4 Reasons Why Organic Foods Are Expensive

It is highly recommended to stick with organic foods in the fast metabolism diet. It is because we wanted to feed the metabolism and body with raw, clean, and healthy foods than those processed, GMO and heavily fertilized produce.

Why Organic Foods Are Expensive? While it is good to get the optimum nutrition from organic foods, many are still skeptical to it because of the maintenance and the fact that it is costly. Why are they expensive by the way? This article will enlighten the reason behind its costly price.







  1. Organic Certification

This is primarily the reason why organic foods are expensive than the conventional ones. The farmers are not only paying for the annual fee (which usually costs $400-$2,000 a year), they need to maintain their farming facilities and operations, production methods to comply with the USDA standards.

organic compost

  1. Organic Fertilizer

Organic farmers don’t just use cheap fertilizer in producing organic foods. ¬†They use compost or manure as a fertilizer. These types of fertilizer are more expensive to ship and transport. Hence, additional fee for the organic farmers.

organic farm

  1. Manual Labor

Every method done in an organic farm is done manually (like weeding the organic foods by hand). This means that organic farms will have to hire more workers to handle the sophisticated crop rotation, hand-weeding, cleanup of polluted water to avoid contamination of food. Adding more costs to the farmers in the process.

organic grows slower

  1. Organic Foods Grow Slower

Organic farmers don’t use growth hormones and other chemicals and enhancers to influence the food’s growth. They make sure that their products will grow and reach its maturity naturally. This means that there will be a delay of profit for the farmers.

organic is worth it

Organic is Worth It.

Now, we understand the reasons behind the price. Let us be reminded that quality comes with the price. It may hurt to purchase organic foods rather than the conventional ones, but it is certainly cheaper than buying processed, GMO foods. Why? It keeps your body healthy and clean, and your liver, adrenal glands and other major organs can spend more of its time on healing your metabolism than digesting those pesticides and hormones.

Aside from that, you won’t have to worry about paying the hefty medical bills just because you’re diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, and other mortal diseases. You will be able to live healthier and happier life by staying organic!

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