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5 Possible Reasons of Your Weight Gain Revealed

5 Specific Reasons of Your Weight Gain, weight gain, reasons of weight gain, the fast metabolism diet tips, the fast metabolism diet facts, healthy lifestyle, the fast metabolism diet community, fmd tips
We have two important goals to attain why we are determined to do the Fast Metabolism Diet. And they are as follows: 1. Lose weight and 2. Live a healthier lifestyle. We religiously abide all the rules set in the diet, we carefully choose the food we’re eating, we woke up at the crack of dawn to work-out. We’re so focused and determined on doing things that could help us achieve our goal: to lose weight. Then it hit us! We got confused that no matter how religious we are with the diet, we’re still gaining weight!?

Of course we already know the answer to that. Chronic dieting. For many years we’ve been exposed into eating unhealthy and junk foods. We didn’t bother exercising nor nourish our body with the foods we eat. We indulge to sweets, fatty foods, and alcoholic drinks. But aside from these obvious reasons, here are other 5 logics why you’re gaining weight:

  1. Stress – Throughout the fast metabolism diet program, we are aware that we should avoid stress. The stress hormone, Cortisol will rise when you’re stressed out. This in turn signals your body that you’re experiencing some emergency. And will instruct your body to start depositing fats instead of losing it.

5 Specific Reasons of Your Weight Gain, weight gain, reasons of weight gain, the fast metabolism diet tips, the fast metabolism diet facts, healthy lifestyle, the fast metabolism diet community, fmd tips

Solution: Eat phase 1 soothing and calming foods for an entire week to help you relieve the stress production in your hormones. You can also engage in some stress-relieving activities like yoga, relaxing massage, deep breathing.

  1. Thyroid levels – one specific condition that hinders and making your weight stall is because of your low thyroid hormones. Those people with low thyroid hormones often have low energy levels, their skin are drier, and they have some problems in body heat. Another common condition you’re suffering is constipation.

5 Specific Reasons of Your Weight Gain, weight gain, reasons of weight gain, the fast metabolism diet tips, the fast metabolism diet facts, healthy lifestyle, the fast metabolism diet community, fmd tips

Solution: If you have low level thyroid hormones, it is recommended that you bring the fast metabolism diet book with you and consult it to your physician before you will start your diet. Have your TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormones) checked. Your physician may need to revised some sections in the fast metabolism diet, like your food portions, to suit your individual medical condition.

  1. Hormonal Imbalance.

5 Specific Reasons of Your Weight Gain, weight gain, reasons of weight gain, the fast metabolism diet tips, the fast metabolism diet facts, healthy lifestyle, the fast metabolism diet community, fmd tips

Estrogen, a girly hormone, is the one responsible in bringing a sexy curvy figure for girls. However, too much estrogen increases your tendency to gain weight, as it stores fluid.

Solution: Have a check up at your doctor first. You can also do the H Burn that helps weight loss with people with specific conditions, like hormonal imbalance.

  1. Poor Sleep

5 Specific Reasons of Your Weight Gain, weight gain, reasons of weight gain, the fast metabolism diet tips, the fast metabolism diet facts, healthy lifestyle, the fast metabolism diet community, fmd tips

Having a poor sleep, much worse if you have insomnia, will likely contribute to your weight gain. Having a poor sleep can also trigger stress in your  body. Your body needs to rest so that it can repair your body and replenish it the next day.

Solution: Try to sleep at least 8 hours a night.

  1. Bowel Bacteria

5 Specific Reasons of Your Weight Gain, weight gain, reasons of weight gain, the fast metabolism diet tips, the fast metabolism diet facts, healthy lifestyle, the fast metabolism diet community, fmd tips

There are actually 2 kinds of bacteria in our human bowel. The Bacteroidetes (known as lean mice) and the Firmicutes (known as obese mice). Research shows that the obese people have more Firmicutes in their body. This bowel bacteria contributes into weight gain.

Solution: Avoid sugar at all costs. You can have stevia or xylitol as alternative sweeteners. Also, take a metabolism probiotics.

Note: You can read this article to help you deal with the weight plateau you’re experiencing. 

3 Vitamin C-Rich Foods That Help Tighten Loose Skin

3 rich in vitamin c foods that help tighten your loose skin, that fast metabolism diet tips, tips for tighter skin, the fast metabolism diet healthy lifestyle

To shed some pounds is indeed everyone’s target in doing a diet. Once we lose weight, we can feel the difference in our body. Losing  weight helps boost up self-confidence because we can move better, and can do more things physically. We feel more energetic and healthy than ever before.

But as we embrace this awesome transformation, there is that “one thing” that’s causing our eyebrows to cross and frowned in frustrations.

One side effects of losing weight is having loose skin – a not so good sight to see!

