3 Cardio Myths You Should Drop to Lose Weight

It is an universally accepted belief that doing cardio is the key to losing weight. We believe that eating very little next to nothing and torturing ourselves to run hundreds of miles per day will make us lose all the excess weight we carry. While it is true that cardio plays a vital part in losing weight, its just the tip of the iceberg.

3 Cardio Myths You Should Drop to Lose Weight

Cardio have tons of awesome health benefits to our body yet it is not fully acknowledged because of so much misinformation lurking around the internet. Well, it’s time to start reassessing what you believe about cardio and eliminate them to work on an effective exercise regimen as you go on each phase of fast metabolism diet.

1. Cardio helps speed up weight loss

No matter how much you’re committed to working out, if your diet is not right, then you’ll have no chance of losing weight! In fast metabolism diet, you don’t need to workout 5 to 6 times per day.

Just exercising thrice a week (perform phase-specific exercise once a day in each phase) is enough as your workout regimen. We want your energy to focus more on healing your metabolism to get rid of the fats. And we can achieve that by correcting the food we eat.

Our main goal is to correct your dietary habits and lifestyle, so take more time in preparing your meal map while incorporating cardio activity during phase 1,

2. Cardio Intensity Workout Doesn’t Matter

The intensity of your exercise plays an important role in losing weight. In fact, the intensity of your workout can help you in keeping your workout regimen despite your hectic schedules. Intense cardio workouts drive you to exert more energy than necessary, thus burning more fats in the process in a small period of time. For those who have tight schedules, we recommend you do a quick, intense workout like 15-minute brisk walking, hiking, dancing, etc, as it can actually help you in losing weight more than you think so.

Note: Be mindful that even though we recommend quick, intense workout, your heart rate should remain between 120 to 150 beats per minute, depending on your fitness level and age. Here’s a helpful guide to finding your ideal fat-burning heart rate.

3. Don’t eat before Cardio

This is absolutely not true. If you’re exercising, your body needs energy in order to have the power to work ahead– in this case, burning up pesky fats for you to shed pounds. And the only way of getting that energy is through food.

If you attempt to exercise without eating something, in hopes that your body will burn stored fats to lose weight, that’s where you’re wrong. Your body will not burn those, instead, it will tear down and burn your muscles first in order to excrete energy, storing the fats further.

Why? It’s because your body is thinking that you’re into emergency mode. Since your body is not receiving any food, it will hold on to the fats to help your body survive for days without eating any foods. And this scenario is what we’re exactly avoiding for. We don’t want that happen, we want to burn those fats and build lean muscles. So we implemented the rule of eating within 30 minutes of waking.

Are you guilty of holding on to these myths? Start shifting your mindset now in order to perform your cardio exercise during phase 1 properly. Remember that cardio is not only about running. You can do brisk walking, mountain climbing, outdoor activities, etc. Get creative!

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