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Some Healthy, Hearty Reminders and A Recipe This Memorial Day!

A lot of fast metabolism dieters are looking forward to this long Memorial Day weekend filled with picnics and barbeque! While most people will commemorate the men and women who died in the military service for the country, lots are also looking forward to this event because it is officially the start of the Summer Season!

Memorial-Day-2011But before you enjoy the warm breeze of summer and indulge yourself to delicious and thirst-quenching drinks, here are the few healthy tips and reminders you can apply to  make sure you’re sticking to healthy foods while enjoying the celebration.

1. Start your day with an outdoor activity – Rise and Shine! After having your breakfast, you can start this long and memorable weekend with an active and fulfilling exercise together with your family! You can do a brisk walk, jog, flying disc, or other fun-filling outdoor activities. You can also go out for a family walk after dinner, or enjoy a parade of honoring our armed services to complete your memorial day.

2. Go for delicious fish recipes – Whatever phase you’re in right now, start your memorial day by eating phase-specific broiled or grilled fish recipes. Fish recipes such as salmon, tuna and halibut are rich in omega-3, trout and herring too are also a must-try!

3. Healthy Protein Patties – want to have a bite of delicious burger and burger patties this summer? You can choose skinless chicken breasts and turkey as your source of patties to make your delicious burgers! You can also add some sprouted grain bread as your burger buns and sandwiches.

4. Drink lots of water – now that summer season has officially begun, you need to hydrate yourself with lots of water and healthy fluids to avoid heat stroke and dehydration. You can also make our refreshing smoothies to freshen up your day!

We’re also featuring a soothing and delicious memorial day phase 1 recipe for this special Day!

Grilled Chicken with Strawberry and Pineapple Salsa – Phase 1

Grilled Chicken with Strawberry and Pineapple Salsa Memorial Day Phase 1 Recipe


  • 2 slices pineapple, each 1/2 inch thick, patted dry
  • 1 cup whole strawberries, diced
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped red onion
  • 3-4 tablespoons chopped, fresh mint leaves
  • 1-2 teaspoons of stevia
  • 1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes


  • 1 medium lemon
  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, halved (about 4 ounces each), all visible fat discarded
  • 2 teaspoons barbecue sauce (Link of the recipe here Note: Substitute brown sugar to stevia)
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt


  1. Preheat the grill on medium high. Heat the grill pan or rack on the grill for about 2 minutes, or until hot. Grill the pineapple for 2 minutes on each side. Transfer to a cutting board and let cool slightly, about 2 minutes, before chopping.
  2. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, stir together the remaining salsa ingredients except the lemon. Grate 1 teaspoon lemon zest, reserving the lemon. Stir the zest and chopped pineapple into the strawberry mixture. Set aside.
  3. Sprinkle both sides of the chicken with the barbecue sauce and sea salt. Grill for 5 minutes on each side, or until no longer pink in the center. Transfer to plates. Squeeze the reserved lemon over the chicken. Serve with the salsa on the side.

Have a meaningful Memorial Day!

Vanilla Almond Smoothie – Phase 3

Phase 3 is the most popular and most loved among the three phases in the fast metabolism diet. This is due to the fact that the phase is all about healthy fats indulgence.

To mention a few healthy fats, almond is known to be one of the best source of good fats. So we are featuring this Almond recipe today to add in your healthy fats indulgence diary. The Vanilla Almond Smoothie is loaded with bits of your favorite almonds!

Get your taste bud ready with this smoothie’s surprising flavor!




Blend until smooth. Serve. Enjoy!


5 Tips on How To Resist Unhealthy Indulgence

It is no doubt that your number 1 enemy while going through the fast metabolism diet, is the temptation! Food temptations can strike anywhere. As soon as you see some delicious cheese, sodas, pizzas, fruit juices, fake sweeteners stocked in your fridge or mouthwatering foods and alcohol served at parties and events, it is really a challenging undertaking to keep off your hands from picking the served foods. This is because of the habit we’re used to from our previous lifestyle. As they say, habits are hard to break because of the strong cravings occurring in our head as soon as we see the ‘object’.

resist unhealthy temptations in fast metabolism diet

There are only two things you can do with cravings, either overcome them or cheat on your diet and indulge to unhealthy foods. Now we certainly can’t have you chose the latter option! As a fast metabolism dieter, we will not allow temptations to win and ruin our metabolism. The community gave some tips for you to handle parties, events and holidays,  as well as keeping you motivated to continue the program.

But how do we avoid even the simplest temptation while we’re on  the diet? How do we get focused and avoid getting distracted? How do we prevent cheating from the diet? Here are the tips to resist unhealthy temptations and help you stick into the fast metabolism diet program.

