7 Phase 3 Foods that Help Promote Healthier Hair and Skin

There are multiple benefits one can get from a natural and healthy diet. Aside from losing weight, other astounding effects of taking nutritious meals everyday are achieving a great looking healthy hair and skin.

This benefit comes naturally even if the main goal is to maintain an ideal weight; this is because of the naturally occurring vitamins found in the foods we consume in the fast metabolism diet.

At the Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 3, it is well-known that good fats are metabolism booster, which is the foundation of the program – healing metabolism to lose weight. It is relevant to note that while focusing on the metabolism healing properties of these foods, they also are the reason of your clear and glowing skin.

How do these Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 3 foods provide you multiple benefits while undergoing the diet? Here’s their impact to your health:

According to Study, most of the men and women  aged between 20-40 are moving towards baldness. There are several factors that contribute to hair loss.  It can happen due to stress, pollution, lack of sleep or even an unhealthy diet.

phase 3 foods for healthy hair and skin

Good thing that the fast metabolism diet has the right food to bring back the radiance and health of your skin and hair. Phase 3 foods, especially the healthy fats, are packed with the right nutrients to give your hair and skin its proper nourishment. If you are experiencing extreme hair loss and dry skin, you can check and eat these foods to heal your hair and skin.

avocado1. Avocado (Healthy Fat) – This fruit has a rich, creamy and packed with good monounstrated fats that are key for healthy hair, skin and nails. These good fats aids in lowering your LDL, or also known as your bad cholesterol levels, while improving the HDL (good) cholesterol levels! Studies also show that avocados are “nutrient boosters”. They can aid the body in absorbing nutrients you get from other foods.

2. Berries (Fruit) – Berries are loaded with anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants  and vitamins that help protects from premature aging.  They can help minimize the damage of free radicals, minimizing and decelerating wrinkle formation in your skin. Berries are also packed with Vitamin C that helps your skin become strong and firm.

flaz3. Flax Seed (Healthy Fat) – Studies shows that the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids found in flax seeds help soothe ease skin conditions like acne or eczema. While the omega -3s and its anti-inflammatory properties aid in lowering cholesterol and maintains a healthy rate of skin renewal.

almond4. Almonds/Almond Butter (Healthy Fat) – Almonds are a great source of fiber and protein. It can help to keep our body lean and trim, especially if we’re in a healthy diet. The vitamin E found in almonds can help protect your skin and hair from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

seaweed5. Seaweed (Vegetable) Also known as wakame or hijiki salad,  this vegetable is full of iron and phytonutrients. The nutrients found in sea plants, like iron, manganese, iodine, copper, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and selenium can help boost your reproductive health that is essential for gorgeous hair, skin and nails.

eggs6. Eggs (Protein) – Eggs are packed with good source of protein, vitamin D and biotin, that plays a major role in the development of keratin. Those with weaker nails and hair are prone to biotin deficiency.

Baked Salmon7. Salmon (Protein) – It is also a good source of biotin and protein, along with omega-3 and fatty acids. These nutrients promotes a healthy, moisturized skin. And don’t forget that your scalp is a skin too. “A healthy scalp means healthy hair follicles, which mean healthy hair,” says Dr. Zeichner.

We get the best of both worlds at the phase 3, make sure to check out Phase 3 recipes if you run out of ideas of your cooking.

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