5 Healthy Food Guide Tips Within Budget

“Can I still do the diet and lose weight even if I’m not eating organic produce?”
“Can I just grab foods on grocery racks instead of the organic ones?I cannot afford to buy all organic foods recommended on the list”
“I really love to try this diet! However, I am afraid that I’ll run out of monthly budget by buying such ‘luxury’ foods. Is there any way to lose weight without buying all of these pricey foods?”

These are just some of the questions being raised by our concerned fast metabolism dieters as they embark on their weight loss journey. In this diet, it is highly recommended to patronize organic foods and meat products because of its sanitation and amazing health benefits, but most of us are hesitant to do so for a fact that organic products are costly. Some of our dieters are not ready to go full organic yet because of financial constraints. So how can we ensure that we’re getting the best weight loss results without going full organic?

5 healthy food guide tips within budget

In this blog post, we will provide these healthy food guide tips that will help you stay within your budget while living the dream of staying healthy and losing weight.

Digging The Vegetable Garden

1. Have Your Own Garden
One great way to eliminate the burden of buying pricey organic foods is by growing your own produced foods in your very own backyard. By doing so, you are assured that the foods you grew are both healthy and safe. You are free to grow your plants naturally– without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Your harvested produce will turn out to be the freshest and tastiest compared in the market.

farmer schedule

2. Get the Farmer’s Schedule
It is best to purchase your foods direct from the local farmer’s market than in supermarkets. They are always cheaper because additional costs for transportation and distribution are cut out. Be familiar with their schedules so that you can plan ahead and buy the freshest goods as much as possible. This is also helpful if you’re planning to buy seasoned fruits and veggies. Usually, it is more expensive to buy fruits when it’s not their harvest season yet.

grocery list

3. Have a Grocery List before Going in the Market

One of the most recommended things to do before food shopping is to create a list of items to buy. Your grocery list will help you stay focus on buying only the necessary ingredients for your diet program. It also reduces your temptation in grabbing processed, junk foods. Actually, it helps you discipline yourself by strictly following what’s on the list.


4. Buy Foods in Bulk

This may seem counter-intuitive, but buying your foods in bulk is cheaper than buying it in small pieces. Some of the foods you purchase can last longer, like brown rice. You can cook this type of rice for the following weeks to come without buying them in the market every single time. You can definitely save gas by not going to market from time to time.

Aside from that, some local markets are offering discounts and lower prices if you buy the goods in bulk.


5. Stick to your Budget

If you find yourself extremely tempted to buy items not on your grocery list, we recommend you to only bring cash estimated for your grocery list (and don’t swipe the credit card pls). Taking an extra amount with you will only increase your temptation to grab junk foods. Be keen with this trick.

We hope these healthy food guide tips will help you increase your love for natural foods.  Yes, going for natural diet is possible and it can be done within your budget. The community is also promoting in enhancing your skills in smart shopping and spending. When you’re financially ready enough to buy organic products, we recommend you to start purchasing as early as now! In fast metabolism diet, we want you to get the best treatment your body deserves!

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