1. Surround yourself with the fast metabolism diet community – your co-fast metabolism dieters are the ones who understand you well. They know and understand what you are going through, what you’re feeling. Staying, mingling and conversing with them will help you remind of the goals you’re trying to accomplish. They can also help in reminding you to keep from cheating. It will also give you some inspiration as you see the success the fast metabolism diet brought to you and your co-dieters.

grocery list

2. Have a Grocery List – What are the allowed foods you love to eat in every phase? What are the foods of your least preference? You can have your grocery list to plan your meal map in advance. Having a grocery list will help you to keep on track on the foods you’re buying and eliminate on buying the unnecessary and unhealthy ones. You’ll be assured you’re only eating the right and real foods as you go on every phase.

3. Identify Food substitutions to replace the foods you eliminate – Do you love eating breads, grains and pasta? Craving for some sugar and sweetness to your smoothies? Fret not! The Fast Metabolism Diet has the complete list of the foods you’re allowed to eat. You can substitute those foods with a healthier food on the list! Example for this is, if you love to eat bread, you can have the sprouted wheat bread, or you can substitute stevia or xylitol for honey and sugar. You can view the complete food substitution list here.

healthy sleep

4. Get 8 hours of sleep every night –  As what they’ve said, sleeping early brings many miracles to your body. It improves your health, decreases your risks of chronic diseases, having a positive mood to face the day,  and contributes in your weight control. Having enough sleep will help you in staying away from caffeine and sugar cravings.

5. Just enjoy and love what you’re doing – Last but not the least, you need to stay positive, enjoy and love what you’re doing. Remember that you’re doing this diet because you love your body. You want to give what’s the best for your body.

Why Exercise is not the Answer to Weight Loss

Exercise to be healthy, not to lose weight

Just like the term DIET, we also have another definition for the term EXERCISE. In the fast metabolism diet, we define exercise = healthy, not the way to lose weight. Doing an exercise just to lose weight is not the answer, just temporary, nor not a permanent solution if you wanted to maintain a healthy body.

It is widely expressed by dieticians that you can’t out-exercise bad diet. No matter how much time you spend doing exercise but still eat a lot of junkfoods, then your efforts will be pointless and has no positive outcome.



Why am I saying this? Take this scenario for instance. After reading the fast metabolism diet book,  you are determined to do the diet. You started on eating real foods and avoid the fake ones. And even though it’s hard,  you start waking up early to do the phase-specific fast metabolism diet exercises.  In the first few days of exercising, you might feel it is a very exhausting and tiring task to do. You’re sweating profusely, your breathing became ragged, your muscles are sore. But you’re making sure you don’t miss a day in exercising.

After a week, you’re starting to see the effects of exercising in your body. You’re starting to feel better, feel lighter. You feel accomplished, fulfilled and energetic. And after few weeks of doing the diet and exercising, you are now ready to face your greatest fear. Weighing in. You’re definitely most excited yet anxious to see the results of your hard work. But when you weigh in, you found out that you only lose  a very few pounds of weight. Worse is if your weight got stuck!

Then you start stressing yourself, wondering where did you go wrong?  What rules in the fast metabolism diet, you missed? Are your attempts and efforts not enough? Then you start to feel frustrated and depressed. What was the point of wasting your time in gym, doing an exhausting work if your weight won’t budge?

You see what I mean? You’re already losing your will to exercise because you’re too focused on losing weight, not on living a healthy lifestyle. Let’s be reminded that we’re not dealing with numbers in this diet. There are other healthy benefits exercise can do to your body and you’re missing it out. Is it really that frustrating not to lose that last 3 pounds when you’re sleeping better? Your mood is improving and your being optimistic? When you’re more productive at work and daily activities?

Here is the lesson we want to impose and for the fast metabolism dieters to remember. As you can see, exercise is not discouraged here. We are emphasizing to instill in the mindset that one should not focus nor rely on the exercise as the way to lose weight. The diet is still be main answer to maintaining a healthy weight. “Don’t Exercise to lose weight.”


Instead, do exercise to improve your body and life. Do it for your well being. Do it to be healthy.