Now the next question is what could be done to help tighten loose skin? Some suggests that the best solution would be to undergo a surgery. But if you are not open to it, there are natural options that you can consider. We will be discussing them below.

In this article you will learn some tips as well as healthy foods that gives your skin elasticity and aid in tightening loose skin.

veggie to loose skinCruciferous vegetables and bell peppers – Veggies and Bell peppers are really good source of Vitamin C, and contains other necessary ingredients needed for your skin health. This group of vegetables includes brusells sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and watercress.


citrus fruitsCitrus Fruits – Citrus fruits have a great impact on improving the elasticity of your skin because it is bearing huge vitamin C content. The Vitamin C triggers the production of collagen, these fruits also gives you an amount of zinc and selenium, a nutrients that help improve your elastin production. Among the most popular Citrus fruits you can eat in the fast metabolism diet are lemon, lime and tangerine.

oystersOysters – Oysters may have low vitamin C content, but it is rich with a wallop of selenium and zinc that are needed to revive skin’s elastin content. Aside from selenium’s influence on elastin production, it also helps to preserve the look of your skin because of  its antioxidant protections.

5 Tips On How To Lose Weight Despite of a Busy Schedule

Being healthy is mostly the main priority of everybody nowadays. Being healthy means you can do a lot of things, by having a healthy mind and body you can avoid certain illnesses or diseases.

The question is how can we attain a healthy life when we are loaded with a lot of responsibilities both at home and workplace? How can we better take care of ourselves when we’re stuck with a hefty load of work schedules, appointments, business meetings and gigs throughout the days and nights? Our schedule is very hectic to the point where we can’t take a rest at all.

5 TIPS ON LOSING WEIGHT DESPITE OF BUSY SCHEDULETruth be told, a lot of fast metabolism dieters are hesitant to start the diet because they feel like they’re going through the same routine again. Stick with the diet for the first few days, then go totally off track later on, until such time that they will discontinue, because no. 1 reason – hectic schedules are eating their time up in dieting.

How do we overcome this challenge in losing weight?

oneAlmost all of us are undergoing that same situation you’re in. It’s not healthy for us to feel stressed out all the time. We need to get rid of stress and instead, enjoy every moment we make as we go on the fast metabolism diet journey. For our challenged dieters who have a very tough schedule, you can apply these tips on how to stay on track on the fast metabolism diet.

1. Have a schedule planner with you

Like our office or business appointments, we need to treat our diet like one too. Before you start your day, enlist everything you’re bound to accomplish for the entire day. From the moment you wake up until you sleep, list every appointments you have. Office tasks, business meetings, appointments, projects, deadlines, night-out gigs, everything.

After you list them all, take extra special note of the “vacant time” you had in your schedule. And before you argue, no. It’s not excusable to say “But I don’t have vacant time at all!” Truth is, you  always have a vacant time, you just refused to acknowledge it. Why do I say so? What about your early morning schedule? Shall we say from 5am to 7am? Or your 30-1 hour office breaks in between? Or maybe from 5pm onwards you’re already vacant, or the late 10pm onwards time? We all have a vacant time, after all, we all need to take a break.

So, going back to the tip, fill in your “fast metabolism diet appointments” with your vacant time. And like we said, you need to attend to them diligently, like how diligent you are in attending your business appointments. You can do grocery shopping, monitor weight or plan your next meal in these vacant times. Always keep in mind that if you intentionally missed your fast metabolism diet appointments, you would lose its opportunity. The opportunity to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

2. Organize your exercise schedule.

In relation to the first tip, let’s take a closer look at your schedule. If you are loaded from 8am to 10pm, you can have your exercise time earlier. If you’re an early riser, you can have your exercise earlier than 8am, maybe on 5 or 6am, then have a breakfast within 30 minutes of waking, and lastly, have at least 30-45 minutes of phase-specific exercise. In the remaining time before you go to office, you can do your morning ritual and prepare yourself in going to office.

If you have a vacant time after working hours, you have the option to do your exercise afterwards right after you go home. If you are busy from the crack of dawn until very late at night, you can divide your exercise in your 30 minute break interval. Example you can have a brisk walk exercise for 15 minutes while going to your office, have a brisk walk on stairs for another 15 minutes while you hop into different floors in your office, and finally, have another round of brisk walk when you get home.

3. Plan and Pack your Foods

One of the most challenging task for our dieters with very hectic schedules is preparing foods. They simply don’t have time to prepare some foods in the morning, hence, they are more prone into binge eating. It is advisable to prepare and cook your food at night, put it over the freezer, then you’ll just reheat your foods the next morning. If possible, make sure that you prepare foods enough for you  to sustain for the day. It will be better if you can also have your lunch and snacks prepared, not just your breakfast. In this way, you are ensured that you are eating healthy and phase-specific foods in the diet, and reduces the temptation of binge-eating.

