy so the diet was a great fit. We made a shopping list and a menu calendar for the week. We spent a weekend cooking and freezing and we were ready! In the first 28 days I lost 18 lbs and felt great and best of all my blood work showed that my cholesterol was finally under control. On maintenance (I eat all the foods all week) I have lost a total of 22 lbs. I am so grateful for this plan and now have 5 converts. Two of them are in my office which makes it so much fun because we share recipes and tips. We all use the app and read the blog. Thank you Haylie!” – Phyllis

” Lost 17 lbs first 26 days
Celebrating with wine Tonite !!! ( drank the whole bottle )
Cooked 32 meals for next 2 weeks while “celebrating” today.
No guilt here ..
Next 28 starts Monday
30 lbs to go” – Charlene Knight

“In February, I found myself on the edge of an unhealthy abyss. I had struggled with weight issues for years, brought on by unhealthy eating, off and on dieting, and the effects of multiple sclerosis that had limited my physical abilities and caused near constant fatigue. My weight had reached 275 pounds and my MS was winning its battle against my body. I was also fighting high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a heart arrhythmia. Let’s just say I didn’t see a long life ahead of me. And I was getting tired of buying larger clothes!
That’s when I heard about The Fast Metabolism Diet from former colleagues. At first read, it seemed intimidating and the thought of giving up cheese, chocolate and caffeine was not appealing. But I knew I had to make a change for me to have a future. So I jumped in and collaborated with friends to have a support system. My weight loss came fast initially. Then I hit the plateaus. Along the way, the “diet” faded away and it became my way of living.
As I lost weight, my health got better. No more high blood pressure or cholesterol. The heart arrhythmia went away. My MS was completely under control. My neurologist said to keep doing whatever it was that I was doing as there were no visible signs of the disease and my fatigue was gone.
As friends saw my physical transformation, many joined the FMD team. I was proud to introduce them to something that had changed my life. I was moved by one friend who works as a cancer research nurse. She started the diet because of me and began sharing the diet with her patients. I began to see how FMD could change so many lives besides my own.
Today, I’m physically active. I’m working out five times a week because this plan helped me get to where I can. I started running recently and plan to run a half marathon for my birthday in January.
The weight loss has been awesome. I weigh 205 pounds today. The weight is important. It was holding me back and contributing to myriad health issues. But more important is how I feel. I have more energy. I like what I see in the mirror. I love the foods I eat. I rarely miss my old bad habits or foods that slow down my metabolism.
I am proud to be an FMD disciple. It changed my life and I’ve seen it do the same for others. Nothing in life is easy. But the FMD plan makes it that way if you’ll give it an honest go.” – Jeff Holeman.

This is just the first batch. How are you feeling after reading their life-changing stories? Did you get inspiration to complete your diet too? We do hope yours will be published here as well. Should you have any message for them, pls. leave a comment in the comment’s section below. You can send us your success story too!

The Fast Metabolism Diet Life Changing Series Part 2

As a celebration of the launching of our community website, we have featured the compelling part 2 of the fast metabolism diet life changing series!

fast metabolism diet life changing series

Note: We didn’t alter/edited the following statements. What you’ve read here are the exact statements our fast metabolism dieters submitted to us.

I have been trying to lose weight for several years. Once I finally got my thyroid levels correct I started to lose weight very slowly. Then a friend of mine on which a social network for people who are trying to lose weight in a healthy way. Anyway, she kept blogging about how she was losing weight just by eating according to the FMD plan. I was really skeptical at first but the more she blogged about it the more I wanted to try it. I finally bought the book and I lost 10 pounds the first 28 days with minimal exercise. The 2nd 28 days I lost 15 pounds doing more exercise but still according to the guidelines in the book. I have a lot of endocrine issues due to a brain tumor that I had removed when I was young. I’m happy to say now that I have taken off more than 33 pounds. I love the eating plan! I feel better mentally and physically. I sleep better and am probably the happiest I’ve ever been. I went from a size 10 to a size 2. I still can’t believe I can wear a size 2! Doing the Fast Metabolism Diet was/is the best think I could have ever done for myself. After seeing my success with the Fast Metabolism Diet my doctor said she was going to do it herself. 🙂 My mom just started the eating plan too. Thank you so much for writing the book, Haylie!!”

– Cathy Trulson

One year ago, I started the FMD. My mother-in-law thought I might like the book–she knew I was trying to lose weight and get in control of my diabetes. My sugars were on the rise and my doctor said I’d need to go on medication unless something changed drastically.

I have done so many fad diets in my life that I had all but given up on my metabolism. Nothing seemed to work anymore. I was discouraged and depressed. Especially because I thought I was eating pretty darned healthy already.

But . . .

I read the book. I decided to make it a game. I knew some things would be hard (e.g. giving up cheese, nuts, and scotch every night as a snack) but I’m very competitive. I told myself I could win.

I didn’t cheat along the way. I stuck to the plan. I still do.

It’s been one year of eating healthy, exercising, and gaining control of my health to the extent that I can control it.

I’ve lost 50+ pounds to date. My pant size went from a 36-inch waist to a 30-inch waste. And, though it’s all in my mind . . . I feel taller.

I’m 46. I now weigh what I did in high school. I should have saved my high school clothes. They’re back in style and they’d fit me now. For fun, the other day I put on my high school choir tuxedo jacket and it fit me. Crazy.

My body was weak. I hated exercise. Not anymore. I used to not be able to even do one chin-up. Now, I have a chin-up bar in my office that gets regular use. I look forward to exercise and weight training.

My sugars are amazing. My doctor says to keep doing whatever it is I’m doing.

What I’m doing is sticking to this new lifestyle. I eat amazing food. I eat plenty. I enjoy my life. I look great. I feel great. Opps, gotta go. Time for a snack and some water. Thank you, Haylie!”

John Voelz

I started FMD at the beginning of September. After my first round of 28 days I had lost 10 lbs. I feel better, my clothes are getting looser and I don’t look at this as a “Diet” because that word usually means something bad or restrictive, I look at this as a new way of eating and I am so happy. My husband has joined me on this journey and we are making our children aware of the choices that they are making as well. I am excited because this is just the beginning, I still have about 60lbs to go but for the first time in ages I feel like I can get to my goal weight!!1 Thanks so much to Hayllie and the FMD Team and to a great support group of friends in person and online!!!”

Torii Lebel

Do you have any message for them? Leave a comment in the comment’s section below. If you wanted your success story to be in the next batch of life changing stories, you can send us your success story now!

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