3 Things to Remove from Your Pantry to Lose Weight

3 Things to Remove from Your Pantry to Lose WeightAre you aware that there are 3 things you possibly have in your pantry that can make you fat? What are they? Check and get rid of them immediately to lose weight!

People nowadays are engaging themselves to fitness and diet programs in order to lose weight. Yes, they can be helpful in making you fit and healthy. But, no matter how loyal you are in applying them in your daily life, they won’t develop great results if you have choices of food that violates and does not correlate with the programs you are into. What I’m talking about is that there are existing products in your pantry that does not assist you to have that fit and healthy body, instead they tend to inhibit you from losing weight. These 3 things you must remove from your pantry in order for you to lose weight are sugar, gluten and dairy.

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1. Sugar

Who doesn’t love sugar, like, at all? There are only few people who doesn’t like sugar, of which, are those that fear sugar. But why do people can’t say no with sugar? Scientifically, whenever we intake sugar, a certain amount of dopamine (a chemical) is being sent to our brain, that sends a rush of sensation of either the feeling of satisfaction, happiness, calmness or collectedness. And over the time, we become dopamine-dependent and turn into craving. Yet, sugar has always been linked to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other more, enough for us to wake up and start eliminating sugar from our lives. In order to do this, replacing our sugar cravings with fruits, lots of water, fiber, leafy greens and hot tea sure are great ways for a good start. Beat sugar cravings with these tips!

Gluten Products - 3 Things to Remove from Your Pantry to Lose Weight2. Gluten

If you are not sure what gluten is, well, they are the major proteins found in some grains in all forms of wheat, as well as barley, triticale, rye and also in many food additives. And yes, basically, gluten can make you fat. This is due to the process called leptin resistance created by gluten. This process happens when the body is getting unaffected by the amount of leptin (a hormone that regulates brain cells commanding us how much to eat), circulating in the blood. There was a research saying that even gluten can impact a person’s brain causing symptoms of Schizophrenia. But this does not mean that it’s better to refer gluten-free products. Fruits, vegetables and other whole food choices (excluding processed alternatives) are still the best options.

Dairy Products - 3 Things to Remove from Your Pantry to Lose Weight3. Dairy

Your existing dairy products from your pantry are essentially been produced from milk (can be from cows, goats or sheeps). They may be in the form of cheese, cream, ice cream, gelato, buttermilk, milk or yogurt, containing carbohydrates, saturated fat, vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron. But what’s making dairy a product you must remove from your pantry is that it is high in fat with lots of saturated fat. With saturated fats being regarded to cause health problems such as obesity, diabetes and some types of cancer, will you still keep these dairy products with you? Living with a dairy-free life not only helps you with weight loss, but also with healthy digestion. Sounds great, right?

Sometimes, we just have to let go of the things in order to make things right. The sooner, the better. And removing those sugar, gluten and dairy products from your pantry is a great start for losing weight. Until then you will realize that the healthy choices you’ve made are worthy. And that you are worthy of living a fit and healthy life.

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