4. Eat healthy foods at work

Are you exhausted in working for few hours? Tempted to go with your colleagues and order some mouthwatering burger, spaghetti, sandwich and soda? Before you do it, think about the previous tip once again! Right! You packed that healthy snack with you! So grab it and eat it during your break, or when you’re feeling hungry! You can pack some oatmeal and other phase-specific fruits in Phase 1, fill them with hot water to make an instant oatmeal! Or you can have your vegetable salad in phase 2, or some healthy and yummy fats in Phase 3! What matters most is that you stick to your diet and only eat the healthy foods while you’re in the office.

6. Enjoy your office events and night outs.

Are you having a part event in the office? Or some night-out party drinking after work? Fret not! Enjoy these events and don’t stress yourself up! You can apply these various tips to get you prepared and for you to enjoy these events:

Dealing with Alcoholic Drinks in FMD

Fast metabolism diet tips on attending events

Tips in attending restaurants

Fast Metabolism diet Holiday Tips

4 Unwinding Tips to Fight Emotional Eating

Let’s face it, we’re eating not only to satisfy our physical hunger but also because sometimes eating can provide us some form of comfort that relieves stress, depression, or serves as a reward over something. In the modern world, food has become not only our main necessity, to some, it becomes their resort whenever they’re trying to suppress or soothe negative emotions. Let us tackle an important eating issue today – emotional eating.

Among the triggers of emotional eating are:

  • Unemployment
  • Financial and Social pressure
  • Health Problems
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Work Stress
  • Fatigue


Emotional eating certainly sabotage your weight loss efforts. In fact, it is worse than your physical craving and binge eating. Emotional eating can often lead you into eating too much, especially the food that you craved on eating, without you realizing it. You’re just eating food to your heart’s content until you feel sated. You rely dependently on eating foods to soothe your emotions. To help you overcome your emotional eating and get back on track in the fast metabolism diet, consider applying the following tips:

  1. Identify when emotional eating triggers in you

When do you feel like eating the most, even if you’re not physically hungry? Is it when you got home after work (possibly triggered by work stress)? Is it late at night? Or when you’re alone? Or is it when you’re mentally and emotionally pressured? List down these patterns and write them in your journal. The next time you encounter similar situations you will then be aware that you’re undergoing emotional eating and you can then perform the necessary tips to fight emotional eating.

  1. Divert your attention from eating

In this next step, list all of the activities you enjoyed doing, except eating. Do you enjoy reading books? Listening to music? Walking in the park? Or playing some sports game outdoors? Or having some yoga and stress-relief massage? These activities can help you keep your attention away from eating. Everytime an emotional eating is triggered in first tip, you can do these activities instead of giving in to emotional eating.

  1. Practice Diligently 

The good news with stopping emotional eating is that, it is totally achievable. You just need to keep calm, control and concentrate. Keep in mind that you need to stop emotional eating  because you wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. Keep practicing the tips above and hold on to it. And just like you got used to the fast metabolism diet, one day you will realize you already overcome emotional eating!

  1. Build your Emotional- Eating Response Plan

The table below is a guide on the types of stress that triggers emotional eating and how you can respond to it while on the fast metabolism diet. Please keep in mind that the table below is just a guide, you can, however, improvise the table on your own and add which one works for you best.

Emotional-Eating Stress Trigger Healthy Response
Work Deadline Get up from your desk every 30 minutes and do a quick 2-3 minutes stretching to exercise your arms and legs.

Alternatively, you can sip your herbal tea, or pero, cafix and roastaroma in which the recommended substitute for coffee.Or just sip a spring water if you want.

You can also grab your phase-specific snacks, or phase 1 soothing and calming foods with you (if you’re feeling too much stress already) and eat them occasionally.

Or you can chew a gum when you’re in maintenance. This will help your body keep full and help you survive through work deadline instead of starving yourself and have a big “binge” eating afterwards.

Sick Kids If you can’t go outside and exercise because you’re nursing a baby, you can opt to a yoga exercise indoors, or have some light massage whenever there’s a possibility.

Take a nap when possible if your kid goes to sleep

Grab your phase-specific snacks, phase 1 soothing and calming foods or healthy and delicious smoothies with you and eat them occasionally.

Business Travel Pack recommended travel foods and snacks with you.

Helpful articles when attending events, eating outside, and special trips.

Relationship Conflicts Call a friend to unload all the emotions conflicting within you.

Take a brisk walk, meditate and calm yourself for a while.

At the end of the day, have a calm and peaceful talk with your loved one and patch the problem up.

Hospitalized Family/Relatives/Friends Have a brisk walk around the hospital grounds, use the stairs over elevators. This will serve as your exercise and keep your attention away from emotional eating.

Have a phase specific meal and snack with you whenever and stand up and stretch every 30 minutes.

Go to the hospital chapel, meditate, or pray. You can also call your friends and family for emotional support.


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