Recent Study Reveals that Speedy Metabolism Plays a Role in Weight Loss

If you’re a beginner and is considering to start The Fast Metabolism Diet, it’s only normal to feel anxious and hesitant to try this program. Even if we’ve heard a fair amount of testimonials from the success stories of fast metabolism dieters, we cannot avoid but to raise some questions about the fast metabolism diet principles.

how metabolism contributes in weight loss

Not only because it contradicts almost all of the rules in chronic dieting that we’re used to, but we just couldn’t grasp the idea that there is simply too much food to eat on this diet. How do we lose our weight if we’re inclined to eat more? The answer is really pretty simple, eating the real food is the key.  The Fast Metabolism Diet’s principle is to never count the calories you take in and out. Instead, we focus on eating the real and healthy foods to heal our ruined metabolism. In this diet, we never let ourselves, starve from foods, instead, we indulge eating them.

Good thing, there is a recent study that back The Fast Metabolism Diet. The study was conducted by the researchers at the Phoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research Branch, part of the NIH’s National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. They studied 12 men and women with obesity under their facilities’ metabolic unit. The researchers measured the participant’s energy expenditure after they fast for a day and undergone another six week of 50% calorie-reduction in the food they intake.

Woman standing pulling measuring tape around waist.

From this experiment the researchers conducted, they found that as a person’s metabolism got slower, the less weight the person loses. It is safe to say that when your metabolism performs little or ‘thrifty’ as they call it, the lesser your body has the ability to lose weight. While having a ‘spendthrift’ or speedy metabolism is the key to a higher chance to lose weight.

“When people who are obese decrease the amount of food they eat, metabolic responses vary greatly, with a ‘thrifty’ metabolism possibly contributing to less weight lost,” said Susanne Votruba, Ph.D., study author and PECRB clinical investigator. “While behavioral factors such as adherence to diet affect weight loss to an extent, our study suggests we should consider a larger picture that includes individual physiology – and that weight loss is one situation where being thrifty doesn’t pay.”


“The results corroborate the idea that some people who are obese may have to work harder to lose weight due to metabolic differences,” said Martin Reinhardt, M.D., lead author and PECRB postdoctoral fellow. “But biology is not destiny. Balanced diet and regular physical activity over a long period can be very effective for weight loss.”

“What we’ve learned from this study may one day enable a more personalized approach to help people who are obese achieve a healthy weight,” said NIDDK Director Griffin P. Rodgers, M.D. “This study represents the latest advance in NIDDK’s ongoing efforts to increase understanding of obesity.”

In relation to this study, the fast metabolism diet believes that the more you eat food, the more you convert those foods into energy fuel and heal your metabolism. As your metabolism heals, it will go spike up and burn the foods you’re taking at an incredibly fast rate. This in turn contributes into losing more weight.

Take care of your metabolism, and it will take care of your weight.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Healthy Eating Utensils

All through our lives, she’s the best friend and the number one fan. She’s been there up to now in every event in our lives and the very proud one in child’s every milestone. From the moment we were born, she was there to protect and guide us in the right path. There is no doubt that a mother’s love is unconditional and a great one. Now that Mother’s Day is here, instead of letting her do her thing again in the kitchen as usual, why don’t we make something special for her to honor her and give importance this day? Here are some ideas to make her feel loved:

mothers day

Make the Mother’s Day extra special by cooking something for her.

Cooking is considered as one of the best bonding activities with Moms. And as a fast metabolism dieter who is inclined to eating real foods and living a healthy lifestyle, we need to ensure that not only the food we’re eating are safe and healthy, but we need to ensure that we have all the required kitchen utensils to cook dishes well. But how do we choose the best kitchen gift that fits our Mom’s cooking expertise and personality? Here are the tips on how to find the best kitchen gift for your Mom:

Pâtisserie Treat – if your Mom is fond of making tasty pastries, treats and dishes, then The Gourmet Set is the right package to give to your Mom. This package consists of several kitchen tools like Slow Cooker, Bamboo cutting board with removable cutting mats, crock pot, and other state of the art kitchen tools that make delicious pastries and dishes.

Healthy Eater – If your Mom is a health conscious individual and loves to use cute, eco-designed kitchen tools, then the healthy eater set is the best deal. Each set is made from natural materials like bamboo and each product has an eco-friendly design and is adorned with shades of green and brown that has some eco-friendly feels. Some of the featured products under the Healthy Eater set are OXO Good Grips Chopped Salad Scissors,  Beechwood Salad set with Talisman design.

Baker Extraordinaire If your Mom loves to bake cakes, cookies and pies, then this Baker Extraordinaire is the perfect kitchen tools! Wow your visitors by cooking your signature treats by using the best baking tools. Baker Extraodinaire set contains an ultra rotating cake stand, an iron Pizza pan, Virtuoso Breadmaker with Glutten free menu setting, and a Talisman Design adjustable pie shield.

By using these special kitchen tools, you and your Mom will definitely create fond memories while making the most delicious fast metabolism diet recipes this Mother’s Day!