5 Tips to Determine if You’re Losing Weight or Not

A lot of things can happen while on the diet, one is we are learning so much about our body. We discover how energetic and glowing we’ve become by just eating the right and healthy foods. As a result, we become productive at work or perform better in our daily tasks when we get to stretch our body and have some workout. We’re starting to feel better like never before.


But when it’s time for us to face our fear (and that is weighing!) and found out that we’ve hit a weight plateau, or even worse, we started gaining weight, we felt like our world stopped. This is where we reached our breaking point. We started to feel depressed and stressed. We started raising questions, wondering where did you go wrong when we’ve followed all the rules. And because of this, you lose all the will to continue the diet and ended up giving up.

But before you actually do it, think again! Are you really going to give up now that you’ve come this far? Do you really  want to be enslaved with that the scale is telling you? Losing weight is not just about losing weight in scale. Just like in calories, remember that the scale is just a number! There are far better ways to determine if you’re losing weight or not.

Here are the helpful tips to determine if you’re losing weight or not.

Listen to Your Body

  1. Listen to Your Body

It is an important practice to listen to what your body is saying. Are you more energetic than before? Were you able to do the things you cannot do before you started the diet? Are you sleeping better? Did you stop craving for unhealthy foods? These are the signs your body is telling you that you have indeed lose some weight.

rewarding yourself

  1. Rewarding Yourself

It is widely accepted that the most typical way of celebrating our accomplishment and progress is through food. But when you start to lose weight you will notice that over time you will realize that you don’t crave for fries, sodas and junk foods as sucy. Instead, you started rewarding yourself by buying a pair of clothes, having a workout, dancing, and other recreational activities that promotes coordination of your body.


  1. Finding New Purpose

Admit it, the primary reason why we want to lose weight is because we want to achieve that sexy body. But over time we found ourselves finding a new purpose. We want to continue losing weight because we wanted to keep feeling better, we wanted to lose weight to live a longer life and enjoy moments with our families, friends etc. You are now setting goals beyond your weight.

selfie before and after weight loss

  1. Selfies

Another great way to determine if you’re losing weight or not is through ‘selfie’. You may not have lose weight but it can be that you’re losing fats and you’re gaining more muscles. Those muscles can help you burn more calories. The scale doesn’t tell you what’s inside your body. It doesn’t identify what’s water, what’s fat, and muscle. You may not lose some weight but by comparing your before and after picture, you will see a bigger differences in your body. You’re not carrying those heavy lumps on your body anymore.


  1. Feeling Balanced

Halfway on the diet, we are often afraid to go out of our comfort zone and enjoy events because we fear that we might gain weight and destroy our diet. But if you’re losing weight, you’ll start casting your worries and instead, embraced and enjoy the parties and events. Why so? It’s because you know you’re healthy most of the time, so it’s okay to fall off the wagon sometimes. You are confident that your body is now healed and eating other foods won’t ruin your metabolism.

As you see, scale doesn’t determine your body, and yourself. Set yourself free from the enslavement of scale. It’s just a number. And remember, we’re not doing Math in this diet. What we’re doing is we’re achieving a healthy way of life by eating healthy foods.

3 Comments on 5 Tips to Determine if You’re Losing Weight or Not

  1. Lori Ann
    April 20, 2016 at 11:30 pm (3 years ago)

    I have been on the diet for 2 months and have lost 12 lbs. Each week is the same, I lose during Phase 2 and gain most back on Phase 3. Frustrating. I don’t want to quit because I am feeling much better, more energy, sleep better and no more constipation! I am going to purchase the Fast Metabolism Diet RX to maybe pin point some of my health issues. Hopefully this will help as I have allot more weight to lose.

    • admin
      April 21, 2016 at 2:15 am (3 years ago)


      You can try the following recommendations if you’re gaining weight on P3:

      – Try using starchy vegetables instead of grains. Substitute sweet potato, beans, or winter squash at dinner instead of rice or quinoa.

      – Add lots of fresh herbs and spices that support the gallbladder and helps emulsify fat.

      – Skip the grain at dinner, at least, one of the three days.

      – Extend Phase 2. Do this ONLY after you’ve completed a full round of the 28-day diet. For one or two weeks, do two days of Phase 1, three days of Phase 2, and two days of Phase 3.

      Alternatively, you can check The Burn or Fast Metabolism Food RX to determine which book will address your issue specifically. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Mary Beth
    August 1, 2015 at 3:09 am (4 years ago)

    I have been same weight up and down 2lbs for 2months but I am happy. Feel and look terrific.


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