8 Facts You Should Know About Metabolism

8 Facts You Should Know About Metabolism, about metabolism, the fast metabolism diet tips

In a circle of friends or even referring to the members of your family, have you ever wondered why some of them are fast eaters but don’t easily get fat? On the other way around, some also eat fast, but unfortunately, they obtain fats around the belly.

Well, due to varied chemical reaction of our body towards the meals we eat, we tend to focus on filtering our food choices and changing our daily routine. As we think about avoiding fats, carbs, calories, going to the gym often, and establishing food size matter mindset, we forgot to consider our own body, specifically our metabolism.

We are all unique in our own little way. Basically, it means we also have distinctive metabolism depending to how our body converts what we eat and drink into energy. In every diet and exercise we do, checking and considering our metabolism is always the first step before we can proceed to boosting our health and getting fit.

To be able for us to have a deep understanding of what metabolism is all about, how it works and what’s its connection to diet and our way of life, here are Eight (8) Facts You Should Know about Metabolism:

8 Facts You Should Know About Metabolism, about metabolism, the fast metabolism diet tips, 8 FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT METABOLISM infographic

  1.    Determine Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

In this matter, it is better if you consult your doctor first to know the exact result of your RMR taken from a calorimeter test.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is said to be the amount of energy used by your body or can be the amount of calories you burn in a relax state.

This is important to know because it’s one of the main contributing components of energy expenditure.

  1.    Improve Your Metabolism through Eating Well

If you’re on a diet, it doesn’t mean that you badly need to eat less. It just mean, you should eat healthy foods that’s good and appropriate for your metabolism. You can actually rev it up by simply eating right foods like:

         egg whites (According to a Chicago Nutritionist, David Grotto, “Egg whites are rich in branched-chain amino acids which keep your metabolism strengthened”).

         lean meat (Full of iron and its mineral deficiencies can slow metabolism)

        water (A tip from Dr. Scott Isaac: Drink water cold, which forces your body to use more calories to warm it up.)

       chili peppers (As shared by Dr. Isaac, it has a chemical compound that can boost metabolism into higher gear which called “capsaicin”.)

  1.    Kinds of Carbs To Eat and Avoid

Based on one of our reliable sources, you must take “Quality Carbs” than those simple carbs available around.

Quality carbs won’t make your weight increase and those includes fruits, vegetables and beans.

The carbs that you must avoid are white breads, pancakes and crackers as these kind of carbs can make your metabolism slow down.

  1.    Menopause Causes Huge Impact to Metabolism

You might not know about this but your metabolism is greatly affected once you’re on the menopausal stage.

It happen because the level of your estrogen (the one that help to control your body weight) is declining which can cause of slowing down the burning power of calories in your body and it can also make look for unhealthy foods (e.g. sweets, fatty foods, etc.) and you’ll be less likely to exercise.

  1.    The Contribution of Muscle Mass to Metabolism Rate

To be exact, muscles burns fat. Referring to a theory, “The more muscle you build, the more calories your body will naturally burn each day at rest.”

So aside from eating right, you also need to move, go for workout and enhance muscles at the gym to burn the calories stored inside your body. After the workout, it may be painful at first but eventually, you’ll be used to it as it makes your body even better. As they said, “no pain, no gain.”

  1.    Men has Fast Metabolism than Women

I know all of us observed that men don’t easily get fat after they’ve consumed a number of plated meals. We end up wondering to which part of their body they store all the foods they have eaten.

This happen to men because according to experts, men have high testosterone. Aside from that fact, men in general, have more muscle mass, heavier bones and less body fat than women. They are also more active with physical activities that’s why they can burn more calories compared to women.

  1.    Your Weight Depends to Your Health

It is prescribed that when you want to lose weight or exhibit gym workouts, you need to consult your doctor first making sure if you can endure the activity or not. It’s also important to determine if you have sickness to ensure that your health won’t be at risk.

If you’re unhealthy and suffers illness, it’s certain that your body’s ability to burn fat, calories and energy boosting ability will also be affected. The common condition that encounter difficulty in losing weight are patients with thyroid issues.

  1.    The Burning Power of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is actually more than just a vitamin which can help to burn fats faster than other vitamins we take. Based to an expert’s study, “Vitamin D is also a hormone, one that plays a role in a remarkable range of body processes.”

Once you have sufficient vitamin D, your body will discharge more leptin and you will feel full as the hormone will send a message to your brain convincing that you’re full, so you’ll then stop eating.

You can eat oily foods but not too much, just exact amount or level of Vitamin D that your body needs. You can have oranges, eggs, fish, supplements and more.

Hope the information listed above can help you. There are actually more facts about metabolism that you need to be aware of. If you have difficulty in losing weight or you don’t know what type of metabolism your body have, I suggest you should consult an expert and see what appropriate foods and exercise suits for you.

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