Can Supplements Replace Our Natural Healthy Diet?

Can I take multivitamins and supplements while I am in the fast metabolism diet? Can I replace the dietary meal maps in each phase by taking supplements? Will I achieve the same weight loss success and healthy lifestyle if I take multivitamins and supplements?

These are just some of the questions that most of our fast metabolism dieters asked before they embark to this weight loss journey. Most of our dieters find it convenient to just rely getting optimum nutrition from supplements. In this article, we will address this issue to guide you about the roles of supplements and healthy diet in your body.

Can Supplements Replace Our Natural Healthy Diet

Healthy Foods’ Benefits

Truth be told, supplements are not intended to substitute healthy foods. The supplements’ dose are measured strategically to address the nutrient or vitamin that is lacking in your body. It cannot replicate all the nutrients you will get when eating healthy foods. Here are some of the notable benefits you can get from eating healthy foods.

Optimum Nutrition – The healthy foods recommended in the fast metabolism diet not only address one specific nutrients you’re lacking– but it also contains a variety of other micronutrients your body needs to fully repair your metabolism. Like how the fish oil found in fatty fish can minimize risk of depression, improve your skin health, digestion and brain function.


Essential Fiber – This is what the supplements are lacking. Fibers found in grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes have fibers that can protect you from the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The fiber aids in slowing your digestion, making you feel fuller in a long period of time. Fibers also aids in regulating the flow of sugar to your bloodstream, so that your blood sugar won’t spike up and cause it to deposit fats in your body.

In the fast metabolism diet, we always encourage you to make peace with food and treat it as your own medicine. If you are generally healthy without any specific conditions, you don’t need to take supplement. However, for our dieters who have specific conditions (e.g. our pregnant mothers, adults who lacks vitamin B-12, food allergies, food intolerance, etc) it is advisable to take supplements while having healthy diet.


To conclude this article, nothing beats a healthy diet. You can always take your supplements while you’re in the fast metabolism diet,  but be sure that you are still following your phase-specific meal map and follow all the rules. The supplements are created to improve your healthy dieting and boost your body’s energy and immune system further.

PS: If you are taking supplements while you’re on the fast metabolism diet program, be sure to consult with your physician which supplements and how much dose will be appropriate for you. Also, be sure to ask  what the possible side effects you will experience as you take any medications.

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