4 Ways to Make Mother’s Day Celebration Extra Special

Now that Mother’s Day is fast approaching, most of our fast metabolism dieters are already thinking of special gifts and surprises for their moms. Mother’s day is the perfect time to honor the most valuable and influential woman in our life, the one who nurtures us with unending love.

4 Ways to Make Your Mother's Day Celebration Extra SpecialIt’s time for us to give back the love, tender care, and attention that our Moms showered us and what better way to make their day extra special than to prepare delectable and nutritious foods while ensuring their health and well-being?

Since the fast metabolism diet community honors respectable women and mothers, we thought out these 5 exotic yet memorable ideas that you can prepare yourself this Mother’s Day.

1. Prepare a Lovely Photo Album of Memories

albumDo you remember the times when mom showed you pictures of your childhood? It has become their habit to collect pictures as their memorabilia. They don’t want to miss out on any milestones in your life and so, they would love to document everything.

Likewise, surprise your mom by compiling an album of her pictures, starting from her childhood until parenthood. Personalize it by putting some of your insights as captions in every picture. We have no doubt your mother will get teary-eyed as she remembers the fond memories!

2. Give her a potted plant for her mini garden

Most mothers love to water and cultivate their own garden. Aside from the fact that it provides you and your family the freshest foods to eat, gardening helps ease the tensions in your body and makes you feel relaxed. Gardening is a good past time hobby your mother would love to venture!

3. Plan a weekend getaway for her

Since mother’s day fall on a weekend, this is the perfect time for your family to take a break from hectic work and finally get a good rest. Plan a perfect weekend getaway with your mother. You can take her out to watch a movie, or treat her for a salon and spa treatment.

4. Prepare a Healthy and Bountiful Brunch or Dinner

There’s nothing more fulfilling than to see your mother indulge in foods you tenderly prepared. Showcase your cooking skills or better yet cook a meal with your mom! Prepare a nutritious and mouth-watering brunch or dinner! You can check our fast metabolism diet mother’s day recipes now!


In this very special day, let’s commemorate the heroic sacrifices our mother made for us. Without these powerful women in our lives, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. Let us take this special moment to honor these dignified women in our lives.

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