7 Exciting and Unique Father’s Day Holiday Gift Ideas

Now that the Father’s Day is fast approaching, some of you might already be planning and brainstorming on what gifts to give this Father’s day.


Giving a gift to our dad can be a challenging task, one because they’re practical and often times they’re not into fancy things unlike moms who are easily sold at simple jewelry, blouse, or hair and spa treatment. To help you come up with a unique yet exciting gift for your father this special day, we’ve gathered these gift ideas for you:

Trendy Men’s Tote – If your dad is always busy with business appointments, meetings, travels,  and always on the go, this smart tote is the perfect deal! Smart tote is a practical and novel gift for dads on the go.

men's tote father's dayHawaiian Tees – It’s time to do a fashion intervention! Have your dad transformed into a formidable handsome gentleman! Pair your dad’s fashion sense with stylists based on brand to bring out the best of your dad! It has some casual, business and formal sets.

hawaiian teesDigital Shot Tracker – Is your dad fond of outdoor sports especially golf? This digital shot tracker is the real deal! You can tag your clubs, and the machine will log the game and offer improvements on your playing.

golf tracker
Next Level Toy Helicopter
– If you’re dad acts like a big kid sometimes and is fond of toys, it’s time to give them a next level helicopter! These drones are so cool that this has recently becomes a popular hobby between son and father. Blade 200QX drone is capable of speed and agility for a reasonable price tag.


helicopter lesson

Helicopter lessons  – Does your father got bored of playing the helicopter toy with your kids and wanted to play the real ones? It’s time to take his hobby to the next level! If your dad is an adventurous type, you can sign him up and book a helicopter lessons! Core Helicopters in New York offers training lessons for only $220 per session!

Wifi and USB Cuff Links – Choosing gift for a techie dad? Consider these wifi and USB cuff links. It has a mini router in one hand to create a 150′ range wifi hotspot while a stunning USB on the other one.

wifi and usb cuff linksLittle Sphere – Highly analytical and logical thinking dad? It’s time to give him a new challenge! This little sphere gives a puzzle challenge to the players with only one task to accomplish: Open it. This item has been tounted as one of the most difficult item to open in the market.  For only $300, your dad will be occupied with this little item for a while.

little sphere ball

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