Basic Hatha Yoga Poses

Basic Hatha Yoga Poses

The poses in Hatha Yoga has been considered as a preparatory for yoga itself. From the root words “ha” which means sun and “ta” for moon, “Hatha” means the balance of properties of sun and moon inside you. It is also done to prepare the body for a higher possibility and is one of the exercises included in Phase 3 of our Fast Metabolism Program. Here’s how the poses in Hatha Yoga are done:

Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose

  • On a mat, make a Mountain Pose then inhale and exhale deeply for three times.
  • Stand tall and straight with both feet brought close together and shoulders relaxed.
  • Inhale in a normal pace while arms are being raised beyond the head and pointing towards the sky and shoulders maintained in a relaxed position.
  • Gently stretch the body to the left side while exhaling. Inhale in a manner drawing back body to the center and stretch to the right while exhaling.

Forward Fold

Forward fold pose

  • Stand on your mat, hip-width apart. As you inhale, extend your spine and then exhale and bend at the hips as you fold forward letting your arms, head, and neck hang towards the ground.
  • Breathe three to five times to allow relaxation to the body. Keep the knees bending slightly and imagine spine lengthening.

Low Lunge (Right Side)

Low lunge right side

  • Step left foot backwards and release your knee towards the ground and place both hands, palms facing on the ground to support the body.
  • Right knee should be aligned along the right ankle.
  • As you inhale, try to lift up tall and lengthen through the crown of the head. Sink forward as you exhale so that hips are released towards the ground.
  • Arms should rest on the ground in a comfortable position, placed on the hips, or raised towards the sky.
  • Take three to five breaths.

Downward-Facing Dog

Forward dog pose

  • Draw back to the ground on both or either side of your right foot if your hands are up.
  • Move the hands towards the front in a few inches to press into the mats.
  • Slightly bent the knees, and sitz bones reaching sky up.
  • Allow head hang freely and hold position while breathing three to five breaths.

Low Lunge (Left Side)

Low Lunge left side

  • Inhale deeply as left leg is being risen towards the sky’s direction while reaching out the toes.
  • Put left foot forward passing in between hands
  • Bend right knee reaching the ground and dive hips towards the front and find Low Lunge on the left side.
  • Breath three to five times while holding same position.

Forward Fold

Forward fold pose

  • Lift right knee off the ground all the while taking deep inhale and gently pressing left foot so that right foot will be drawn forward.
  • Move torso forward in a relaxed manner to do the Forward Fold pose.

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose

  • Stand still on both feet together, seeing to it that body weight is evenly distributed on both feet as you take a deep breath.
  • Raise hands above the head and positions both palms facing each other. Reach up toward the sky with your fingertips.
  • Exhale while releasing hands to either left or right side of the body, finding Mountain Pose once more.

Warrior II (Left Side)

Warrior 2 left side

  • Stand with right foot 3 or 4 feet apart from left foot and right toes turned in a parallel position to the backside of the mat.
  • Turn left toes in, bending 90 degrees in left knee and draw arms up parallel to the ground.
  • Glance over left fingertips to accomplish Warrior II pose.
  • Hold pose while making three to five breaths.

Reverse Warrior (Left Side)

reverse warrior left side

  • From Warrior II, inhale at the same drop right hand down to touch right leg. Raise your left hand up to the sky.
  • Reach back using left hand so that body is stretch out the front of the body.

Warrior II (Right Side)Warrior right side

  • Stretch and straighten both legs as arms are drawn back parallel to the ground.
  • Turn right toes so that it faces the front side of mat. Exhale while bending right knee and settle into Warrior II on the right side of the body’s torso.
  • Glance right fingertips and hold pose for three to five deep breaths.

Reverse Warrior (Right Side)

reverse warrior right side

  • Continuing from Warrior II pose, inhale while drawing right arm to the ceiling to do the Reverse Warrior pose on the right side of the body.
  • Lightly step left foot to the front of the mat,  meeting the right foot while releasing arms to settle on either side of the body.

Tree Pose

tree pose

  • Stand with arms at both sides of the body. Standing straight, find balance of the body with the right foot while placing left foot on the ankle, calf, or thigh.
  • FInd a place for concentration as both hands are raised above pointing towards the sky.
  • Hold pose for three to five breaths.
  • Try engaging the stomach into the pose and wave arms gently back and forth.
  • Once finished, release left foot slowly to the ground and repeat Tree Pose on the other side.

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose 2

  • Going back to Mountain Pose, place both in a distance aligning the hip, hands together, palms facing each other in a praying position in front of chest.
  • Take a deep breath as body reaches  tall through the crown of the head. Close your eyes and relax the body

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