3 Vitamin C-Rich Foods That Help Tighten Loose Skin

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To shed some pounds is indeed everyone’s target in doing a diet. Once we lose weight, we can feel the difference in our body. Losing  weight helps boost up self-confidence because we can move better, and can do more things physically. We feel more energetic and healthy than ever before.

But as we embrace this awesome transformation, there is that “one thing” that’s causing our eyebrows to cross and frowned in frustrations.

One side effects of losing weight is having loose skin – a not so good sight to see!

Now the next question is what could be done to help tighten loose skin? Some suggests that the best solution would be to undergo a surgery. But if you are not open to it, there are natural options that you can consider. We will be discussing them below.

In this article you will learn some tips as well as healthy foods that gives your skin elasticity and aid in tightening loose skin.

veggie to loose skinCruciferous vegetables and bell peppers – Veggies and Bell peppers are really good source of Vitamin C, and contains other necessary ingredients needed for your skin health. This group of vegetables includes brusells sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and watercress.


citrus fruitsCitrus Fruits – Citrus fruits have a great impact on improving the elasticity of your skin because it is bearing huge vitamin C content. The Vitamin C triggers the production of collagen, these fruits also gives you an amount of zinc and selenium, a nutrients that help improve your elastin production. Among the most popular Citrus fruits you can eat in the fast metabolism diet are lemon, lime and tangerine.

oystersOysters – Oysters may have low vitamin C content, but it is rich with a wallop of selenium and zinc that are needed to revive skin’s elastin content. Aside from selenium’s influence on elastin production, it also helps to preserve the look of your skin because of  its antioxidant protections.

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