7 Fitness Backup Plans to Strive in your Fast Metabolism Diet Journey

There is nothing more frustrating than to start the fast metabolism diet with vigor and enthusiasm, only to arrive in the middle of the diet and find out that you are stuck with various obstacles that hinders you to successfully proceed with the diet program. Hectic schedules, vacation trips and special events, unexpected illness, family and work problems, are just few of the situations that interferes and ruin our weight loss success. While we try to address each problem and give precautionary measures, what can we really do if we are left with no choice but to face the inevitable? Can we still save what we’ve started?

7 Fitness Backup Plans to Strive in your Fast Metabolism Diet Journey

The answer is yes. There is always a way if there’s a will. This is no time for you to feel depressed and halt your weight loss efforts now that you’ve come this far. We’ve gathered these 7 fitness backup plans for you to handle and overcome these common obstacles:


  1. I wasn’t able to prepare my breakfast and lunch food because I don’t have time.

Precautionary Tip:  Prepare your meals ahead of time. Cook the dishes you want to eat in advance so that you can just reheat and grab it the next morning (More hectic schedule handling tips here)

Backup Plan: If you haven’t packed your lunch and you are tempted to eat fast food for lunch, we recommend you look first for the fast food menu online. Search for the healthiest available options. For example you can purchase a healthy sandwich, vegetable salads and fruits instead of fries. Always choose water over soda.


  1. There’s always treats in the office and I am tempted to eat that yummy pizza and burgers!

Precautionary Tip: Packed a healthy snack with you (such as vegetable salad, nuts, smoothies) so you won’t be tempted into eating these unhealthy treats.

Backup Plan: If you have not pack a healthy snack with you, you can purchase a healthy sweet tasting protein bar with you to keep you satisfied and stop ogling from the treats around your office.


  1. You’re invited over a fancy dinner at a restaurant

Precautionary Tip: Read and apply our tips before attending to your fancy dinner in the restaurant.

Backup Plan: If you fail to research for the restaurant you will be attending and plan your menu ahead of time, go for grilled options on the menu. Especially chicken or salmon. If possible, ask what are the ingredients on the menu served. Choose healthier options like veggie salad, sweet potatoes over the bread basket served in the table.


  1. You’re worried your vacation and special events will ruin your dieting.

Precautionary Tip: Read our related articles about dealing with special trips and events and holiday tips to prepare before going on your vacation. Eat and follow your current phase the day before you will be spending your vacation.

Backup Plan: If you haven’t prepared anything for your vacation, fret not. It is important not to stress over these wonderful occasions when they are meant to be enjoyed. Try to start your vacations with a healthy breakfast to start your day in a healthy way. Try to eat foods as clean as possible and avoid eating the foods not allowed in the diet. You can also cut your exercise in half or have a yoga or relaxing massage so you won’t miss valuable time in enjoying your vacation.

mixed food

  1. You mixed eating foods and messed up your meal map.

Precautionary Tip: Try to familiarize the allowed foods you can eat per phase. You can easily scan the allowed foods to eat in your fast metabolism diet book.

Backup Plan: If  you ended up eating the wrong food in your current phase, or you have missed eating your snack and messed up your meal map, that’s fine. Don’t stress about it and let go. Move on and follow your next meal/snack. This time you will remember your mistake and you are now aware of what to do the next day.


  1. My weight got stuck! HELP!

Precautionary Tip: Follow you meal map religiously and keep your food portions in control. Familiarize yourself with the fast metabolism diet rules, what foods you are allowed to eat and avoid, as well as your phase-specific exercise.

Backup Plan: Take a deep breath and don’t fret over it. You shouldn’t stress yourself too much on the weight plateau you’re experiencing. There are many cases where weight plateau happens while you’re on the fast metabolism diet. That’s why the program is set to a 28-day cycle because it takes that long to fully heal your metabolism. Read our article on how to beat your weight plateau.

Attractive Frustrated Hispanic Woman Tied Up With Tape Measure Against a White Background.


  1. I am messing up my fast metabolism diet repeatedly and I am losing the will to continue it.

Precautionary Tip: Surround yourself with the people who love and support you and  gain strength and inspiration from them. Remind yourself that the fast metabolism diet community is here for you. You are not alone in this journey. Here are also the tips you can apply to bring back your motivation in weight loss.

Backup Plan: Take a deep breath and take a break to think things throughly and sort out your emotions. Eat stress-relief calming foods such as mangoes, watermelon, oatmeal in Phase 1 to lower down your stress level and you can have an air breather.

Conclusion: Life may get in our way, but let us not be discouraged with these obstacles. Instead, let’s face them head on and overcome them to pursue our weight loss goals. These backup plans will hopefully help you in handling these common obstacles that we might face any day.

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