7 Unhealthy Eating Habits You Should Drop to Lose Weight

7 UNHEALTHY EATING HABITSAs discussed in our previous articles, there are many factors as to why your weight is taking a stall. But have you ever wondered that maybe, the problem not only lies with the food you’re eating, but it also persists because of your eating habits? You’re actually committing an unhealthy eating habits without you realizing it.

This guide will help you monitor your unhealthy eating habits and with conscious effort, eliminate them.


diet foods

1. Eating Diet Foods

By “eating diet foods”, I mean the diet processed food products we often see on ads and on supermarkets; viz: dietary juice and sodas, dietary yogurt, flakes, chips, etc. Avoid this kind of food because in the first place they’re not healthy, and in reality they’re not dietary foods. They trick us to believe in this fad! These foods promote weight gain. They usually contain a lot of unwanted additives, artificial flavors and sweeteners, and other impossible to pronounce ingredients that likely to result certain health risks. Break this diet food habit and switch to homemade, natural, healthy and fresh foods.

drinking2. Drinking

Alcoholic drinks and coffees are a major metabolism killers. Not only they kill our metabolism, but they destroy our liver too. It is strongly advised to avoid drinking alcoholic drinks again, even when you’re in the fast metabolism diet maintenance already. Abstaining from alcohol will help repair your metabolism and keep it on fire. Stick to drinking water, herbal teas, healthy smoothies, coconut water and other healthy fluids if you really want a speedy weight loss. We know it’s hard at the start of the line, but gradually, we can totally stop this unhealthy habit. You can follow these tips to gradually control your drinking habits until you can stop them.

overeating healthy foods

3. Overeating Healthy Foods

You may be at that point where you fell in love with healthy foods. You lose some weight, you already feel lighter, livelier and more energetic than before. And because of these positive effects in your life, you started to eat more because you want more, to the point where you can eat a serve of fruit about the size of a tennis ball. And in return you overdo your stomach in just one sitting!

Be reminded that overeating also ruins our metabolism. We need to have ease of digestion so we shouldn’t put stress in our stomach. Know how to control your food portions, according to your weight loss goal.  Read this article to know more about controlling your food portions.

skip meal

4. Skipping Meals

Skipping meals is a big violation in the fast metabolism diet, especially skipping breakfast! Remember, you need to eat 2-3 hours interval to fill your body some food and energy. Going on long stretches without eating will push your body into emergency state and in turn deposit all the foods you eat in your body as fat, instead of burning them. And we don’t want that! So be sure to follow your meal map and eat within 2-3 hours interval.

counting  calorie

5. Counting Calories

In this program, calorie does not matter so don’t bother finding out calorie count of every food you have! This is not about counting calories, it’s about eating the right and healthy choices in the food list. Stressing yourself over counting calories will just spike up your cravings, and contribute to your weight gain.Ouch!

good fat6. Shunning Good Fats.

I know most of the people who wanted to lose weight absolutely hates the word “fat”. Somehow it became their belief that anything associated with “fat” is bad. But no, it is just a myth! There are healthy and good fats that contributes a lot in weight loss.  They quench our inflammation and keeps us fuller for a longer time. Learn to indulge yourself into healthy and good fats and avoid the “bad fats.”

emotional7. Emotional Eating

This is probably the most difficult hurdle you will be facing when losing weight. We tend to practice emotional eating because we eat to our heart’s content until our emotions are sated. We became dependent on food in soothing our emotions. We should control our emotional eating if we don’t want to sabotage our weight loss efforts. Here are the 4 unwinding tips to fight emotional eating.

These eating habits can be hard to break because we’ve been comfortable doing them for a while now. What we can suggest is to look for other activities that will get your attention to it instead of these ruining eating habit. We’ve mentioned above healthier choices rather than alcohol and chips. Create a new habit to succeed in this weight loss program. If you have more questions, then feel free to drop us a message.

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