Back to School Healthy Tips for Your Kids

It’s that time of the year again! The summer has ended and that means it’s back to school! The kids are feeling both excited and nervous as they embark to a new journey, and parents tend to feel apprehension which is normal because we are about to face new challenges.

BACK TO SCHOOL HEALTHY TIPS FOR YOUR KIDSAs our kids are often engaged to numerous physical and mental activities such as completing homework, taking exams, and doing projects, it is important for us to safeguard their health and keep them energized. Consider these back to school healthy tips for a healthy start for your kid’s school year.


  1. Pack Healthy Lunch and Snacks

Don’t let your kids indulge to eating junk foods. The solution is to prepare a homemade, healthy lunch and snacks for them. You can pack them a healthy fish tuna salad  that is easy to prepare and is filled with rich flavors. Or, you can cook them our phase-specific fast metabolism diet recipes for their lunch.


Phase specific fruits and veggies will definitely do the trick! You can pack them frozen mangoes, pineapples, peaches. You can also treat them delicious turkey jerky. Of course, don’t forget to include some healthy fats for your children’s snacks! Include some delicious raw almond nuts and seeds, your kids will definitely love them!

If your kids are looking for something crunchy, you can always give them this Mini Pops popcorn! Mini Pops is a corn-free, gluten-free popcorn that is filled with delectable flavors. Making it a perfect and healthy choice to eat popcorns!


  1. Keep your Kids Hydrated

Aside from packing healthy lunches and snacks to keep them satisfied and full, you also need to give them healthy drinks to keep them hydrated. Study shows that the effect of dehydration can affect their mental function. A bottle of Spring Water with a pinch of lemons or lime can give extra metabolic boost. Alternatively, you can also give them our homemade smoothies as their healthy drinks.


  1. Prepare an Afternoon Recreation

The moment your kids got home, they are probably tired and drained from all day’s activity. Help them release the stress on their body by preparing a relaxing, afternoon recreation. You can have some yoga with your kids to soothe his sore and stiff muscles, a therapeutic massage to get some rest, or any recreational activity that will let your kids feel relaxed and get a chance to bond with them. You can also prepare high glycemic afternoon snacks to calm the adrenal glands and relieves the stress in your kids body.


  1. Get more Sleep

It is important to get your kids have enough sleep as it helps their mind to stay alert and replenish their energy for the next day. Getting enough sleep is also crucial for their growth development. Be sure to avoid them from distractions, like browsing the internet or holding gadgets. It is of best practice to lie in bed 30 minutes before your scheduled bedtime to get more restful sleep.

If you involve your kids with your healthy lifestyle activities, might as well you will be successful with this endeavor. Plus you get to influence your family to opt to a better lifestyle. Being cautious with your food can bring tremendous and beneficial effects to your clan. Just continue with Fast Metabolism Diet and you’ll never know how many lives you’ve improved.

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