5 Healthy-Hearty Tips this Valentine’s Day

It can’t be denied that Valentine’s day has become a special occasion and almost everyone joins in the celebration for the month of love. Love is expressed immensely this month not just because it’s the hype but also because it has been a tradition worldwide that is practiced by every human. Love, though looks overrated by some, is not just a feeling but a thing that keeps us alive. Month of love will remind us an important reason to live – love. After all, we are doing everything because of love. We even make a move to a new direction like a new lifestyle because we love our self, because we love our family. So believe it or not, we can’t skip the Valentines celebration. So in this community, we somehow adapt and prepared for such occasion. We would like our fellow dieters to enjoy the month of love as much as possible.

As you breathe the chilly winter breeze, we couldn’t contain our excitement as we look forward to celebrating the Valentine’s day. We become a busy bee as we prepare our romantic surprises and activities to celebrate this happy occasion with our significant other.

5 Healthy-Hearty Tips this Valentine's DayAs we are nearing to indulge some delectable valentine treats, we cannot help but become apprehensive on how to spend this special day without ruining our diet. But, fret not! The fast metabolism diet community is on the rescue to make your Valentine’s day healthy and extra special with your loved one. We want your heart to be happy and “healthy” emotionally and physically.

And so, we give you the 5 healthy-hearty tips this Valentine’s Day.

1. Indulge in Sweet Treats moderately

We all know that Valentines day is all about these delectable candies and chocolate treats, and it’s okay to indulge yourself once in a while. However, be sure to do it in moderation. We recommend you place one piece of each valentine treats served on the table and nibble with it to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you found your self-control slipping, you can always prepare our mouthwatering Valentine dessert recipes so that you can revel in satisfying your sweet cravings without worrying of ruining your health.

2. Eat more Healthy Fats as your Snacks

Healthy fats are good for your heart. Aside from that, it helps you deal with the intense sugar craving you’re experiencing. Healthy fats such as pistachios, almonds, and nuts help you keep being full, lowers your blood pressure while giving our brain and body the nutrients it need.

3. Watch for Unhealthy Trigger Words

When you’re dining in a restaurant, be wary of the words “battered, creamy, crispy, crunchy, au gratin, en croute, fried, rich, velvety, and sauteed (in butter). It all indicates that the food recipe mostly contains unhealthy ingredients. Except, of course, if the waiter or the restaurant cites all the ingredients used in cooking the food, and if all ingredients are allowed in the diet.

4. Get Active

Who says that your Valentine’s day has to be a dinner and a movie date? Be creative and try something new this Valentine season! We recommend outdoor activities such as a healthy picnic, nature hike, ice-skating, or adventurous outdoor sport activity.

Get your blood flowing and heart pumping to keep your metabolism burning and digest all those foods right away!

5. Prepare a Homecooked meals for your loved one

The best gift you can give to your lover this Valentines day is none other than preparing him a homemade, healthy meal. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through cooking! There’s nothing more gratifying than to taste the rich flavor of food filled with tender, loving, care.

Now that we’ve given you these tips, we hope that you will enjoy in celebrating this special occasions with your loved ones. Make it extra special by preparing these mouth-watering Valentine’s Day Recipes. Happy Hearts day everyone!

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